Training Testimonials

Thinking about attending Michelle’s Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass?  Here is some fantastic feedback from past participants:

“Energetic, fantastic and 100% relevant.”  Amy Jacobson

“Michelle you are an addictive, motivating presenter. Yes it is the best course I’ve been on! It was energetic, fantastic and 100% relevant. There was no ‘fluff’. Everything was learning. I have taken so much out of it and feel that I have started improving already.” Amy Jacobson

“The course had a great delivery and content. It was provided within a good group environment that encouraged participation and to stretch ourselves. I feel confident about undertaking my next presentation.”

“The program provides substance and science behind the training material and provides a great structure to rely upon. I loved the colour, storyteller and performance used to deliver the training message. The course was entertaining and made it very easy to interact with new friends. I thought Michelle’s critique was very helpful and was delivered in a positive, helpful manner.”

“It has given me some very valuable tools in which I can utilise in my preparation and delivery of presentations. I enjoyed the energy that Michelle demonstrated over the 2 days as well as the interactions with other participants and the ability to “extend” myself over the course.”

“I loved Michelle, her passion and enthusiasm. I liked the format and structure provided for preparing a fantastic presentation. It needs a lot of rehearsal to nail, but the content is there. I also enjoyed the fact that the skills are so transferable to everything we do in the corporate world. The pace was just right – it was an exhausting 2 days but great fun and really helpful. Thanks for the heads up about the homework – I wouldn’t have wanted to have any less rehearsal time!”

Thank You! The presentation structure and ideas put forward by Michelle will benefit my personal and work skills and win business. A winning 13 step plan! I enjoyed the structure, content, involvement and opportunity to develop the skills being discussed. I loved Michelle as a presenter. She combined humour with training and development of presentation skills so that the course was challenging, enjoyable and well worthwhile!”

“The most enjoyable, dynamic and practical presentations course I have attended. I loved Michelle’s energy, passion and dedication to each participant’s development and the content of the program.”

“Fantastic program…the way Michelle teaches is fluent and impactful. I learnt wonderful techniques that I can use now! Great content, invaluable and relevant. Thanks for a fantastic 2 days! I enjoyed the foundation – the 13 steps. They were all valid, relevant and can be adapted to my role. The energy from Michelle helped me learn and inspired me to ‘have a crack’. My favourite techniques were: Do, Think, Feel, 4Mat, pace x 3, lead, WIIFM and storyboarding. They all helped me a lot. Thanks!”

“Fantastic. I loved all of it. The best bit for me was killing the nerves and being educated on how to put together a GREAT presentation and deliver it with comfort.”

“Every speaker, presenter and/or person who needs to influence/impact others should do this course. It is packed with great content, practical ideas and the opportunity to try it out in a supportive environment and get instant and helpful feedback. Michelle you are a fabulous trainer! The 13 steps are a great structure and I enjoyed the time to practice the 13 steps in pairs as well as the great practical tips and examples giving you everything you need to know about speaking/presenting/influencing/selling. It was a great training environment – food, room set up etc.”

“The program makes me feel that with rehearsal and practice I have the tools and ability to deliver a great presentation. Other people that attended were very inspired as well. I loved everything. I really enjoyed the 13 steps to stop the waste of time which goes into managing the nervous energy. I feel the 13 steps have given me confidence that I have covered all aspect to create a great presentation. the pace and interaction and activities were perfect.

“Great stuff – now it is just up to me to put into practice! I found the course to be hands on with a good balance of theory behind the tools and techniques taught, while benefiting from the practical applications. It was a challenge and stretch.

“Excellent! I was a sceptic, now a convert! This course had changed the way I think about structure and the build of presentations, especially the open and close. I loved the energy and pace as well as the progress and building blocks.

“A well run, insightful, specific, personal program that I would highly recommend! I loved learning the structure of presentations, becoming a more confident presenter, seeing the importance of facing the audience’s POO’s and learning self awareness; knowing what to work on – they are specific tangible points. I also enjoyed learning how to influence not just in presentations but in general.

“I loved it!! I would highly recommend this course. The knowledge that Michelle has is amazing. Michelle was fantastic and very re-assuring. I love having a step by step program to follow that is going to assist me with many future presentations.

“Thank you so much for putting together a truly inspirational and valuable presentation that has been without exception of massive benefit to me.

“Michelle is passionate, likeable, knowledgeable and such an astute observer. Great value – thank you.

“Michelle is engaging, passionate, experienced, humorous and inclusive. Her programs provide tools for presenting as well as encouraging you to think about your personal brand and removing old baggage. Quite an achievement!

“Brilliant! I’ve been using Michelle’s proven techniques for many years and have even taught much of her system to my various team members to enable them to increase their success.

“Michelle, you’re wonderful. Your passion is infectious. You are one of a kind – literally a subject matter expert!

“This course has excellent content, delivery, handouts, examples and visual aides used to help the learning process, delivered in a trusted and caring environment.

“My experience has far exceeded my expectations as a result of Michelle’s approach, unique and highly engaging style. All people in business looking to influence others and achieve better outcomes should allow themselves the time to learn a new technique and grow as a result of this program.

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