Top 10 Business Presentation Mistakes

The presenter doesn’t:

  1. realise it’s not about them: it’s all about their audience.
  2. remember ‘I am in control’.
  3. analyse their audience before writing the script.
  4. rehearse.
  5. warm up.
  6. focus on their audience throughout the design and delivery process.
  7. connect with their audience. They make PowerPoint their presentation and read it to their audience. Death by PowerPoint’ includes relying too heavily on information-packed slides.
  8. use their body to support their message. For example they place their hands over their crotch in what is known as the fig leaf, crotch clutch or reluctant nudist posture!
  9. really look at their audience between slides and they sometimes fake eye contact with people.
  10. pause. They use filler words like ‘um’, ‘ah’, ‘and so’ instead of pausing.
    And one more for extra value!
  11. call their audience to action and close the presentation with strength.