Telecommunications Testimonials

“Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. The masterclass is real and practical – very recommendable! I loved everything! It was well structured. I learnt lots and was able to practice learning’s. The course is confronting but doesn’t feel like it. I loved Michelle’s style, charisma and affection for her participants and her desire to have every single person succeed.”

Jackie Giles, Executive Manager, Vodafone


“Michelle, you are awesome!  Your skills as a change agent are biblical! You made me laugh a lot with your joyful energy! Thanks for a memorable experience.”

Adam Wade, SingTel Optus


“As GM of Sales, for one of Australia’s largest Telecommunications companies, it was imperative that my senior managers and I had excellent presentation and communication skills to stay connected with staff and customers alike, while building credibility and influence to support the overall goals of the business. Michelle, not only delivered great content, she did so in a way where everyone gained a realistic and usable structure to deal with the smallest 1 on 1 situations, to delivering a presentation to 100+ audiences. The take away material and concepts have been used widely since with outstanding results. I would recommend Michelle Bowden to any organisation that is serious about having leaders that can capture the attention of, motivate and guide their audience to a desired outcome.”

Duncan Inkster, QLD & NZ Regional Manager, Arkadin


“Michelle is an engaging, inspiring and entertaining trainer who provided me with skills to engage and influence an audience. Her training course was terrific and I still refer to her “secret sauce” to ensure I pitch my message right to get the desired outcome. I highly recommend Michelle and find her enthusiasm and approach, second to none.”

Nikhil Kulkarni, Process Excellence Lead, nbnTM Australia


“Fantastic program.  Best training course I have ever attended.  I loved that it was so practical, with techniques and skills that are transferable and I can actually use.  The things I learnt were so easy to understand but I never would have thought of them. Michelle is so professional and entertaining it’s ultra impressive.”

Amy Thomas, Optus


“A very motivating program. Very thought evocative and insightful. I would recommend this program to any employee at any stage in their career.  Michelle was an excellent presenter and every moment of the 2 days had meaning. She is very enthusiastic, insightful and experienced. The notes and added gifts are also very beneficial.”

Kate Ross, Optus


“Fantastic Presenter! Great program. I loved learning about correct presentation techniques and learning about myself.”

Kamran Amini, Optus


“Brilliant program. I was really engaged, challenged and inspired by Michelle. She completely targeted my requirements.”

Ian Ward, Optus


“Best training course ever – really gave me a tool that will be of enormous benefit in my job.  Michelle was a very professional presenter and delivered the content fantastically.  I loved being taught how to structure and remove my Power Point presentation to deliver my key messages more effectively.   I also loved learning how to engage with the audience and how to use Power Point slides better.”

Marc Collister, Optus


“The program was a life-changer for me. All the choas in my head has cleared up. Presentations will now be enjoyable things to do. I love the sophistication and clearness of the masterclass. Michelle is an amazing trainer – very giving and knowledgable. She’s the best trainer, highly recommend.”

Elena Blake,  Professional Services, Cognitec Systems Pty Ltd


“I was delighted to learn about 4Mat, I have a new take on presentations. I can pick and choose what I need. Very intense and tiring and it makes it worth it because we learnt a lot.”

Ankur Bhalotia, Pre-Sales and Technical Consultant, Cognitec Systems Pty Ltd


“This course has excellent content, delivery, handouts, examples and visual aides used to help the learning process, delivered in a trusted and caring environment. My experience has far exceeded my expectations as a result of Michelle’s approach, unique and highly engaging style. All people in business looking to influence others and achieve better outcomes should allow themselves the time to learn a new technique and grow as a result of this program.”

Suzanne Maybury, Optus


“Very well put together course. The language, flipcharts and questions and answers all come together to make the program 100% fulfill the target that is promised.  Michelle is the heart and soul who inspires others to be the best version of themself. She runs a highly collaborative and effective 2 day session that leaves you confident and inspired to take your presentations to the next level. Well done Michelle, you are an absolute firecracker!”

Kristin Haynes, Vodafone


“Michelle is an engaging and entertaining trainer who offers full attention to every person in her sessions. Michelle’s methodology in better presentation and public speaking skills is invaluable. What I got out of her training is life changing.”

Ken Tse, Senior Consultant, Call Design North America


“Michelle is the most engaging and valuable coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Using the skillsets her course provides enabled me to handle difficult clients, present more effectively and obtain promotions. I would encourage anyone and everyone to seize any opportunity to work with Michelle. It is the best investment you can make in you!”

Ian Ward, Product Manager – Billing Reporting, Optus


“Michelle was engaged to coach SingTel Optus staff on giving Presentations. I was one of the many lucky staff who were trained by Michelle on the skills of influential presentation in 2011. Michelle’s energy as a presenter and trainer was great and we all enjoyed her course immensely. Michelle’s course structure and content provided me with life-long techniques and strategies to deliver my message in a way that are entertaining, pursuasive and influential.  More importantly, Michelle insights into people’s lack of confidence in public speaking and her guidance/feedback helped change and improve the way we speak and think about ourselves when we do public speaking. Michelle’s guidance/feedback for me transformed my skill, from the shy scared presenter who read from notes, to the person today who enjoys presenting in front of anyone. I am happy to say I confidently presented to a very large forum (300+) a number of times and was very proud of the success.”

Jean Atkinson, Manager, Integration Services, RBA


“Michelle is a high class presenter and has an effective methodology of transforming staff from low confident presenters to well prepared, skilled and organised presenters along with self confidence building, all assisting and enhancing staff development.“

Jerry Teuma, Senior Program Manager, Telstra


“Michelle ran a Persuasive Presentations Course for me and my team at Vodafone. It was an intense, exhilarating, well structured, insightful and great fun. Michelle is an absolute delight to work with. She was able to tailor her feedback to each individual and help us all to step outside our comfort zone and try something different. It doesn’t matter how polished you think you are with presenting, Michelle will be able to help you be even better. I have verbally passed on Michelle’s details to many colleagues and have no hesitation in recommending her work.”

