TV, Media, Communications & Social Media Testimonials

“Excellent, engaging and motivating program! Best presenting course I have been on. I loved the tips to becoming more persuasive, Michelle’s enthusiasm and the tools supplied.”

Dianne Ho, Group Sales Manager, Seven 

“Incredible! I loved the interactivity, tools learnt and the analogies/logic.  I’m going to recommend to the company to have others attend.”

Justin Caplicki, On-Air Planning Manager, Foxtel

“I loved how practical Michelle’s tips were from the start – I felt like I was getting something from it from the first hour. The class was always engaging with the right amount of interaction, learning and practice. Michelle did a great job of building up knowledge so you felt like you were making instant progress. I intend to use the 5-Step Analysis and Persuasion Blueprint to all presentations, training sessions and even big emails. I will also use the Extending Yourself idea to help overcome nerves.”

Lauren Vadnjal, Head of Audience Development, The Australian Financial Review

“Michelle is hilarious – well you are! And more importantly Michelle you know your stuff seriously. You are an excellent educator. You care, you make the complex simple. You bring out people’s best. You have an open mind. I will use all subject matter (especially the 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat, Storyboarding, Persuasion Blueprint). I will use all of the extending yourself  technique.”

James Lawrence, Co-Founder, Rocket

“Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that even though over 7 years have passed since I undertook your two day presentation workshop I continue to draw on your wonderful framework and advice. Your training course and tips have given me a solid foundation for my international conference and business presentations. I even bought your book to help my teenage children with their presentation preparation. A resounding thank you!”

Sue Yates, Manager Safety, Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Australia

“I loved the teaching style, interactive learning, tailored feedback, useful templates, steps and formats.  Challenging, very educational, doesn’t just teach you steps – it teaches habits.”

Kirsten Matthews, Seven Network

“Life changing! Thank you!”

Vivienne Kalithrakas, Digital Solutions Executive, Fox Sports

“Loved it! I loved Michelle’s energy; the content (clear, and practical, which I know I will use in my work and personal life); and the relevant tools and homework. So much great content.”

Seon Peberdy, Managing Consultant, Hausmann Group

“I felt extremely comfortable from the start; very special.  I felt mentally pushed – it wasn’t drawn out, waiting for the point.  I loved the warm and learning atmosphere.  I learnt things that were brand new – new found confidence and ACTUAL to do list of steps ahead.  Extremely practical and very fun.”

Jo Kenny – National Sales Manager Sports, QMS Media

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that Michelle’s workshops are a life-changing experience! When you go to one of Michelle’s workshops, you’re not going to get the same tired presentation tips. You’re going to learn from someone who is passionate about communication. You’ll be entertained. You’ll laugh. You’ll have fun while you learn. By the end, you’ll know how to communicate with influence to get the results you want.   Leaders who study with Michelle will learn to inspire their teams to live in harmony with organisational values. Sales teams will gain enough confidence to pitch products and services with authority. Customer service personnel will learn to make clients feel like they’re more than just a number; they’re part of something special. By following Michelle’s example, you’ll learn to communicate so that your words carry weight and positive power.  Michelle’s training course will meet you wherever you are as a speaker. You’ll speak with influence whether you’re communicating in your personal life, in the board room or in front of an audience of thousands of people. My only regret is that I didn’t take this course years ago. Thanks, Michelle! I hope many more people get as much from working with you as I have.”

Jeanette Flynn, Managing Director, 4D Marketing

“Excellent! Made presentations really relevant for business and day-to-day. Good balance of fun and learning and not too full on in terms of group activities. Full on in a good way, a lot to take in!”

Sarah-Belle Murphy, Head of Product/Digital Business Manager, Bauer Media Group 

“Fantastic, interactive program that addresses your presentation skills and shows you how to be better. I loved the interaction in sessions, range of options, other people, diversity, venue and Michelle.”

Alex Brill, Social Soup

“I attended Michelle Bowden’s Advanced Presentation and Influencing Skills course back in 2007. I then subsequently sent my senior reports to the course given how much I got out of it. Michelle is an excellent course facilitator who provides simple tools which can easily be applied in the real world. I would definitely recommend her courses to friends and colleagues.”

