Most of us trust most products don’t you think? I mean from one week to the next we trust that our washing powder will clean our clothes, that our vegemite will taste like vegemite and that our panadol will fix our headache. But we are far less trusting of the services we buy. For example, a sleek silver Mercedes SLK can sell itself in many ways. But a financial planning service, insurance cover or web development service generally cannot speak the volumes of the sleek, silver SLK.

Have you heard of buyers remorse? It’s that feeling we get when after a purchase we feel like we’ve made the wrong decision. Actually, as consumers we experience worry about services before, during and even after the service is provided.

So the job of the sales person is to soothe the different stages of worry. How can you do that? One way is to visually represent your service and ensure your potential client is comfortable. You can do this in your brochures, your website and also in your pitch document via PowerPoint or Keynote on the MAC.

Find the best way to use an illustration, graph, or model to depict the service so it feels more real and tangible to your client. Good luck!