Jacqueline (Jackie) Giles, Commercial Director, NSW Telco Authority


“I loved that everything was so structured, so when it came to doing our own presentation it was so much easier.  I would highly recommend to everyone!  I really enjoyed it.”

Tori Perry, 1300 Australia


“Outstanding opportunity that I would highly recommend to anyone at any level. This program addressed the great majority of issues I had with presentation and communication.”

Nathan Dodds, Optus


“I loved no death by PowerPoint, the interactive practical based learning and the great feedback to improve. The program was very stimulating, invigorating and interactive. Active learning all the way through.”

Carolyn Hart, Clinical Educator, TGP


“The program was really thorough and I learned a lot which I will also be able to apply it in my everyday life. Michelle was very engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable. Although we covered a lot of content, Michelle made it easy to understand and absorb by using our right brain. The colours and pictures were helpful. I learned so much in a short amount of time.”

Tiffany Scardina, Optus


“A complete model that had so much more in it than I ever appreciated before. Delivered energetically by a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner who cared about us, tailored to our needs with a commitment to ongoing support. I will use everything, starting with analysis, then redesigning my presentation, and honing delivery.”

Dean Gillard, Director, ATO and Fed Govt Transformation, Optus


“The masterclass is a totally new and challenging perspective to what we (I) take for granted. I will use all of it – mainly the approach and structure (4Mat).”

Paul Judd, Solution Architect, Optus


“I loved bringing the team together with time out of the day to day to focus on learning. Growing individual’s capability for the benefit of the indidivuall not just the company. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and the 5-Step Analysis upfront.”


Brad Spencer, Director, Strategic Accounts, Optus


“I would recommend this course and I believe that I will use it in my daily life. I enjoyed receiving lots of useful tips. Michelle has a true passion to impart her knowledge and to help others improve. I enjoyed that the training builds up to a presentation where you get individual feedback.”

Sujata Ganeish, Optus


“The program was really good. I liked the structure. I’ve done a presentation course before so I wasn’t sure if I’d learn much, but I learnt a lot. I’d recommend that next years grads do this course. Michelle was very engaging and an expert in the area of presentations. Thank you.”

Lucy Mahoney, Optus


“The program has left me with more confidence in my ability as well as powerful tools to use down the track. I liked the intimate connection we were all able to make with Michelle. All of the content will no doubt come in handy in the near future.”

Daniel Castro, Optus


“I loved the individual feedback and found the length of the course to be perfect. The program really got to us immediately, where we could practice what we leant. Michelle was the most engaging teacher we could have asked for.”

Candy Wong, Optus


“Michelle is a great trainer who is able to motivate a large group of people very effectively and at the same time, making it such an exciting and fun experience. The feedback received is invaluable and will definitely be helpful for future presentations. The course is a great model that works very well.”

Jyh Kao, Optus


“Awesome!!! I will be recommending it to all my colleagues. Michelle was fantastic! So passionate and inspiring! I loved the incorporation of behavioural techniques not just a focus on structure.”

Amelia Fletcher, Optus


“Brilliant. I’d love to find out more about other trainings and books from Michelle. I will recommend it to anyone interested. I loved that the course was systematic while fun. It was easy to remember especially all the well-designed exercises and gifts to re-enforce our learning’s. I also loved that it provided full brain training with so many techniques and skills beyond conventional, logical, numeric, linear ways. Personally I loved all the energy and body language and psychological exercises and faces. All the BFOs. the one that impressed me most is about Visual Aids”

Alice Liu, Optus


“Great program. It was easy to dial in and Michelle totally nailed the delivery. I loved the insights into working a crowd, understanding a crowd and building your presentation to reflect the crowd’s headspace and yet influence the outcome. I also enjoyed the industry standard/best practices information and really liked Michelle.”

Adam Taylor, Optus


“Great maintenance of energy! Great program. I really enjoyed it and was inspired. I found the course to be engaging, light and entertaining with lots of useful and meaty material. Michelle is a supportive and encouraging trainer with a high level of experience. It was not boring at all. Thank you!”

Ji-Hyun Kim, Optus


“Michelle is very energetic and gives great tips based on her experience. I loved the 13 step presentation writing program which is relevant to any role and found the course to be challenging and worthwhile.”

Roslyn Leedham, Optus


“It is worthwhile to spend 2 days with Michelle to gain an insight into presenting from a professional presenter. I loved the knowledge presented and the techniques for presenting and communicating are practical in everyday work. I found that this course provided great knowledge from which we could gain.”

Lucy Lin, Optus


“This course was inspiring and energetic. I will be lobbying for my senior leadership to attend. I loved Michelle’s energy and depth of knowledge. I was given lots of tools to refresh and re-vitalise my facilitation – stage anchors, Pace and lead, WIIFM (Reduce/Maintain/Improve). Thanks!”

Tamara Cirker, Optus


“The course contained lots of great tips and techniques and it brings a lot of unconscious thoughts and behaviour to the conscious, front and centre. I liked the way we get to practice and Michelle critiques and provides feedback as we rarely get that opportunity.”

Korrin Cleaver, Optus


“I really enjoyed this – thank you. I loved the great balance of theory and practical as well as the strong concepts. Michelle is an engaging presenter who is very open and honest.”

Sally Winder, Optus


“I loved learning some new techniques (stage anchoring, language and gestures) and a good refresher of others. Loads of practical examples. It was energetic, well paced and engaging and left people wanting more. I would like to see this program delivered to our SLT.”

