Speaking Testimonials

Looking for a speaker for your next conference?  Here is some awesome feedback from past attendees:

Michelle Bowden’s presentation was fantastic. When you are organising events and speakers for conferences, you always hope that your participants will find the sessions interesting and informative. With Michelle’s session, we had no reservations whatsoever: everyone absolutely loved her high-energy, interactive and fun workshop! It was practical, relevant and most of all, she presented with such passion and enthusiasm that you couldn’t help but feel inspired. From helping our participants to “speak up”, to developing better communication, presentation and influencing skills, Michelle showed all of our attendees how to achieve their dreams and realise their full potential. We would definitely recommend Michelle for any speaking engagements!”

Michelle, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed what you had to say. I woke up this morning quite inspired and actually looking forward to my next presentation.

You are wonderful! Our guests were enthusiastic in their praise of you and rightfully so! You delivered your message with great success!

Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring experience at your talk last night. It was so wonderful seeing such a strong, confident career woman up there last night and it has made me realise that I can be the person I want to be!”

Michelle is engaging, enthusiastic and challenging. Her work with my sales team really opened their eyes to opportunities of never accepting the answer “No” again!”

I was looking for advanced presentation skills coaching and was told Michelle was the best. Quite simply she is!

I have worked with Michelle on several occasions and each time she has surprised me with her energy, her talent and her expertise in a field others only flounder in. She has the skill to engage her audience and take them on a journey to discover their own skills. Her integrity and work ethic shine through in every presentation, training and mentoring session I have been privileged to attend. She has taken on the mantle of expert and wears it well without condescension.

Thank you so much for your involvement recently in the Recruitment Edge HR Business Breakfast. As an event organiser it is such a pleasure to work with a presenter of your quality and professionalism. You certainly took on board our specific needs and tailored your presentation to suit our audience of senior HR professionals. The result was simply outstanding – the audience loved your passionate and dynamic style, were completely engaged from the word go and best of all, they walked away from the event with some really practical tools to enhance their communication and influencing skills. I will certainly be recommending you to other clients for their events in the future.

I just wanted you to know you are awesome! You’ve inspired me to be comfortable to be what I need to be when trying to engage my audience.

Tremendous. The business leaders in attendance described your presentation as energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, practical and thoroughly entertaining with a deep understanding of your topic, a true expert in your field. We can put your material to use immediately. You were one of the best speakers we have had this year!

Michelle is a fabulous example of a world class presenter. She is authenticity amplified. She knows what it takes to become an influential and impactful presenter.

Thank you for such an advanced, well designed, fun and useful conference program. We will implement the content from this workshop in our daily practice.

An excellent presentation that reflected the needs of our business, gave solutions to our needs and ensured that each participant felt safe to be open and honest. Michelle is honest, clear, concise, and created a safe environment to talk openly and take feedback.

Your facilitation skills and the now famous ‘tequila’ sessions were outstanding. The comments I received in particular from the Motivation of Employees session were fantastic. The participants took notice of the key messages in a memorable and fun way. It could have been a difficult session to run, but your skills were certainly evident in the way you transformed the exercise into a thought provoking, intellectual and insightful learning session for all levels of our middle and senior management.

I have had the good fortune of working with Michelle Bowden, preparing new keynote speaking material together for the 2009 Thought Leaders Winter Showcase. Michelle provided me meaningful advice in a no-nonsense fashion which undoubtedly allowed my presentation to reach the heights it did. Michelle’s knowledge and coaching ability in the field of presentation is without peer, and as any expert should do, Michelle delivers at the highest calibre when speaking herself; she walks the talk! I am a real fan of everything she does, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Michelle was fantastic! What an inspiration. I can’t wait to use this info and practice, practise, practise!

Great job, Michelle. I have learnt new skills for influencing as well as re-learnt some skills I’d forgotten. I’ll have even more presence and confidence.

You are awesome! Your skills as a change agent are biblical! You made me laugh a lot with your joyful energy! Thanks for a memorable experience. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you some time in the future.

You really are a dynamo Michelle and your enthusiasm is catching. I can’t wait to get to work on my presentations for next week.
Sharon Austin, General Manager, Peer Support Australia

Michelle, you were fantastic today, and the girls were still talking about how amazing you were over dinner! Thanks so much!

Thank you for your great fun presentation this morning. It provided a terrific start to the day and to the rest of our lives with the ‘baggage dump’. I enjoyed that. Thank you again for your generosity.

Thank you so much Michelle. You were terrific! Our delegates said it was a brilliant, fast moving, informative presentation that was short, sharp and punchy. They referred to you as fantastic and excellent and commented on your ability to engage the entire audience throughout. It was interesting and useful with lots of points to take away and implement. People were glad they learnt so many new things. One delegate said they were disappointed when you finished and another said ‘The most interesting CPA workshop I have been to, thanks to Michelle Bowden.

Michelle is engaging, energetic, intuitive and in touch with individuals. I have been filled with joy at reaching further professional potential.

Michelle’s expert knowledge in the area of public speaking and presentation skills is world class. Michelle’s delivery is fun and engaging, and very ‘real’.

Michelle is a powerful presenter who demonstrates how to influence and create change in any organisation. I’d highly recommend her as the best presentation and influence expert in Australia.

Fabulous! My team loved it, and are all walking around saying ‘I love your guts!’

Your presentation was one of the best I had been exposed to over my 36 years in sales. Your presentation was up beat and engaging. The content was good, easy to follow and well constructed. Your way of involving your own experiences to make a point was refreshing. You gave the sales training message a refreshing new look and it felt like I was hearing new information. The dance was a great way to make the message easy to remember.”