Kirsty Dollisson, Managing Director, TorchMedia

“Michelle did a very thorough job and I feel empowered and inspired.  Great use of relevant stories, great learning environment.  The storyboarding, 4Mat and structure will assist in my training of staff and presenting to Senior Leadership Team. I would recommend that anyone who presented information or training to staff attend this session.”

Mark Ludbrook, Austar

“Entertaining.  Michelle was very easy to understand and follow.  The time went very quickly. I was missing eleven of the thirteen steps!  There are many in this organisation who would benefit from this course.”

Hazel Hood, Austar

“How fabulous to present a topic that is so you and one that you clearly embrace in everything you do.  This program should be extended to TM level.  This will ensure they have the additional skills and techniques to be excellent presenter. The content was relevant and specific to me.   This course has brought all of my previous learning together into one concise package.  It will enable me to plan and complete presentations confidently regardless of audience.”

Janine Wells, Austar

“Best course on presentation ever attended. Your all-encompassing and thorough exploration of the topic of presentation skills is astounding and the way you encourage us is uniquely invaluable. Really helpful and informative. Real support and skills for real situations. Unlike other boring courses. I liked the interactive nature of the course, the passion, the group exercises and the rotating of seats. Thank you for the last two days. I’m confident that the skills you have imparted over the last 2 days will help me move my audience from their current state to my desired state and I will enjoy making this happen”.

Tim Castle, Media Manager, Astus Australia 

“Michelle is a true presenter and is able to convey her message easily.  Michelle was not scared to put us right when needed firmly, which is refreshing.  I will be more confident in preparing and completing any presentations or coaching sessions.  The change I would make to this program was that I needed more time.  Anyone expected to create or deliver presentations should attend.  Also of immense value to coaching and development.”

Frank Days, Austar

“Michelle was friendly and provides good instruction.  This will improve my work performance because I understand structured ways of presenting and resources to continue learning.  Great program and tailored for the group.  Lots of learning opportunities.”

Bun Rith Lim, Austar

“I loved everything!  What a wonderful 2 days.  Michelle is a master at guiding us through challenging new concepts and doing so with great humour and warmth.  I am completely blown away and SO glad I had the chance to come.  Big fat thumbs up.  This will make a big difference in how and how well I communicate.  Thank you.”

Sophie Hansen, My Open Kitchen

“Michelle is a true inspiration, someone full of motivation and enthusiasm.  I would love to be like you.  You are truly someone to aspire too.  Thank you, excellent course.  This program will provide me with a structure in both designing presentations and presenting.  I have been on a number of courses, which have been often in my comfort zone such as coaching, leading etc. Those only teach me new models to try but this was something completely outside my comfort zone.  I have found so much value and benefit.  Thank you!”

Emma McLeod, Austar 

“This program has helped close a few large gaps that I had around the presentation and design piece.  I know have a greater understanding.  No changes to this program can be recommended.   I now understand what other trainers are talking about and be more productive in design and delivery.  Michelle is fun, engaging and genuine.  Michelle was entertaining as though it was the first time the program was delivered.  I would recommend anyone in Austar to go on this program.  The more people are on the same page the easier the job will be.  I look forward to following this work up and will use the tools given.  Thanks for the book, CD and DVD.”

Dean Sparkes, Training Manager, Austar

“I loved it!! I would highly recommend this course. The knowledge that Michelle has is amazing. Michelle was fantastic and very re-assuring. I love having a step by step program to follow that is going to assist me with many future presentations.”

Deanne Bryne, AUSTAR 

“I loved learning a framework for success; and the tips and tricks on how to ‘act’ in a meeting/presentation.  Well-paced with specific feedback.  Fantastic, with great energy.  A true masterclass.”

Tim Ward, Head of Sales, CallN

“I was terribly nervous about attending this course. Now that I have done it I’m so pleased I did. Michelle is an interesting and engaging trainer and the content is all relevant. There wasn’t one moment where I wasn’t hooked on what Michelle said. I loved how comfortable Michelle made us all feel, despite being put in situations that were out of our comfort zone.”

Sara Williams, AUSTAR

“I would love to be included in another training session that Michelle holds! I loved the 13 simple steps to create an awesome presentation in particular the Pace, pace, lead and POO. Michelle was able to give me some clear and easy ways to calm nerves when presenting and I loved the fact that Michelle engaged the whole group for 2 days.”