Megan Johnston, Optus


“Fantastic! I will recommend to consumer L&D. Everything stated made perfect sense – it was like a realisation.”

Clinton McCleary, Optus


“Every piece of information was valuable and I am thrilled that we were able to cover every level of learning ability. I loved Michelle’s style and approach to educating all of us, no matter how little or much experience we had. I also loved that Michelle was able to synthesise so many ideas into simple and practical ones.”

Maria Harrison, Optus


“I loved the content! As a facilitator and former speech and voice teacher I was delighted to learn how I can improve my presentations so much more.”

Simone Pappalattera, Optus


“The course was very engaging with good use of stories to demonstrate key points. I loved the key visuals, auditory and kinaesthetic words.”

Kerry Tiss, Optus


“I loved the staging tips – past, present, future. WIIFM (Reduce/Maintain/Improve) and found it overall a very energetic course.”

Roslyn Leedham, Optus


“This was an interactive workshop where the sessions were engaging and brought about a collective submission of styles and ideas for consumption. It was great to be given some new tools and tricks.”

Douglas Marsh, Optus


“Very good. I would like the opportunity to get more of this if future places are available.  The course provided a solid theory and tools.”

Anthony Fraser, Optus


“This was very informative and inspiring. I really loved discovering lots of the theoretical approaches underlining the start of effective facilitation. It definitely needs to be a 2 day program.”

Kon Delesantis, Optus


“Great day and valuable learning’s. The program challenged some of the things we have adopted as common practice. I’m really looking forward to trying something new and seeing the results. Thanks!”

Mikel Ilpola, Optus


“I loved that the masterclass brought me out of my shell. I will use the why, what, how, and the body and language techniques.”

Hamish Flemington, Portfolio Manager, Optus


“The masterclass gave me digestible chunks of techniques that I can apply one at a time, to see improvement, without needing to do it all. I will use the techniques that help me focus on my audience.”

Zikrun Badri, Director Security – Federal Government, Optus


“I loved Michelle’s energy, structured approach, reinforcement through examples. It was practical and easy to understand. Good course materials. I will use the 4Mat and the 13 Step Analysis to deliver engaging presentations”

Luke Beckhurst, Consulting Architect, Optus


“I will use every element of the masterclass – yes, 14 of them and the rest. I loved the delivery, structure and the way you connect with everyone of us.”

Lou Giannis, Account Manager, Optus


“I found the program to be very inspiring, very useful and I enjoyed it. The program covers techniques/skills that aren’t taught in any other presentation training. Michelle is a great facilitator and we were given tips on a group level as well as a personal level.”

Cynthia Pang, Optus


“I would definitely recommend this to others. It was very helpful and I got a lot of confidence out of it. The course was challenging but never felt impossible to achieve. The breaking down of stages to what would otherwise have been disconnected elements was very helpful”

David Stephenson, Optus


“Michelle is very enthusiastic, entertaining and passionate about what she does. She can transform us to her desired state. She’s able to explain the psychological aspects too which really benefited me in understanding her concept. The course gave me a clear picture of what presentation is all about and how to communicate effectively. The techniques used were great and they taught me how to design, structure and execute my presentation better. I can already see that I have improved. Thank you!”

Karen Lauw, Optus


“The course was challenging, enlightening and a benefit that I will utilise forever. Thank you Michelle for all your support and education. I loved the information and content. Michelle gave the confidence to do this course.”

Leisa Dempsey, AUSTAR


“Wonderful program. I am really glad I attended! I found it extremely educational. I learnt so much. Michelle is a fantastic teacher. I will definitely be using the skills I have learnt in my position at AUSTAR.”

Kate Porter, AUSTAR


“I loved it and felt Michelle has given me tools I will use for life. Thanks! I loved feeling confident at the end of the course that I delivered an exciting presentation and that I can continue to deliver them.”

Kym DeGroot, AUSTAR


“Very well presented template to apply to future presentations or even for use within your personal life.  Michelle has a great balance between fun and silly with professional and focused.”

Shannon Pickens, AUSTAR


“Excellent training course. Michelle was very knowledgeable about the subject and very enthusiastic. It was logically presented and provided great training techniques and tools for presentations and other activities.”

Paul Mill, AUSTAR


“I loved that I was made aware of a lot of things which I hadn’t even given a thought to!  It was a fabulous experience and the learning curve was very steep.  It was an engaging course and Michelle made sure we applied it immediately, which in my opinion makes her an inspiring educator.  Her framework is absolutely brilliant!”

Shashank Shankarnarayana, Optus


“I loved the way the presenter structured the program. I learnt a lot of stuff I will definitely use in the future.”

Arnold Chipembere, Optus


“I loved that the program applied the techniques and models taught throughout the course and I received feedback to realise what I need to work on.”

Peter Tsonis, Optus


“I loved the 13 steps to exceptional presentation design, the WIIFM and the 4Mat.”

Aloka Abeysekara, Optus


“I’ve learnt 4Mat (13 steps) to structure my presentation, and lots of techniques and tips to interacting with my audience and delivering the message more amazingly.”

Serena Feng, Optus


“I loved the way that the program was delivered, the instructor interaction with the class, the basic steps and the repetition of the content on the second day.”

Youssef Abu-Mahmoud, Optus


“I loved that the program was interactive, compelling and interesting.”

Jason Zhao, Optus


“I loved the structure for structuring a presentation, understanding the mistakes and the positive feedback we received.”

Dinu Joseph Nilangavu Lazer, Optus


“I loved gaining a structured approach to producing a presentation and the feedback from peers after my presentation.”

