Travel & Leisure Testimonials

“I loved that the masterclass was engaging and just such a fun way to learn. I loved the energy Michelle brought to the room and I’m glad I was able to do the class. I will use everything! Especially the Persuasion Blueprint – I know I’ll be using that for years to come.”

Olivia Chen, Senior Product Manager, Tripadvisor 


“I loved that we learnt practical techniques that can be used on upcoming presentations. Where I normally would get nervous presenting, I am more confident. I will use the 4Mat technique, Storyboarding, the 5-Step Analysis and the Persuasion Blueprint. I look forward to using these techniques and contacting Michelle for feedback.”

Vanessa Con Foo, Product Manager, Tripadvisor


“I loved how intense the masterclass is! I loved the new information and techniques I’d not seen or heard before, and the offer of continued support. It’s hard but thank gosh it’s not boring!”

Lenka Chadaj, Product Manager, Tripadvisor


“I loved the process for presentation and the linguistics. I will use all of it – mainly structure.”

David Gustafson, Senior Manager, UX Research and Design, Tripadvisor


“I loved that the masterclass was engaging, interactive, and well-paced. I loved the techniques, practical examples, templates. I will use the techniques – Persuasion Blueprint and 5-Step Analysis.”    

Andrew Audsley, Product Manager, Tripadvisor        


“I loved the Persuasion Blueprint – it gives me a format to follow. Storyboarding was amazing what I recalled. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint template, 5-Step Analysis, and remember to breathe.”    

Amanda Harvey, Product Manager, Tripadvisor


“I loved the applicability, tips, templates, process, and chance to learn more from each other. I will use the templates and tips.”

Winny So, Product Manager, Tripadvisor


“I loved that it is all about the audience and learning how to structure a message. I can apply this to both work and all areas of life. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, Persuasion Blueprint, POO and 4Mat.”   

George Cook, Senior Product Manager, Tripadvisor


“I loved that the masterclass was super engaging and insightful with meaningful, actionable feedback I can implement. I will use this in preparing, practicing, forming presentations. I will use reducing content in slides.”    

Mark Lynch, Senior Product Manager, Tripadvisor


“I loved that the masterclass was practical (so many techniques to use) and helpful. Amazing trainer! I loved the resources and ongoing support suitable after the course, and the Persuasion Blueprint to remove decision fatigue and focus on the content. I will use the Storyboarding, 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat, my presentation, everything!” 

Shalinee Singh, Senior Product Manager, Tripadvisor


“Brilliant and highly practical.  Will recommend. I loved the structure, energy, clarity, practicality and the expert presenter.”

Michael Pearson, Managing Director, Expedia


“Exciting and motivating.  I loved the structure and how Michelle kept me engaged and on track to achieve my desired outcome. I’m now inspired to become a great presenter.”

Georgina Byrt, CEO, Sandford Travel


“I learnt so many valuable techniques to improve my presentation skills and general communications.  Michelle was extremely warm, genuine and clearly passionate about the course.  I’m extremely thankful to be able to have participated in such a fantastic and valuable course.  Wonderful, engaging and informative.”

Lauren Ogilvie, Expedia


“I loved everything, including how practical it was and the many resources to “put the knowing into doing”.  Whilst I have a lot of work to do I will not be a turkey.  I will be an eagle/master communicator! Truly is the only presentation skills course you need to do – all you need to continue to do is practice and keep up the learning/revisiting.”

Laura Allman, Flight Centre


“Fantastic insight and will be really valuable in my career moving forward.I completely re-learned everything I thought presenting was.  4-Mat and 13 steps give me framework forever.  Movement and stance I can add to my skills.”

Alister Burn, Viking Cruises


“Michelle is quite frankly a rock star is the art of teaching, coaching and mentoring individuals and organisations on how to present and influence for increased sales, better team engagement and leadership. I have learned much from her teachings which I have applied for great profit in my own business. Pretty amazing guru indeed!”

Tony Gattari, Chief Operating Officer, Beyond Travel Group


“Thank you! Great experience!  I loved that it was very interactive, lots of feedback, great structure, useful techniques were covered and a lot of info given. This will help with my stakeholder engagement.”

