Women at work and a fear of failure

I think many people fear public speaking because they are afraid of looking foolish in front of others.  Public speaking can be stressful, but the truth is that public speaking provides career women with amazing opportunities to showcase themselves and their expertise. It is not enough to be an expert. You must be able to use your expertise to influence decision-making processes.

I meet lots of senior people who are being passed over for promotion because they don’t have the skills to showcase their professional expertise, they go blank in the middle of their presentation, or they rely so much on PowerPoint that the audience sleeps throughout their presentation!  The great news is that each of these people has risen to great heights because now they understand how to structure their message and deliver it confidently and persuasively.

90% of the people I work with openly state how fearful they are of ‘presenting’.  Hailey and Marie are two of many of my clients who were so terrified of public speaking that they even quit their jobs over and over again to avoid presenting.  When finally ‘forced’ into it by their managers they learnt how to present their ideas with confidence and now they even enjoy presenting!

It’s amazing how once you learn what you need to do to know about influential presenting it’s not that nerve-wracking after all.

Edward Gibbon said, ‘Our work is the presentation of our capabilities’’.  When you articulate your perspective in an influential way you can directly influence your career success.

I believe anyone can be an influential presenter ­­­– yes, especially you!