Joseph Stubberfield, Optus


“I loved that the program was very informative – I learnt a lot!  I also loved that it was engaging, well presented and I can use the techniques in real life situations.”

Glen Rego, Optus


“I loved all the stories Michelle told to make everyone pay attention, and the many techniques she teaches – the whole content of the course!  I also loved presenting to everyone on day two with our newly learnt skills and applying ourselves.”

Liya Zhou, Optus


“This was the best training course so far as it is something that is essential to a successful HR professional.  It was a huge amount of information and I’m looking forward to getting a chance to implement it.  It was a fantastic program for a HR grad moving into a CBD rotation.  The small group kept it intimate and the 13 step structure has given me the confidence to present in a more effective way.”

Nicola Wilkinson, Optus


“Very good!  It was a steep learning curve but will prove to be very useful and practical.  I loved the 13 step structure to presentations, the body language gesture do’s and don’ts, building rapport and learning the first base and 2ndbase orientations for providing presentations.”

Ravi Naidu, Optus


“A very intense program and very comprehensive.  It could be hard for people to complete the homework the night before.  I loved the very knowledgeable facilitator, the small group, that I learnt a number of very useful techniques and that it was a challenging and engaging program.”

Joshua Stanley, Optus


“Helpful, enjoyable and valuable.  I appreciate that we have this course in the graduate program!  I loved the really handy and useful tips on presentations and the great structure for organising a presentation.  The practising part really engaged us and allowed us to apply the skills straight away.”

Yahui Wu, Optus


“I thoroughly enjoyed it and had lots of fun.  I thought the money was well spent on this course and I will definitely put what I’ve learnt to use and I can see my peers doing so well.  I loved the engaging interactive nature of the program.  The things we learnt are completely practical and easy to understand.  The visual aids, props and Michelle’s engaging nature plus her experience really helped to make the course enjoyable.”

Alan Leung, Optus


“This has changed the way I approach my planning of presentations. I now know where I can utilise my strengths and where I can now focus my energies when delivering an influential presentation. I really enjoyed breaking down the components and learning the simple techniques to develop a truly exceptional presentation. There were great examples and situations referenced.  “Love your guts!”

Derek Tinworth, Vodafone


“I loved learning the new ways to think about how to present, reduce nerves and manage people in the audience. It is a very interactive way of teaching and definitely the best course I’ve ever been to. Michelle’s very approachable so if you feel like you want to ask something you don’t feel stupid in do so. I loved the approach of visualising everything, using body language and Michelle’s dancing.  Thanks for this.”

Liisa Russmann, Vodafone


“Organised, engaging, worthwhile and a privilege to meet and work with Michelle. The easy to use techniques to deliver exceptional presentations. Michelle is fantastic, she is knowledgeable in her craft. Brilliant! The  references/ video/ CD/ Book/ folder/ mouse pads/ e news are all wonderful.”

Yeni Vincino, Vodafone


“Challenging course that extends you beyond your comfort zone. I loved how the course brought the basics to the forefront, provided useful tools and techniques and was engaging.”

Jeh Lim, Vodafone


“I now feel confident in my ability to prepare a great presentation using the fantastic tools provided in today’s course. I loved the easy to learn and follow structure to help me create a great presentation. I also loved the fact that great tips were provided about language, staging, breathing and why some things are important.”

Paula De Romanis, Vodafone


“This is a great program, an intensive 2 days. It is so great to have a tangible, actionable framework to use. I loved the clear, practical, implementable structure provided as well as the focus on Think, Feel, Do preparation and the POO approach. Michelle was great. It would be helpful to have a list of Think, Feel, words for a Think, Feel, Do model.”

Daniel Gistri, Vodafone


“I have done an Advanced presentation skills workshop before through another renowned trainer. This course blew it out of the water. It was fantastic! The course is an engaging way to learn and Michelle is an inspiring and engaging presenter/facilitator. It provides tangible tools to take away and use. I have come away with confidence and feel that I will be able to continue to use the skills learnt.”

Justin Lee, Vodafone


“I loved that all levels of experience and competence could get something from this course. It was really advanced. Michelle truly practices what she preaches; an impeccable role model. Very ambitious program which covers a lot of great stuff.”

Rory Allthorpe, Vodafone


“Thank you! The course was energising, useful and challenging! It was different to any course I’ve ever done. It was great fun and I feel it will improve me. I found the course engaging, energetic and insightful.”

Andrew Ronfeldt, Vodafone


“This course has helped me immensely. I loved that there was differentiation (i.e. No role-plays) as well as the use of best practice and example stories used. Michelle is inspiring, always engaged and energetic. The course provided simple yet different techniques which are very practical and can be applied to all sorts of communication methods and circumstances. It was great to give and receive feedback I felt involved the whole way. It opened my eyes to PowerPoint.”

Alicia Lonergan, Vodafone


“Excellent! I loved Michelle’s passion in presenting the techniques and involving everyone in the course.”

Rama Neti, Optus


“Michelle is a passionate about her topic and her passion flows through to those who attend. She has given me fantastic techniques and mechanisms to put into practice that I can work on to become a confident, effective and persuasive presenter – she has fulfilled all my expectations of the course and more! Thank you!”

Philippa Measday, Optus


“This program has excellent content, was beautifully presented with useful material and I found it very hands on.”

Qamrul Hasan, Optus


“Great program – it flew! The time allocated was great (although another night to practice the presentation would be a bonus!) Michelle is an inspiration and has a great smile! I loved all the techniques and tips learnt as well as the structure and I found storyboarding really helpful. Overall I feel more confident after getting up and presenting and will feel even more confident the more I practice.”