Melanie Green, AUSTAR 

“A challenging two day course but I loved it. It has just started an ongoing learning into the “Perfect Art of Presentation”. I loved the very structured way the course was delivered as well as having a great deal of the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for a great presentation.”

Chris Choong, AUSTAR

“Michelle is a great teacher. She is bright, vibrant, funny and teaches in a way that makes sense. This course has taught me things I would never have thought of such as “it’s not about me”. I have learnt the importance of planning and rehearsing and will implement this in my future presentations.”

Sandra Hurst, AUSTAR

“A great program that can be used to greatly improve my presentations and even coaching and delivering team briefs. I learnt so much and now I just need to put it all into practice. I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and the confidence she had in us all. I was so pleased with the way Michelle changed my feelings towards presentations.”

Tina Kay, AUSTAR

“Excellent course. Very helpful and so informative. Michelle really knows her subject matter. The overall program shows why it is necessary to have the 13 steps. Michelle keeps the content exciting yet professional. It was a very, very good course that I would recommend for all to attend. Thank you.”

Michelle Kwocksun, AUSTAR

“I loved Michelle (very cool, approachable, patient and encouraging); that there was a lot of information but it is easy to digest; and the small group size. I feel empowered to become a better speaker.  I’ll recommend to others at Fox Sports.”

Sam Raftl, Fox Sports

“A great program with great content. My presentations will never be the same again. The program has given me more confidence when speaking to a group. I loved the structure, content and 4Mat.”

Paul Venning-Thomas, AUSTAR

“Really great program. It’s great to know we will be supported after the program and the book is a wonderful treat/bonus. I loved the way each step was taught. It wasn’t dry and although corny in some bits, it got the message through.”

Katie Hill, AUSTAR

“I found the course to be really enjoyable. I will use these skills from now on and presenting will not seem so daunting. I loved the energy and learning how detailed presenting can be. The 13 steps were great and I will use them from now on when presenting.”

Troy Sailes, AUSTAR

“This is a program that will be highly recommended. It set a clear structure to my presentation and gave me ideas in how to tailor and design a presentation. It also taught us to turn nerves into our advantage.”

Eddie Chi, AUSTAR

“Michelle made me believe I can do it and I can! It was informative and fun. I love that there was no wrong option. Although it was 2 full days, they went so quickly. I now feel that I will survive my next presentation.”

Kerrie-Lee Celano, AUSTAR

“Great course with great content. I loved learning how to overcome shyness and breathe, breathe, breathe. As well as how to make a presentation come together by using all the 13 steps.”

Catherine Quinney, AUSTAR

“I really enjoyed the program and now feel better equipped to put my points across very effectively. I loved the interactivity and the knowledge that we were all working at the same pace, despite our different levels of ability.”

Tawanda Mundangepfupfu, AUSTAR

“I loved it! I can’t wait to try everything out – thank you! The course was great, useful and intelligent content. I felt engaged the whole time and there was a good combination of both practical and theory.”

Katie Bowden, Austereo

“This was the best ever course and the most useful that I’ve done in a long time. The parts of the course that I enjoyed the most were the logic, implementation of learning, the supportive environment, the help with nerves – practical ways to overcome them and the skills that I will put into practice”

Kathy Johnston, Austereo

“This was one of the best courses I have ever participated in and I can’t wait for my colleagues to do it as well. Thanks Michelle! I enjoyed building rapport, pace and lead, the structure and the delivery of the actual course.”

Justin Hill, Austereo

“I loved the structure and framework.  A lot of useful information.”

Oleg Khatsernov, Foxtel

“Excellent program. Overall the best presentation skills course by a country mile. It was so well written and planned, literally right down to every word. Michelle gave amazing insights that you can get nowhere else.”

Liam O’Connor, Austereo

“This program was very inspiring and helped me to understand structuring my presentations from beginning to end with key messages and tips to deliver what I have written down. Overall it was very helpful, exciting and educational.”

Sera Hizilican, Austereo

“Michelle was great. I loved all of the little tips I pick up the whole time. Awesome! I felt that the course helped to build confidence and that I understand and appreciate my strengths. It taught me to retain information that I can apply while giving me a great format for presenting daily.”