Charis Ricafuente, Hawaii Tourism


“So many useful and practical tips that I can actually use on a daily basis.  I loved the tips and support offered at the end to help us in our journey.  I loved the two days.  Felt overwhelmed on day 1 but everything really started to sync early on day 2.  Wish I could do it again!”

Lena Dawson, Expedia


“Great content.  I loved the framework I learnt today; learning how important it is to connect with your audience; “who dares wins” – important learning that by structuring your communications and body language you can achieve anything.  Super energising and inspiring – learnt a lot and will surely use it in future.”

Haim Jacobowitz , Expedia


“I loved learning about how to structure an effective presentation. I also loved learning about dealing with nerves and ways to physically present well.  I found it very challenging but super rewarding.  It has given me so much confidence!”

Jen Palframan, Expedia


“The structure on the first day is awesome. I loved the energy from Michelle, that there was a handout, and the 13 steps (feeling like you leave with tips for the future).”

Cat Nantel, Expedia


“I loved all the practical tips and the 13-step guide that I can use over and over again.  Very good program – I feel like a more confident presenter now.”

Anne Lothari, Expedia


“I loved the energy, the expert trainer, the practical and easy to follow model to use on a daily basis, and the materials to reinforce learnings (i.e. mouse pad).  Highly recommended.”

Huiming Ho, Expedia


“I loved the 5 step analysis ,13 step program, comfortable environment, feel like I know how to overcome nerves, have much more confidence in being able to be convincing in the future, and it was a great team event.  Amazing high energy from Michelle.  Great humour.  LOVED the direct feedback – we don’t get it enough!”

Ashleigh Scanlon, Expedia


“A great confidence booster and team builder. I loved the energy, content, practical tips and the actual practice session.”

Kelly Cull, Expedia


“I loved learning the 13 steps and useful tips and tricks to improve and become an amazing presenter.  I also loved Michelle’s passion for the subject content.  I learnt so much the second time around.  Fun 2 days.  I learnt loads and looking forward to putting it into practice.”

Justin Lee, Expedia


“I loved the good energy, clear methodology to follow and lots of practice.  Great to now that we’re left with lots of tools to keep practicing and remembering everything (videos and other resources).  Thanks for sharing with us!”

Sarah Borrel, Expedia


“Fantastic program. Very helpful and useful. You were very informative, clear and it was entertaining.  You have really helped me with my presentation skills: building and presenting. Thank you!”

Ash Tredinnick, Expedia


“I feel I now have a structure I can easily follow to create greater messages for the business. I also loved Michelle as the presenter.”

Sasha Grant, Expedia


“I loved the great energy.  I learnt so much about how to improve my communication skills and persuasion skills.  It was really useful to see my colleagues presenting and learning from them as well.”

Marta Roche, Expedia


“Was great! I loved the energy, structure provided and the feedback on presentations.  Great – thanks!”

Alex Ozdowski , Expedia


“I loved the visual and interactive format, Michelle’s energy and the energy she created for the group, and the practical application of doing a presentation.  Really awesome!  Love the use of the flip boards.  Great for all skill levels.  The brand word exercise gave me goose bumps!”

Lisa Perkovic, Expedia


“I loved the framework, coaching, the opportunity to practice/put into action, and what we were learning in real time.  Informative, useful and practical.”

Will Woods, Expedia


“I loved the clear, 13 step structure.  Though I’m exhausted, I do appreciate how many ways we applied 4Mat over the two days.  The group size is perfect and safe for everyone to feel free to fumble while learning.  Very applicable to real world presenting. Michelle is also very genuine and pretty funny.”

Tiffany Kennedy, Expedia


“I learnt that there is true structure to my job.  The skills I have learnt will increase my confidence and make me a great presenter.”

Leon Hill, Viking Cruises


“This program opened my eyes regarding how much is involved in putting a great presentation together.  The skills and tools can be incorporated and used in daily life – work and home.  Make it all about the audience – not you!  Remarkable, phenomenal.”

Kim Vaughan, Viking Cruises


“I loved the understanding of a presentation; the structure of producing a good presentation; understanding human nature and habits; and presenting to “you” – it’s not about me.  Very thorough.”

Steve Parker, Viking Cruises


“Whilst it was initially very confronting, I’ll walk away with the techniques to build a more engaging and effective presentation.  Very comprehensive.” 

Liz Sawers, Viking Cruises