engaging your audience

What do I do if I forget a point?

If you forget a point or go blank, it’s important that you remember that it’s not the end of the world.  Great presenters lose their train of thought all the time.  Just don’t apologise or make a big deal about the fact you have forgotten – this causes the RAS in their brain to track for further mistakes you might make!  The audience wants you to be confident, so show them you are confidence.

If you’ve designed your presentation using the Storyboard technique, you could look up and try to see an imaginary Storyboard with your 4Mat and post-it-notes on the ceiling (above your eye line). This might stimulate your visual memory.  It’s also important to remember to keep breathing right into your belly, so you keep your oxygen flowing.  Remember oxygen in your brain means increased clarity of thought.  If you still can’t remember, then it’s completely fine to take a drink of water and check your notes.