Live Company-specific training tailored to YOUR organisation

 – Do you want your people to be trained in a program run exclusively for your organisation?

 – Where they learn and laugh together and develop a shared language around the craft of presenting?

 – Are you keen to ensure any training your people attend is completely tailored to your organisation?

 – Would you like to train as many delegates as possible with your training budget?

You’ve come to the perfect place!

Let us help you!

What will you learn?

You Can be a confident, persuasive presenter

Michelle has been a Presentation Skills Specialist for 25 years

Are you ready to be transformed?

Anyone, including you, can be a persuasive presenter.  Michelle will teach you how to do it right NOW! 

You’ll be able to stand out when you present and really engage people so they lean in, understand you, and then say yes to your pitch, or proposal or your next big idea.

Whether you’re presenting to one person or thousands, this Masterclass is your essential guide to becoming an outstanding presenter.

Do it right the first time!

Why Choose Michelle?

Her passion is for all corporate presenters to be confident, engaging, audience-focused presenters who have respected their audience


Experienced and Committed

Michelle has run her Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass nearly 960 times for more than 12,000 people.


Best-selling Author

Michelle is the best-selling, internationally published author of How To Present: the ultimate guide to presenting live and online.


Passionate and Joyful

Michelle is passionate and full of joy. She fundamentally believes you learn better when you laugh. Presenting should be fun! 

Presentation Skills Masterclass
People presenting
Happy People Presenting


Maximise your impact in meetings, conferences and business pitches

Michelle's presentation skills training is tailored to the business world

Michelle’s 13 step model known internationally as the Persuasion Blueprint is tailored to professionals, managers and people who make business presentations.

We are accustomed to working with company slide decks  around the constraints of busy professionals.

“I loved how engaging and informative it was. One of the only training sessions where I came out with tangible techniques that I will apply to advance my persuasion and presentation skills.” 

Aleen Nalbandian, Product Owner, CBA

“Thank you Warwick, for the most wonderful session over the last two days!! This was the best course I have EVER done hands down!!! Going forward I will use the Persuasion Blueprint religiously and ensure I answer questions empathetically and lead with the audience in mind.”

Sally Wilmott, Senior Manager Advisor, ECDD Operations, CBA

“Goodbye to boring presentations. I can’t wait to kickstart my presentations from now on. I loved all the techniques and appreciated the template. Michelle taught us practical, tangible techniques that will equip us moving forward to be amazing presenters. I enjoyed Michelle’s enthusiasm and appreciated the structure of her program. It was packed, but the lessons were coordinated in a fun, creative and engaging manner.”

Lydia Wan, Product Owner, CBA

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