Debra McArthur, Optus


“The presentation skills and knowledge learnt are excellent and can be applied to my daily activities in both my work and social life. I liked learning about pace, the skills and tips and found the program practical and fast tracked.”

Eddie Fong, Optus


“I will recommend this to everyone. I loved all of it. I’m usually pretty cynical with training courses but I really wanted to do this one and it has taught me a lot. It is the best course I have done in 6.5 years at Optus. Thank you! I really appreciate all of your help!”

Brenden Wells, Optus


“Overall a good program and two days well spent. I found this program to be very practical and what I learnt could be applied immediately. The facilitator was very professional and the sessions were used extremely effectively.”

Ratnasiri Dissanayak, Optus


“This program rocks! It taught me to love my guts! The facilitator has a lot of knowledge in presentation skills. This is really a challenging course and there isn’t a dull moment. The materials including DVD’s are useful even after the course and I can continue to enhance my communication and presentation skills.”

Maria Torres, Optus


“Great course that I’ll recommend to other people who want to be a confident presenter. It taught me to come out of my shell and shine.”

Lucy Qi, Optus


“Fantastic program that I would totally recommend! I found this to be a fantastic self learning experience and enjoyed learning better communication methods as well as body language hints.”

Kamran Amini, Optus


“This is a wonderful, excellent course. It’s the first time I have had a chance to focus on how to do the presentations and know what I should do. I loved the 13 step structure that Michelle showed me to help design a presentation which is very brilliant and practical. I will definitely apply these techniques not only in my work but also in my personal life.”

Brenda Hu, Optus


“This course is very thorough, quite easy to understand and great for both first time presenters and experienced speakers. It highlighted my weaknesses and strengths and showed me how to structure presentations and that involving the audience is key.”

Prabu Satchithananda, Optus


“Very good training – it was worth spending the two days. I learnt a lot about presentation skills and I love the pace, pace, pace, lead.”

Venmathi Meharajan, Optus


“The course takes you out of your comfort zone. It is challenging with lots of useful information.”

Stephan Jansou, Optus


“Very well structured course. I found it very useful and very interactive with good resources. Michelle is very engaging and always smiling.”

Prescilla Ho, Optus


“The course content provided fantastic information and help. Michelle was kind and cared about us achieving our individual targets. The structure of the course helped all attendees follow at their own pace. All course attendees came from all areas of the business with different skill sets and backgrounds.”

Danny Romeo, Optus


“We undertook a lot of practice within the course which was very helpful and I got enough materials to review all I have learnt today. I feel this program has helped me to improve my presentation skills. The 13 steps were impressive and helpful.”

Sherry Li, Optus


“This course is very well presented and the materials are very useful in preparing presentations. I thought the course had a very good structure.”

Dharman Moopnar, Optus


“Well thought of and beneficial program.  It was educational, engaging and character building. I found the group small enough to enable facilitator interaction with all participants.”

Jacob Ding, Optus


“A very good and helpful program. It was very helpful learning the techniques to do a presentation. Open yourself to the audience. I loved learning how to impress the audience.”

Narsi Burju, Optus


“It was inspirational, informative and full of good tips. There was a lot to learn through the two days but it was well worth it. A fantastic course which gives usable tips.”

Stephanie Littlewood, Optus


“I loved learning how to do a presentation and following the 13 steps. Learning how to gesture and the best posture to use when undertaking a presentation was great. Michelle’s teaching with examples for the 13 steps and getting us to practice was great.”

Suchi Mamidipally, Optus


“This is a good and useful program. I loved the models and contents within the program, especially the 5 Step Analysis, 4Mat and the 13 step structure. Michelle is a lovely lady and knowledgeable person.”

Monica Zhang, Optus


“This is a fantastic program and I am looking forward to applying the skills that I have learnt today. It is a very engaging program and offers a lot of advice and skills in presentation. Michelle is a great teacher with tones of experience in presentation & communication.”

Kang Lee, Optus


“This program will be highly recommended to my team and managers. A great and challenging experience. Michelle was inspiring. The presentations, tasks and flow of the two days was great. I loved the beautiful concepts to use and the presentation content was relatable and I like the free guides and support offered.”

Jackie Drysdale, Optus


“I would recommend your course to anyone who says nerves and presentation in the same sentence. I loved that the course was very informative and gives you a structure to presenting. I gained a lot from it!”

Sonia D’Cruz, Optus


“Excellent program that I will recommend to others. I loved the interactive training style, the comprehensive theory about presentations from preparation to performance.”

Ying Liu, Optus


“The program is well structured, innovative and highly educational. The presenter is great, professional, passionate, influential, creative, convincing, expert and a genuine person.”

Gus Lummertz, Optus


“I thought that the course had great content and tools to continue giving great presentations. I loved the 13 steps to a great presentation and Michelle’s enthusiastic nature kept me engaged and made learning a lot easier.”

Fiona Hall, Optus


“I loved that the presenter was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, clear, welcoming, nurturing and made the course interactive. Overall there were a few methods that I don’t think I will use however there was plenty that I will use, so the program was worthwhile. Thanks very much.”

Minal Patel, Optus


“With this program you do not just attend, you are involved. I liked the interaction; live feedback and linking everything back. I enjoyed the experience, the critiquing and being critiqued as well as the safe environment and practical takeaways i.e. mouse pad.”

Marina Murray, Optus


“Michelle is a passionate trainer and she wants to transfer her knowledge to the audience not only to do her job. I enjoyed the technique to organise formal presentations and learning the tips to improve presentation skills.”

Winton Lee, Optus


“I loved the way Michelle approached the 13 step program. Every activity is relevant to the subject. Fantastic!”

