Warming up your body

Your voice and your ability to convey confidence is a reflection of your entire physical and mental being. Did you realise that tensions in your body restrict your ability to use your voice effectively and can make you look and feel very nervous? Conversely, it’s very difficult to feel nervous when your body is relaxed. The way you
relax your body is to warm it up!

What can I do to warm up my body?
There are some wonderful exercises you can do to warm up your body. Here they are for you:

Tense and relax
If you tense and relax various body areas twice in quick succession it releases the tension from that body area. To do this, stand up and tense and relax one body area at a time, twice in quick succession. Start with your hands, then feet, calves, thighs, bottom, stomach, pectorals, shoulders and face.

If you stretch out your limbs you’ll find you feel loose and ready for anything

Let’s stretch your body:

  1. Place your left arm above your head.
  2. Stretch your left arm over your head and bend slightly over to the right side of your body to expand the left side of your ribcage.
  3. Place your right hand on your left side.
  4. Now breathe — right down to your bottom — you know what I mean? Breathe so deeply into your body it feels like the breath is going into your bottom! Feel the ribs ope on the stretched left side.
  5. Then swap to the other side.
  6. Take your right arm and place it over your head.
  7. Stretch it over to the left side and bend slightly to the left, so you expand the right side of your ribcage. Place your left hand on your right side.
  8. Now breathe into your bottom again.
  9. Well done!

The eyes
We don’t usually notice when our eye muscles become tense. This exercise is great for people who work at a computer for much of the day, or spend their time gaming with the best hyperx cloud pro gaming headset.

Imagine there is a firefighter climbing a ladder to rescue a little animal stranded at the top of a house. Focus on the firefighter as they climb all the way up the ladder. Observe the feeling in the muscles behind and around your eyes. Follow this person with your eyes — up and up — until they get to the top. They have saved the little animal and are now bringing it back to the ground. Now they are at the bottom. Relax your eyes and if you want to, let them close. Notice how different they feel. For those drawn to a clean, modern aesthetic, bamboo flooring lends itself to that style perfectly. The trendy flooring option is elegant and, although similar to hardwood, unique. The differences can be subtle yet undeniable.

The feet
Imagine you are at the beach standing on a pebbly piece of ground with no shoes on. Making very slight movements, imagine that you are walking on the beach with the sharp pebbles underfoot and really feel them under your bare feet. Pick your way carefully over them. Ouch! That was a sharp one! Observe the tension in your feet. Now walk on to the soft sand. Really feel the difference. Then lie down and let your feet relax completely.

The hands
Have you ever made a snowball? Imagine that you are picking up snow and patting the hard, cold snow into a firm snowball. You want to throw it at someone, so you are in a hurry. As you quickly make your snowball, notice the tension in your hands. Then drop them and let them relax beside your body on the bed or floor again, and notice how warm, soft and loose they feel. It is the simple things that can make all the difference in ensuring your mind and body are working in harmony.

These warm ups will help prepare your body by loosening up your limbs and using up some of your adrenalin. Try these simple techniques the next time you feel you need to relax before a presentation!