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You Can be a confident, persuasive, virtual presenter

Warwick Merry CSP CVP is THE guru in online presenting!

Are you ready to be an OUTSTANDING virtual presenter?

These days we are working from home, travelling less often and most of us are presenting quite regularly online. 


And the truth is, if you’re doing it properly, it’s not as easy as face-to-face presenting!


How do you manage people’s attention and keep them focused for the WHOLE meeting?

The great news is that Warwick will teach you how to do this right NOW! 


You’ll be able to engage, captivate and be remembered as a clear, convincing and memorable virtual presenter.


This 1-day Masterclass is your essential guide to becoming an outstanding virtual presenter.

Do it right the first time!

Why Choose Warwick?

Warwick’s passion is for all corporate presenters to be confident, engaging, audience-focused virtual presenters!


Multi Award Winning

Warwick is:

2021 Global Outstanding Intrapreneur for his pivot to ‘online’. 

2022 PSA Nevin Award Winner.

2022 Breakthrough Speaker of the Year – he is the guru of virtual in Australia

Twice certified in virtual presenting. 


Experienced and Committed

With over 20 years working as an event host/MC/group facilitator, Warwick knows what it takes to engage and energise an audience regardless of whether it is face to face, online or hybrid.

As technology evolves you need a virtual facilitator who can keep you up to date with the latest hacks, techniques and tips for virtual presenting.


Passionate and Joyful

Everyone LOVES Warwick!


Warwick is one-part technologist, one-part passionate educator, one-part cat herder, one-part ringmaster, one-part voice of God, one-part control freak, one-part comedian, and many parts human.

He is the spark that ignites your people and the glue that holds all the learning together.

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Maximise your impact in meetings, conferences and business pitches

How persuasive are you when presenting your ideas, products or services online?

How persuasive are you online?

The need to practice more flexible work practices has resulted in a changed workplace.


Most people in business are moving to a hybrid model of working — where we work a few days in the office and some days from home. And most of us now have occasion to run meetings where we are influencing, persuading, and negotiating online.


Sometimes, of course, virtual tools work brilliantly throughout the persuasion process. One of our corporate clients pitched for a $700 million project. The 26 people in the pitch team had no choice but to embrace virtual presenting, with the whole pitch process taking place on Zoom. We trained them in presentation and pitching skills on Zoom, we coached people individually on Zoom, they pitched everything to their client on Zoom — and guess what? They won the project! 


Unfortunately, even when we have the best of intentions, we’ve all been in online presentations and meetings where the technology gets in the way.


Cameras are positioned up noses or on looming foreheads, mute buttons are on or off at the wrong times, or the presenter simply shares their screen and everyone stares at their slides absent mindedly (or they do their other work while the presenter is talking!) Oh dear!


Our most recent survey conducted in 2022 asked businesspeople about their common online practice.  We found:

– 97 per cent of respondents admitted to sharing their screen in online meetings and never selecting ‘stop share’ to bring the view back to all the faces on the screen. It was like watching a TV show for the audience — one slide after the next.

– 93 per cent of respondents felt disconnected in their online meetings (whether they were the presenter or the audience member).

– 86 per cent of respondents felt increased tiredness or ‘zoom fatigue’ after a day of online meetings as compared with their memory of attending meeting after meeting of ‘live’ interactions prior to COVID-19.


All this means that even though most of us know better, we are still going to too many boring and ineffective meetings. In many cases, these interactions are causing people to feel fatigue and experience burnout. Making a conscious decision to take your communication seriously is, therefore, critical.


The good news is that we can all learn to be more virtually — yes you can ‘wow’ your stakeholder, you can engage them and compel them to action. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and actually doing it. Talk to us today!


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