Leigh Huckel, Austereo

“Well structured course delivered by a professional. Relevant, genuine, fun and great added value.”

Aaron Macarthur, Account Manager Austereo Network Sales 

“In short I loved it! The energy from Michelle was fantastic and really inspiring. It is clear she is an absolute expert in her field. I found her engaging on every level. I love the 13 step process for presentation design and will definitely utilise this moving forward. The key for me is to combat nerves! By rehearsing without slides (even though I rehearsed I think with slides would be more beneficial)”

Corinne Tighe, Austereo

“Great experience. Challenging and I never found myself looking at my watch! Beneficial two days away from the office. I enjoyed how the program provided guidance and structure. It will enable me to deliver stronger, professional, persuasive presentation as well as teaching great skills for communicating in all elements of my job.”

Jenni Lees, Austereo

“Brilliant. The course was engaging, interesting, had a great structure that enabled me to learn a lot while the course was concise and to the point.”

Dean McCarthy, Austereo

“Loved it! Fantastic experience and I will be implementing everything I have learnt when I return to work. Michelle was fantastic at explaining all of the techniques. The contents were very engaging and really encouraged me to think about adapting my style.”

Talitha Ulbricht, Austereo

“I loved the systematic approach.  Fantastic.”

Gavin Brett, Hope Media

“The structure was exceptional. I feel I have learned more presenting in 2 days than I have in 8 years of sales.  Fantastic – structured, positive and constructive.  Great learning environment.”

Brendan Coleman, Seven Network

“I learned how to prepare an awesome presentation with tools that allow me to control the audience and presentation itself.  10/10 quality. 10/10 facilitation and trainer.”

Simon Yuen, Sales Manager, 1300 Australia

“I loved the interaction and the many tips provided over the course of the two days were extremely useful.  Great content.  Delivered well and all came together over the course of the two days.”

Dee Brown, Rapid Delivery Manager, Foxtel

“Amazing!  I loved the practical approach, structure, constant energy and the ‘to the point’ content.”

Manoj Ahuja, Digital Apps Development Manager, Foxtel

“Entertaining, challenging and very practical.  I loved extending the self, the structure for preparing a presentation and stagecraft.”

Brian Power, Agent Tools Team Leader, Foxtel

“It took me out of my comfort zone in a supportive environment and armed me with techniques to take away with me that will help me improve my presenting abilities.  Practical, effective and empowering.”

Sara Williams, Solution Design Manager, Foxtel

“I loved the two days – lots of info to apply.  I loved 4Mat, extending myself, WIIFM, using the template for presentations and stopping the use of certain words.”

Neville Kissun, Scrum Master – IT Projects, Foxtel

“It was so much more informative than I could have imagined.  There is not a single skill taught that wouldn’t be useful – not only for presenting, also for any type of interaction.  Absolutely amazing!  I would never hesitate to heavily endorse Michelle and her program.  It’s been an amazing experience.”

Troy Cleary, Marketing Coordinator, 1300 Australia

“I love how much easier it is now to structure and prepare a presentation!  Michelle is amazing and possibly the best in her industry!  I have learnt so much over the course and will recommend to everyone.”

Luke Farrugia, Marketing Design Co-ordinator, 1300 Australia

“I loved the tools used from music, butchers paper and the environment – each when combined were an effective tool.  Michelle made the course easy to follow with all the content pieces combining into one great piece.  I really enjoyed the two days and am looking forward to applying the content within a real world environment.”

Jared Mayne, Seven Network

“I loved the great frameworks, that it was practical and perfect for someone like me – I got heaps out of it.  Michelle is a fantastic presenter.  Loved it and got heaps out of it.  Great to have a workbook for later use.”

Ilana Wechsler, Green Arrow Digital

“I loved that it was engaging, practical and so much fun.  Everything I needed to know wrapped up in a really understandable way.  Absolutely fabulous!”

Rebecca Saunders, Director, Founder & Chief Content Officer, Deli Agency

“I loved the structure and the safe environment that Michelle creates and the improvement that you can see in yourself and your colleagues.  So beneficial for anyone that has to present a form of content.  The things that you learn in here can translate into everyday personal life.”

