"OMG! I have just finished the best presentation skills two day workshop I have ever done – and I have done 5! Michelle Bowden is simply a star maker! She can turn coal into a diamond and I am so impressed. Her Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass is an awesome mix of theory and practice. The 13 steps she goes through are logical and powerful and the overall content is outstanding. The real impact is her teaching style. Michelle has a beautiful manner and keeps everything light, up beat and full of energy. You never look at your watch and you never feel self conscious. If you have to do any type of presentation, this course is a dead-set must!"

Welcome to our Public Presentation Skills Training Dates!

Michelle Bowden CSP delivers her world-class Presentation Skills Training as a public masterclass with a maximum of 10 people from across industry (and from different cultural backgrounds, with different levels of experience and seniority) regularly in Sydney. 

Please keep scrolling for our Public Presentation Skills Training dates in 2024!

Check Dates for Michelle’s 2-day Public Presentation Skills Masterclass


 15-16 February 2024  FULL

28-29 March 2024 FULL

18-19 April FULL

23-24 May 2024 FULL

11-12 July 2024

22-23 August 2024

3-4 October 2024

5-6 December 2024

Beautiful photo of Sydney by day taken by Mudassir Ali

Public Presentation Skills Training Investment

Michelle really cares about your presentation skills development. She will do whatever it takes to  transform you so that you achieve your presentation skills training goals.

$1,995 + GST for individuals.

$1,795 + GST per person for groups of three people or more registered from the same organisation on the same date.

Added Resources

As part of the investment in a public presentation skills training program you receive a whole lot of awesome resources to ensure that you use what you learn on a daily basis at work valued at over $500 + GST.   You will receive:

Participant Learning Kit Includes the following in a 2-day presentation skills training:

– Participant Workbook

– Laminated learning guide

– Mouse mat with key models

– Video follow-up program for designing a presentation

 – Audio Vocal Warm-ups program

– Subscription to How to Present monthly e-zine

– 18 months: How to Present TV refresher program

– PLUS, unlimited script-checks for future presentations

– Design Templates

– 5 tips for Virtual presenting

– Weekly social media updates

How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting live and online (Wiley) – internationally published, best-selling book.

Michelle Bowden smiling and holding her best-selling, internationally published book called How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting live and online (Wiley)

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the ability to deliver compelling presentations is not just a valuable skill—it’s a necessity for professional success.


Our comprehensive Presentation Skills Training equips participants with the tools and techniques needed to excel in every aspect of their presentations.

Here are some of our most recent participants (from a company called Ventia) learning and laughing with Michelle Bowden in 2024!

Team members from the Ventia Telco Business celebrate with Michelle Bowden in her Presentation Skills Training Sydney

What will you learn?

Salesforce high performers participate in Michelle Bowden's Persuasive Presentation Skills Training Sydney

By the end of the presentation skills training course, you will have learnt and demonstrated how to :

– Step into your audience’s shoes to truly understand their pain points and needs.

– Craft compelling presentations with remarkable results in record time.

– Design presentations that resonate with all personality styles, captivating every audience member.

– Adapt seamlessly to the virtual realm and captivate viewers on camera.

– Master the art of influencing your audience’s thoughts, emotions, and responses.

– Present effortlessly without relying on notes or visual aids as a crutch.

– Hook your audience from the start with engaging rapport-building statements.

– Motivate your audience by appealing to their values and aspirations.

– Utilise body language, posture, and positioning to emphasise key points and build rapport.

– Take command of your presentation environment and captivate your audience.

– Foster interaction and encourage active participation from your audience.

– Harness the power of visual aids—PowerPoint, whiteboards, props, and handouts—to enhance your message.

– Weave storytelling, metaphor, analogy, humor, and linguistic flair into your presentations to captivate and engage.

– Skilfully manage objections and navigate challenging audience behaviour.

– Master the art of effective questioning—both asking and answering.

– Craft memorable stories that resonate and are easily shared by your audience.

– Identify and eliminate distracting habits that detract from your presentation impact.

– Radiate confidence, charisma, and persuasiveness as a presenter.

– Employ our 4-Step Feedback Model to self-evaluate and continuously improve your presentations.

– Develop a personalised skill development agenda for ongoing growth and success in your presentation prowess.