Unleashing Your Persuasive Power: How real estate agents and property managers can harness the four different persuasive types for success in 2024

Unlock the secrets of persuasion mastery for real estate agents and property managers in 2024 and beyond! Discover how to leverage four distinct persuasive types – The Wise Owl, The Commanding Eagle, The Friendly Budgie, and The Captivating Peacock – to attract clients, seal deals, and excel in the dynamic real estate industry. Elevate your effectiveness and thrive with expert strategies tailored for success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, mastering the art of persuasion is paramount for agents and property managers aiming to thrive in 2024 and beyond. Understanding and leveraging the four different persuasive types brought to life in my latest book, How to Persuade: the skills you need to get what you want (Wiley) will significantly enhance your effectiveness in attracting clients, closing deals, and managing people and properties.


Here’s how each type—The Wise Owl, The Friendly Budgie, The Commanding Eagle, and The Captivating Peacock—can be harnessed to elevate success.

The Wise Owl

Wise Owls are driven to persuade by establishing message credibility. If your client is predominantly a Wise Owl they need facts, data, logic, and well-structured information. Real estate professionals adopting the Wise Owl approach prioritise knowledge, expertise, and data-driven insights.


How can you persuade Wise Owls?


1. Informative Insights. Showcase the credibility of your message by using informative content such as market analysis reports.


2. Tech enhanced communication.  Embrace technology and data visualisation tools to enhance your ability to convey complex information in a clear and compelling manner. You can leverage interactive maps, charts, and graphs to present data-driven insights visually, making it easier for clients to understand and interpret key trends and patterns in the market.


3. Utilise advanced analytics software. Analyse large datasets efficiently, uncovering valuable insights that can inform your recommendations and strategies.  By harnessing the power of technology and data visualisation, you will communicate your message credibility and persuade clients with compelling evidence and analysis. Providing valuable insights and guidance based on facts and analysis helps instil confidence in your clients, leading to stronger relationships and increased success in transactions

The Commanding Eagle

Commanding Eagles are driven to persuade by conveying personal authority. If your client is predominantly a Commanding Eagle they need you to show that you are trusted advisor with lots of personal experience in your field and a reputation for success with both clients and stakeholders. Confidence, and assertiveness are defining traits of the Commanding Eagle. These people excel in taking charge, making decisions, and leading negotiations with authority. Agents and managers adopting this approach project confidence in their abilities and assertively advocate for their clients’ interests. Commanding Eagles are adept at handling challenging situations, resolving conflicts, and driving outcomes that align with their clients’ objectives.

How can you persuade Commanding Eagles?


1. Host Client Testimonial Events. Consider organising special events where you invite past clients to share their experiences of working with you. Think informal gatherings, appreciation dinners, or even virtual webinars. During these sessions, clients can provide testimonials and share success stories about their real estate transactions, highlighting your expertise, professionalism, and dedication to client satisfaction. Hearing directly from satisfied clients can be incredibly persuasive for prospective clients and stakeholders, solidifying your reputation as a trusted advisor with a proven record of success.


2. Participate in Industry Panels and Speaking Engagements. Industry panels, conferences, and speaking engagements help you showcase your expertise and share insights contributes to your credibility. By demonstrating your knowledge, experience, and innovative thinking in front of peers, industry experts, and potential clients, you will reinforce your reputation as an authority in your field.


3. Publish Thought Leadership Content. Commanding Eagles know to consistently publish thought leadership content across various platforms, such as blogs, articles, whitepapers, and social media channels. Offer valuable insights, analysis, and practical advice on topics related to real estate trends, market updates, investment strategies, and property management best practices. By sharing your expertise and perspectives with a wider audience, you will build credibility, attract new clients, and strengthen relationships with existing stakeholders. Additionally, publishing content allows you to demonstrate your commitment to staying informed and adapting to the evolving needs of your clients and the market.

The Friendly Budgie

Friendly Budgies are driven to persuade by creating goodwill. If your client is predominantly a Friendly Budgie they need you to show warmth and care for their needs. You need to demonstrate that you have their best interests at heart. Building strong rapport and fostering genuine connections are key components of the Friendly Budgie persuasion style. Real estate professionals who embody this approach excel in creating comfortable, trusting relationships with clients and tenants. They prioritise active listening, empathy, and personalised communication to understand clients’ needs and preferences fully. By cultivating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, agents and managers can establish long-term relationships built on trust, leading to client loyalty and referrals.


