Transport & Logistics Testimonials

“What did I love about this program?  Can I say EVERYTHING?! It was fantastic!  I feel empowered over my nerves, which have always held me back!  Thank you from my heart Michelle!  I loved the excellent content and flow.  I will ring you when I make CEO!!”

Justin Fleming, General Manager TruckSafe, Australian Trucking Association


“I had the great pleasure of being able to attend one of Michelle’s presentation skills workshops several years ago. Michelle stood out through her ability to rapidly engage her audience through energy, integrity and creativity with the subject matter second nature as she adapted the program to suit the needs of individuals and the group. I would certainly recommend that you explore what Michelle can offer to you and your team.”

Mike Owen, Senior Client Engagement Consultant, New World Business Solutions


“Outstanding! Brilliant!  I loved that it was a fast moving, informative presentation full of character and gold nuggets.”

Neil Robertson, Global Client Manager- Mining, Toll Group


“The course was worth its weight in gold, with real life applicable tips and strategies.  Michelle is amazing and dynamic – excellent at facilitating learning.  Great content!  Amazing post-course support.  Excellent structure and real world learning.  Idiot-proof!  Micelle makes it so easy! Would love to do a follow up – wish more people from work would attend.”

Christie Hill, Graduate, Toll Group


“I loved the presenter.  The content is perfect and absorbable.  SO useful!  LOVED IT!  Tough two days but so worth it!!”

Adam Janik, Australia Post


“Time very well spent. Applicable to everyday life.  I loved learning how to be persuasive in everyday con versations. The simple techniques create consistency in presentations. Great engagement and commitment from Michelle!  It was awesome!”

Pratik Mukherjee, Lead Information Architect, Australia Post 


“I loved the practical and easy to follow format to follow and use everyday.  Michelle has good energy and cares.  The material on web is great.  Great program!  Good length and good material.”

Tim Barraclough, National Sales Manager, Agility Logistics


“It was great to receive a systematic approach to how to do a presentation.  I felt that my overall presentation skills benefited immensely.  It was great to be able to receive this training so early in my career.  It will take my skills to new limits.”

Jack Smith, Graduate, Toll Group


“The best presenting course I’ve attended. I loved the great content and pace – almost too fast for me.  Very knowledgeable presenter and a safe and friendly environment.”

Ian Ritchie, Australia Post


“I loved the easy, applicable, practical and awesome tools that create such a difference in a short time.  Exceeded expectations.”

Sarah Connelly, ARTC


“This program is very engaging and practical with Michelle’s examples, comments and experiences.  I’ve got a chance to present using the techniques and tips that Michelle as taught us.  Very helpful and energetic.  Excellent tips and examples from Michelle that I didn’t know about before.  It was an awesome opportunity to  be part of Michelle’s workshop and get an early career start.  I have a lot of work on but with Michelle’s workshop I can do better.”

Anna Liu, Graduate, Toll Group


“I loved that we got real feedback!  We had time to practice our presentations and work on explaining the concepts in small groups.  I loved the useful tips that seem simple to use when presenting.  I’m glad I was able to do this so early on in my role.  It will help me for the presentations I have in my future.”

Kathryn Stanton, Graduate, Toll Group


“Michelle taught me what I don’t know I was missing from my presentation skillset.  She broke the whole process from idea to delivery down into simple, easily manageable steps.  Michelle is a great facilitator and was highly insightful.  She left us with the tools to construct a successful presentation.”

Jarryd Minton, Graduate, Toll Group


“I loved 4Mat.  The 13 steps can be applied in many areas, not just presentations.  Valuable.  Great methodology.  More relaxed second day.  Well presented.  Learnt lots.”

Trent Hailes, Australia Post


“It’s well structured and very inspirational.  It will certainly assist my day to day work and progress in my career.  It’s a fantastic program.  I have learnt a lot and will definitely recommend to anyone.”

Joe Zhu, Australia Post


“I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm, being so approachable and accessible.  Great atmosphere, friendly and comfortable.  A great course.  I have learnt so much in such little time.  I plan to use it in everyday life.”

Jason Gorringe, Australia Post


“I loved the formal structure of the program.  The presenter was funny and informative.  Worth doing the course.”

Adam Jeffress | Australia Post


“I loved the fact that all the techniques we learnt can be used at work and day to day life as well.  Very engaging and a great learning experience.”

Richi Singh, Australia Post


“I loved everything: very hands on training; fantastic facilitator from the get-go; clear materials and easy to learn but takes practice to implement and master.  Australia Post should definitely keep running this program regularly.  I would encourage my broader team to come to this program”

Michael Tjendara, Australia Post


“I loved the content – a structured approach to presenting – and the process to organise the message.  Good!”

Tim Curtin, Australia Post


“Efficient, compelling and practical.  I can use what I’ve learned every day.  Really enjoyed the program.  Will highly recommend.  One of the few programs in recent times where I thought it was worth the pain that comes with being out of the office, as I know it’ll make me better at my job.”

Darren Hexter, Australia Post


“Clever and insightful. I loved the engaging and practical exercises; excellent structure; inclusive environment; tools to assist in daily life at work; format and structure to use in advice, emails and presentations.  Fun, highly recommended.”

Melissa Bulat, Australia Post


“I love that it was relevant, useable, interesting and interactive.  Michelle has great energy.  Fantastic!”

Paul Gardner, Australia Post


“I loved the energy of the presenter, the easy to follow steps, practical info, 13-step program and the application to our role.  Thoroughly enjoyed the program.” 

Alexandra Papoulidis, Australia Post


“Michelle is super engaging and supportive during the program.  A great learning environment.  I loved 13-steps and 4Mat.  A good structure to develop message to content.”

Carol Constantine, Australia Post


“I loved how engaging Michelle is when teaching the techniques; Michelle taught in a way that is fun and interactive, yet practical.  Absolutely engaging, effective and fun.”

Elvan Ertekin, Australia Post


“I loved the structure, techniques and examples in the course.  It was easy to follow and understand.  The course is beneficial and will help in future presentations and reports.  An excellent program, very helpful and insightful.”

Kym Kovar, Australia Post


“I feel I can actually present to a small group now and have learnt that most of the participants have nerves when presenting. I loved most of the content.”

Jeanette Rankin, Australia Post


“I loved the great energy from Michelle; the requirement to do the homework was a great technique to reinforce the learning; the model is very pragmatic.  Great program.  Very, very useful!”

Marko Jovanovic, Australia Post


“It reinforces/introduces structure and very useful techniques to use in formal presentations to make them more effective.  Completely recommend it.  Great program.  Reinforces colleagues’ previous praise for the program.  I would highly recommend that this program be part of a regular curriculum for all managers.  Michelle is a fantastic trainer.”

Marvin Mina, Australia Post


“Full on!  Get out of your comfort zone right away.  Lots of presenting over the two days.  An engaging course with lots of support after the course.  I loved the simple facilitation practice.  I think the templates, videos and support after the course will enable more success.”

Sarah Vance, Australia Post


“I loved encouraging, non-judgemental environment and the nice group of people.  Worthwhile and should be helpful if I am asked to do presenting.”

Scott Allison, Australia Post