Eduardo Maia, Optus


“Excellent. Excellent presenter – Michelle was a wealth of knowledge. I loved the structure, content and the way it was presented by Michelle. I would love to use this in my day to day work.”

Veena Kesari, Optus


“I highly recommend this course and Michelle was absolutely amazing! I loved that the course was practical and many of the points were applicable straight away to our current work needs. It was very helpful and fun at the same time.”

Judy Yang, Optus


“Thank you so much for the wonderful 2 days! I have learnt so much! I loved the content and structure of the program which is easy to understand and follow in real life situations outside of the course; not just in work but in my personal life as well. The facilitator was absolutely amazing and made the program fun and engaging. It is a wonderful experience to learn from one of the best.”

Nestlee Medina, Optus


“This is a very good program which teaches all the necessary skills and gives tips to help make the presentation outstanding. I enjoyed the valuable information and the friendly presenter.”

Jing Ma, Optus


“I liked the interaction between the participants and the multitude of materials given out as well as the examples of real life presentations and the tips.”

Nick Lyris, Optus


“I have learnt a lot from Michelle. She is an excellent Presentation Skills co-ordinator. Tips were given effectively. She walked me through the process when I was finding it difficult. I loved the tips and techniques offered by the facilitator, the way the materials were presented, the program structure and the one step at a time approach.”

Deepak Mohan, Optus


“Michelle is an engaging and energetic facilitator who is passionate about people and them reaching their potential.  Will now have a strong structure and will use tools (pacing/leading) and extending myself and I will ensure I fulfil my potential and deliver the best outcomes.  What a fantastic journey the two days provided. Thank you Michelle.”

Cathleen McIlmurray, Optus


“Michelle is a brilliant trainer.  I feel more confident with my presentation skills.  All techniques which I have learnt are very useful.  All activities are excellent.  Highly recommend AAAAAAAA….. It sounds like feedback from eBay!  You couldn’t find/buy any course like this elsewhere except from Michelle.”

Nam Dang, Optus


“I thoroughly enjoyed Michelle.  She was able to answer questions with a clear concise solution and follow up with examples.  The program has given me a structure and a framework to be able to present comfortably and well.  It seemed to be pitched correctly.”

Nick Menko, Optus


“Michelle’s training style encourages participants to practice to maximise their success.  Great course.  Excellent content.  Fantastic presenter.  Great outcome.” 

Fred Shao, Optus


“Michelle is great at what she does.  Full of energy.  I will now deliver clear, concise messages.  It was a safe supportive learning environment.”

Julie Magson, Optus


“Great program, would recommend. Michelle is vibrant and helpful.  The program will assist me better influence my audience.”

Sue Pemberton, Optus


“Michelle is great! Suggest a smaller group.   The program will help me communicate more effectively. Would recommend it.”

Steve Firth, Optus


“Michelle is very engaging and sets realistic expectations.  She also makes the content easy to take in, even in a two day course.  I would have liked more info/techniques for dealing with nerves.  Course content is great and covered the structure of a presentation.”

Nicholas Rabbidge, Optus


“I highly recommend this program. Michelle is encouraging, delivers a strong message and is very passionate.  The program has boosted my confidence.  It would be great to have a follow-up program in about 3-4 weeks time (maybe another presentation session) to evaluate people’s behaviours (responsiveness).”

Iman Hamman, Optus


“The program will help me drive my goals successfully and to be more vocal yet gentle in what I want.  A great tool, not only my career tool box, but for life in general.  Michelle is inspiring, engaging and powerful.  Thanks Optus and thanks Michelle!☺”

Marieken Van Ewijk, Optus


“Michelle is one of the best presenters I have come across and her personally designed course makes total sense and empowers her students to be their best. I loved everything about the course. Presenting used to seem so difficult, but after this course it seems to be a much easier thing to do. Lots of new skills were learnt. I like the ‘no desks’ thing.”

Robert Barbanti, Optus


“An exceptional course!  I have actually learned to present. Thank you. I loved everything.”

Jim Serafim, Optus


“Well presented and organised course. Wonderful to be a part of the team. It was a well structured program and provided valued add-on’s to improve presentation skills. I enjoyed the learning methodologies and the examples.”

Ajay Janapala, Optus


“Enjoyable and valuable. I hope to carry it with me to any job and role. All the techniques really came together and the value of the 13 Steps is obvious now. Michelle is a charismatic presenter who drew me in.  The PC in the training room being so slow let us and the course down a little.”

Veronica Forster, Optus


“This was the best training ever! I loved it. Thank you Michelle! I loved every second of it especially the 13 steps, icebreaker and the storyboard.”

Teresa Le Huynh, Optus


“Thank you! Please keep doing great work. You change lives. I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and energy. I felt engaged the whole time and that I have learnt so much from her. She is inspiring and approachable. I am more confident not only in giving presentations but also in life in general.”

Sandra Clark, Optus


“Great presentation course! It was very informative; Michelle understood my needs and addressed all areas of development. Excellent examples with great music to build atmosphere. I loved the dance and the lessons learnt – it will be remembered.”

Wanda Almeida, Optus


“Very satisfied and I feel this course was useful. Michelle’s personality is infectious – she’s a crack up! The course had a great structure and provided an effective, efficient way of learning. I feel I will use and remember the skills I have learnt.”

James Malcolm, Optus


“I enjoyed learning the breathing techniques and how to extend yourself to the room and audience. It was good to practice presentations. Perhaps more emphasis should have been placed on areas of weakness written on the pre-work for example: combating reading from the notes.”

Martin Faherty, Optus


“Excellent training! I enjoyed every part of it.  I love Michelle’s attitude and energy, passion and commitment to this training. There was a lot of involvement and activities to practice our presentation.”