How can you persuade Friendly Budgies?


1. Organise Networking Events: Host networking events aimed at bringing together clients, colleagues, industry partners, and local community members. These events could range from casual meetups at coffee shops or restaurants to more formal gatherings at event venues. By facilitating face-to-face interactions in a relaxed and social atmosphere, you will create opportunities for genuine connections to form. Encouraging attendees to share their experiences, interests, and goals can help foster meaningful conversations and establish rapport. Additionally, hosting networking events allows you to showcase your warmth, care, and commitment to building relationships beyond mere transactions.


2. Conduct Personalised Follow-Up Meetings. Schedule follow-up meetings with clients to further discuss their needs, address any concerns, and deepen your relationship. These one-on-one meetings provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your attentiveness, empathy, and dedication to your client’s satisfaction. By actively listening to clients’ feedback and preferences, offering tailored advice and solutions, and providing ongoing support throughout the real estate process, you will strengthen rapport and build trust.

3. Participate in Community Engagement Activities. Being involved in community engagement activities is a powerful way for you to connect with residents, businesses, and organisations in your local area. Volunteer for community service projects, sponsor local events, or join civic groups and associations. By actively contributing to the community and showing genuine interest in its well-being, you will build strong rapport and earn the trust of community members. Moreover, participating in community engagement activities allows you to gain valuable insights into local trends, preferences, and needs, which can inform your client interactions and business decisions.

Captivating Peacock

Captivating Peacocks are driven to persuade by arousing enthusiasm and passion. If your client is predominantly a Captivating Peacock they need you to sweep them up in the excitement of the moment and the matter. Real estate professionals leveraging the Captivating Peacock persuasion style excel in captivating attention, inspiring emotions, and telling compelling stories. They use charisma, creativity, and storytelling skills to engage clients and stakeholders effectively. I you adopt this approach you can differentiate yourself by creating memorable experiences, showcasing property features through immersive storytelling, and evoking emotions that resonate with your clients’ aspirations.

How can you persuade Captivating Peacocks?


1. Host Exclusive Property Showcases and Open Houses. Elevate the traditional open house experience by hosting exclusive property showcases and themed events tailored to the unique features and characteristics of each property. Instead of merely providing a standard walkthrough, why not curate immersive experiences that highlight the property’s most compelling attributes and evoke emotions in potential buyers? For example, you could organise themed events such as sunset cocktail parties, gourmet cooking demonstrations in luxury kitchens, or outdoor movie nights in spacious backyard settings. You’ll capture your clients’ imaginations and make a lasting impression that set your properties apart from the competition.

2.Utilise Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Technology. Leverage VR and AR technology to create immersive virtual tours and interactive experiences that showcase property features in a captivating and engaging manner. And incorporate storytelling elements into virtual tours by highlighting key selling points, sharing anecdotes about the property’s history or previous owners, and illustrating potential lifestyle benefits. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to evoke emotions and spark clients’ imagination, you will create a compelling narrative that resonates with your clients’ aspirations and motivates them to take action.


3. Organise Lifestyle Events and Experiences: Organise lifestyle events and experiences that showcase the unique lifestyle and culture of a particular neighbourhood or community. Perhaps a guided walking tour of local attractions, a culinary experience at a popular restaurant, outdoor adventures such as hiking or biking excursions, or cultural activities such as art gallery visits or live music performances. By immersing clients in the vibrant fabric of the community and showcasing the lifestyle opportunities available, you will evoke emotions of excitement, curiosity, and aspiration. These experiences not only create memorable moments, they also help clients envision themselves living and thriving in their future home environment.

What can you do with this information?

It’s important to note that no human is just one type. We all have a combination of the four types in us. Based on the results of thousands of subjects in our research we know that most people tend to have a most and least preferred type. My advice is to keep working on your most preferred types, so you make your strengths even stronger. And over time aim to build some strength in your least preferred type so that you can be consistently persuasive no matter your client or stakeholder.

By understanding and embracing the diverse persuasive types—The Wise Owl, The Friendly Budgie, The Commanding Eagle, and The Captivating Peacock—you can enhance your success in 2024. By leveraging these approaches strategically, you can build credibility, foster relationships, assertively advocate for clients, and create memorable experiences that drive results. By honing your persuasive skills and adapting to the evolving needs of clients, you can position yourself for continued success in the dynamic real estate industry.


Happy Persuading!


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