Tongue Twisters

Did you know that exceptional presenters warm up their lips, teeth, cheeks and jaw before presenting so that their articulation is clear and crisp.  You do this by blowing raspberries, making car (broom, broom) noises and doing the kiss (lips outstretched) and grin (show your teeth and smile so your mouth is stretched like the Luna Park face) – and smile for the hidden camera while you are doing that won’t you?

Once you’ve doing these warm-ups you can get your brain and your mouth working together by practicing some tongue twisters.  Try these:

  • Which witch wished which wicked wish?
  • Freshly fried fresh flesh
  • Shelter for six sick scary sightseers
  • Six slippery snails, slid slowly seaward
  • Girl gargoyle, guy gargoyle

Ha!  Tricky hey? Happy Presenting