Venesa Chea, Optus


“I found this program extremely useful and very helpful. I liked how Michelle appraised us and gave us points to work on. It was an excellent program that is extremely informative, well run and contains diverse learning methods.”

Sujith Dissanaya, Optus


“It was a great program and the skills I learnt will be utilized. I loved that the program was very interactive, structured and well prepared. Michelle made it fun and engaged me. She used multiple learning methods and provided lots of support and resources.”

Henk Eberwijn, Optus


“Great program that was well researched with informed tips. I loved the examples that Michelle gave, 4Mat, 13 steps and the well reasoned justification.”

Michele Lim, Optus


“Very useful with constructive feedback. I loved how the program was very interactive. It was indeed challenging and intense with plenty of tips and techniques.”

Tim Zhao, Optus


“It was a fun and exciting program. Before the program I did not know why we had to spend 2 days for training like this, but now I do. I loved the feedback after doing my presentation so I know what to work on. It was very fun and interesting.”

Daniel Soo, Optus


“This will be very helpful in my career throughout Optus and beyond. I loved learning new skills that can be applied to all communication. It was a fun way of learning about one self.”

James Shin, Optus


“Excellent program which is really inspiring and I learned a lot. I loved the structure, how it was interactive, the use of textas and images as well as the opportunity for excellent feedback. Thank you!”

Marie-Anne Elias, Optus


“Very useful course, well taught and highly credible. It was fun! I loved the high level of practical aspects which has really identified and highlighted my positive and negative skills. Thank you Michelle.”

Rickardo Wesly, Optus


“It was great fun and entertaining! I would recommend it to future grads! The program was interesting and it gave me the opportunity to make a presentation and get feedback on it. I haven’t had the chance to do so in my rotation so far so it was a great experience. It helps to build confidence.”

Harry Sahagian, Optus


“Excellent. It provided me with the skills and techniques for a good presentation, such as 4Mat, 5 step analysis, story building etc.”

Girma Adane, Optus


“All your awards and recognition are well deserved Michelle. What I loved about his fabulous program is what scared the living daylights out of me. Being put into a safe and supportive environment and having buttons pushed and being allowed to make mistakes whilst learning was extremely valuable.”

Kathleen Kennedy, Optus


“This is the 1st course I ever found myself fully 100% participating in and I enjoyed myself throughout the course, right to the end. Michelle is truly fantastic! I loved the presentation techniques, learning how to prepare presentation methods and 13 steps. Michelle is so energetic, passionate and genuine. I really liked the quality of the course.”

Binh Nguyen, Optus


“Excellent challenging course. I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm in teaching the program. The tips and tricks to apply not just to presentation but also to small group meetings and one on one meetings. I liked the ability to present to the group to receive feedback. The course was taught in an easy, digestible format for a short time. It was tiring but well worth the time invested.”

Kelly Pullin, Optus


“Overall I’m satisfied with the way this course was handled and the money spent. I loved that we learnt through practice and it wasn’t all theory. I never felt bored and the facilitator knew the stuff she was teaching.”

Santhosh Kumar, Optus


“Overall I’m satisfied with the way this course was handled and the money spent. I loved that we learnt through practice and it wasn’t all theory. I never felt bored and the facilitator knew the stuff she was teaching.”

Max Kraynov, Optus


“A very useful course. I enjoyed the time with Michelle. I also enjoyed learning the ice breaker and 13 steps to a presentation. Michelle has a lovely personality.” 

Michelle Zhou, Optus


“Michelle is a wonderful presenter. She set a great pace and had great control of the group and good time skills with keeping on track and time. I have enjoyed the challenge of the course. I loved the high energy, alternative thinking about presenting, and the folder of knowledge had a great lay out. The DVD is fantastic. I’m normally not great with participation, however I got up and into groups – it was seamless and less stressful.”

Tarina Earle, Optus


“Michelle is an inspiring, professional presenter and great trainer – probably the best I’ve ever experienced. I loved the new and exciting content and techniques. It was not just theory but practical reinforcement throughout the 2 days.”

Lisa Kelly, Optus


“It was just the program I was looking for. It fills the gaps of my career development and I highly recommend it to all management and above. I loved the practical use of presentation preparation as well as the structural approach that can be remembered easily.”

Steven Sia, Optus


“Excellent content and information. This was presented in a fun way that kept me motivated all day. This program showed me how much goes into being a good presenter. I loved the energy and enthusiasm of Michelle. All the content was relevant to my role and I look forward to trying to implement them in my day to day role.”

Ann Matich, Optus


“Great course!!! This course has changed the way I think (2nd position). I loved learning the 2nd position, pace, pace, pace lead (the dance/song) and 4Mat for email and presentations.”

Leon D’Sylva, Optus


“Excellent course. I loved the combination of the theory of actual movements and gestures as well as learning how to structure the presentation very well.”

Melanie Niu, Optus


“There was a lot of information to take in but it was all very valuable and I can see how it can be applied and effective in a ‘real life’ presentation setting where you need to convince your audience. I loved Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm. I learnt great practical and useful skills for presenting and getting the message across.”

Tara Ryan, Optus


“Excellent program! This program gave me tools to structure my presentation and to speak, understanding the audience’s perspective, to know the components of a presentation and to structure an effective presentation.”

Suben Subenthiran, Optus


“The program was very good and helpful and a great way to learn the best techniques and tools for exceptional presentations. I loved learning how to know what to do and how to move around as well as the basic knowledge of analysing before talking.”

Nina Vaneckova, Optus


“I highly recommend for my Optus colleagues to also attend. It would sure improve the way we work and communicate with one another much more effectively. This program has taught me the processes on how to communicate effectively and to engage a broader audience. It is a great life skill. Thank you Michelle.”