Jarrod Muggleton, Seven Network

“I loved the process and learning style (felt time went quick).  Michelle, thank you – so valuable.  Loved your energy!  Hope to do another session.”

Rebecca Fenech, Social Soup

“Very applicable to our jobs and industry.  Simple, clear and easy to understand.  Fantastic!  Very well prepared for the people in the room.”

Emma Barlow, Seven Network

“I loved learning the 4-Mat structure; learning how to pace, pace, pace lead; and learning how to deal with nerves by extending myself.  Absolutely enjoyed the 2-day course.  It was interactive and engaging and has made me feel like a better presenter.”

Carlos Caneda, Seven Network

“I loved the complex theories explained simply; the easy application in our day-to-day; and that it was easy to engage with the content.  Valuable and constructive feedback and opportunities for further learning.”

Tom Carroll, Seven Network

“Loved this program – thank you Michelle! I loved the format; environment; challenging; practical application; lessons for life; motivating; interactive.”

Sam Yee, Seven Network

“I loved the clear, actionable steps; and that it was authentic – persuade not manipulate.  Loved the process and steps to fall back on which can be used in any situation or setting – personal/work; informal/formal.”

Mitch Crowe, Seven Network

BDs to do the program as well – to introduce a totally different way of thinking!”

Lauren Benson, Hausmann

“I loved learning about body language and linguistic patterns.  I will highly recommend to senior management at Hausmann so we can practice this model.”

Sienna Heaney, Consultant, Hausmann Group

“Great, engaging.  I loved the structure that was being taught and what 4Mat represented.”

Chris Fifer, Seven Network

“Exceeded my expectations – I learned things that not only will be useful in my professional life but it extends to personal life too. I loved everything. Workable techniques to persuade/influence people in presentations and across all forms of communication”

Jayne Crook, Senior PR Consultant, Illuminate Communications

“Perfect model to apply to work. I loved the breakdown of components/formats; the relevance; tying in examples and how best to apply.  Michelle had lots of experience and expertise that applied to the program, and provided great/constructive feedback.  Really good structure.”

Clare Varden, Senior Consultant, Health Haus

“Amazing! I was so excited to attend this course as I have always wanted to improve my skills.  It surpassed my expectations!  Michelle thought of everything – it ran so smoothly and she has attention to detail down to a tee!  I genuinely think I have improved and I have all the materials and resources I need.  Very happy and chuffed she will stay in touch!  Excellent model and no suggestions for improvement.”

Kelsey Ryan, Illuminate Communications

“Michelle ran a Persuasive Presentations Course for me and my team at Vodafone. It was an intense, exhilarating, well-structured, insightful and great fun. Michelle is an absolute delight to work with. She was able to tailor her feedback to each individual and help us all to step outside our comfort zone and try something different. It doesn’t matter how polished you think you are with presenting, Michelle will be able to help you be even better. I have verbally passed on Michelle’s details to many colleagues and have no hesitation in recommending her work.”

Jackie Giles, Vodafone

“Michelle opened my mind to different ways of presenting and ultimately communicating. Speaking with greater confidence and dimension. I approach presenting, and even simple conversations with more enthusiasm and confidence and am now better placed to engage and persuading my friends, peers and management.”

Ben McCulloch, Podcast Presenter

“Michelle was very engaging and kept me hooked for the 2 days.  The whole 13 steps is quite detailed, but also easy to remember and understand.  It was a good number of people too – it never felt like there were too many presentations to go through.  Overall I am very happy with what I have learned over the last two days.  It’s awesome how Michelle has offered to assist with further presentations.”

Antony Robinson, Commercial Producer, Fox Sports

“I loved the two days – lots of info to apply.  I loved 4Mat, extending myself, WIIFM, using the template for presentations and stopping the use of certain words.”

Neville Kissun, Foxtel

“Amazing!  I loved the practical approach, structure, constant energy and the ‘to the point’ content.”

Manoj Ahuja, Foxtel

“Entertaining, challenging and very practical.  I loved extending the self, the structure for preparing a presentation and stagecraft.”

Brian Power, Foxtel

“It took me out of my comfort zone in a supportive environment and armed me with techniques to take away with me that will help me improve my presenting abilities.  Practical, effective and empowering.”

Sara Williams, Foxtel