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Tired of Workplace Pet Peeves? Persuasion Techniques to the Rescue!

Tired of Workplace Pet Peeves? Persuasion Techniques to the Rescue!

In today’s dynamic and interconnected workplace, effective communication skills are more critical than ever. We often find ourselves navigating complex projects, collaborating with colleagues on projects or work tasks, and interacting with our managers and leaders.


The problem is, some people are just infuriating right? They don’t communicate clearly, they micromanage or ignore you, they can leave you feeling undervalued – even when you’re doing your best.


I’m super passionate about this and I wrote a book to help you! It’s called How to Persuade: the skills you need to get what you want (Wiley). You can grab yourself a copy on my website here or in any good book store. In the meantime…..


Want to know the good news?

Your ability to persuade and influence others can make all the difference to how you manage (even eliminate) workplace annoyances. And therefore, your persuasion powers most definitely affect how happy you feel at work.


Persuasion is not just about convincing people!

Most people think persuasion is just about convincing people to agree with you. Actually, persuasion is about fostering effective communication, building trust and credibility, and ultimately creating more positive and productive relationships where agreement is easier to achieve.


Let’s fix what’s not working!

By honing your persuasion skills, you can address and overcome three common workplace annoyances that often hinder productivity and morale. Bring it on!


1. Poor Communication. Mastering persuasion can help reduce the frustration caused by poor communication.

– When you have developed persuasive powers you can tell people in the best, most effective way how to improve their communication with you!

– When you can effectively convey your ideas, opinions, and expectations to others, you reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings and miscommunication.

– By articulating your thoughts clearly and persuasively, you ensure that your messages are received and understood by your colleagues and managers, fostering a culture of clarity and alignment within your team.


2. Micromanagement. Improving your persuasion skills can help you navigate the challenges of micromanagement.

– When you have developed persuasive powers you can tell people in the best, most effective way how to better manage you and your work outputs!

– By demonstrating your competence, reliability, and trustworthiness through persuasive communication, you can earn the confidence of your supervisors and gain greater autonomy in your work.

– By effectively communicating your capabilities and contributions, you can establish yourself as a trusted and valued member of the team, reducing the need for excessive supervision and micromanagement.


3. Lack of appreciation. Enhancing your persuasion skills can help you combat the frustration of feeling undervalued or unappreciated at work.

– Yes, when you have developed persuasive powers you can let people know when you are feeling undervalued in a way that doesn’t get you into trouble.

– By effectively advocating for yourself and articulating your achievements and contributions, you can ensure that your efforts are recognized and appreciated by your colleagues and supervisors.

– By mastering the art of persuasive communication, you can position yourself as an asset to your organisation, increasing your visibility and influence and achieving the recognition and appreciation you deserve.


It’s a fact that persuasive powers allow you to communicate what you need in a functional way whilst nurturing your workplace relationships. By mastering the art of persuasion, you can address common workplace annoyances such as poor communication, micromanagement, and lack of recognition, empowering yourself to thrive and succeed in any professional setting.

Happy Persuading!

©2024 MICHELLE BOWDEN is an authority on persuasive presenting in business. She’s run her Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass over 995 times for more than 13,000 people over the past 25 years and her name is a synonym for ‘presentation skills’ in Australia. She’s a multi-million-dollar pitch coach to her client list that reads like a who’s who of international business: banking and finance, IT, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunications plus many more. Michelle is the creator of the Persuasion Smart Profile®, a world-first psychological assessment tool that reports on your persuasive strengths and weaknesses at work, the best-selling internationally published author of How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting live and online (Wiley) and her new book is called How to Persuade: the skills you need to get what you want (Wiley). Visit

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