Jeanne Atkinson, Optus


“Thank you! You Rock Michelle! This program was bloody awesome. I loved the sheer volume of content/activity/advice and tips that we now have to draw upon as well as being personally challenged and developed. We learnt so much over the two days. I enjoyed Michelle’s enthusiastic style, energy and amazing facilitation skills as well as her genuine and down to earth nature.”

Mark Hull, Optus 


“I have had an enjoyable two days! It was well worth it and I believe it is a must for all Optus sales personnel. I loved the structure, information and format. It was very well organised and relevant.”

Dom Corsino, Optus


“This was a great experience and time absolutely flew over the two excellent days. I loved how the program gave me a structure to follow when presenting, that will help me to make my presentations more influential/inspiring.”

Michael Dowell, Optus


“This program was delivered very well and I was always engaged. My expectations were met and exceeded. We received excellent tools and techniques to be able to manage and structure presentation skills.  I have personal issues where I fall asleep in training and in this course it did not happen!”

Nathan Le, Optus


“I loved that Michelle was a credible trainer and was energetic. The program was really engaging and I think that it will really help me not only in preparing my presentations but in my daily tasks as well. This program is highly recommended”.

Robbie Curva, Optus


“Exceptional training course! I loved the structured presentation skills, rapport building, 4Mat. Very useful for presentation as well as other communication (i.e. email, etc.)”

Giano Fong, Optus


“Fantastic! Gave me more confidence, empowered me to feel that I have the tools to be a good presenter. I loved the practical exercises, enthusiasm/energy of facilitator, relevance to day to day role.”

Maria-Elena Siasat, Optus


“I loved that the presenter was very passionate and kept everyone interested. I got lots out of it and it will help me in my current role and future ones. This was a great course and well worth the time spent.”

Jon Staines, Optus


“I loved the real scenarios, teamwork, free goodies!  This program met my expectations.”

Dat Pham, Optus


“I loved the group dynamic, the experience. Michelle Bowden brings good method of improving presentation. Trust me it is good!”

Harold Wiegers, Optus


“Fantastic! I loved the techniques for presenting – flow of 13 steps.”

Jasmine de Leon, Optus


“Thank you!!  Fantastic.  What I have learnt will help me.  I loved learning how to be prepare, present and engage an audience; how to engage the audience with use of eyes and head etc; how to have minimal use of Power Point.”

Dirk Goettlicher, Optus


“Great program! This is the best work course I have done. I loved how practical it was. It has definitely improved my presentation skills, my confidence in presenting and has enabled me to actually enjoy it!”

Paul Duckworth, Optus


“I am going to apply the skills and knowledge that I have learnt and do more presentations without whinging. Soft skills are a difficult subject to pass onto others, yet Michelle delivers the material very effectively in a manner that is easily digestible.”

Jonathan Yu, Optus


“Excellent program that could go for 3 days. I liked the information and the presenter.”

Keith Laughlin, Optus


“One of the best programs I have done and I will recommend that everyone do it. Michelle explained well, encouraged me and made me feel confident about myself as a presenter. The techniques are really awesome, the literature, the class environment and presentation by the trainer was one of the best.”

Arun Samuel, Optus


“Highly recommended and applicable.  Love it!  I loved the whole lot.  It just opened my eyes that there is more to standing up in front of an audience to deliver a presentation.  You need to prepare, rehearse, set rapport and engage before you even attempt to deliver the message.”

Marites Abarra, Optus


“Outstanding!  I learnt so much.  I loved that the tools were applicable and I expect will be very useful.  Very interactive with heaps of info, DVDs, notes etc.”

Clyde King, Optus


“I loved it Michelle!  I loved that it was a very practical program and builds confidence when presenting.  You were a very energetic presenter and I learned a lot of new skills that I will use in my role.”

Angela Haysom, Optus


“Fantastic.  The energy in the room was great.  The hard work was worth it.  I loved the structure provided – results in me knowing how and where to start.  I feel confident in using the techniques and whilst I will still have nerves or “funny tummy” I don’t mind.  If I wasn’t nervous it means I don’t care about what I am presenting.”

Rachel Burke, Optus


“Very good!  Learnt a lot!  One of the best courses I’ve attended.  I loved the facilitator and her teaching skills, the course structure and the practice.”

Nishantha Rajapakshe, Optus


“Thoroughly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming a better presenter in all facets of their lives.  I loved the use of the 13 steps, and in particular the 4Mat structure for presenting.  Also, the different tools available to present such as flipcharts, body gestures and Power Point.”

Eric Kostas, Optus


“By far the only two day course which has taught me so much to improve my skills.  I loved everything, from the content, to structure, to set up and all the way to our facilitator Michelle.  It has been a lovely two day program.”

Vishnu Bhatia, Optus


“One of the best courses I have been to.  Very engaging and inspiring.  The techniques covered in the course are very useful for both work and personal life.”

Sourmack Darbouy, Optus


“Michelle creates a great environment for you to learn without fear.  I will definitely use some of her tools in my day-to-day work life.  The program was easy to understand as Michelle does a great job at explaining the tools and tips.”

Nina Ngo, Optus


“Very motivating and I learned a lot. Michelle is a great teacher and I had fun listening, learning and putting the presentation skills into practice in my daily life. The pace is good and the homework makes us think and prepare. The learning techniques will stay in my head. Thanks!

Cynthia Chung, Optus


“I loved the content.  The facilitator has done a fantastic job in educating us of all the different techniques to use during presentations.  Michelle is sincere about the students benefiting from the course and it has been a pleasure doing the course with Michelle.”

Hassan Chebli, Optus


“Fantastic course and great presenter.  I loved that it was a very practical course.  The techniques learnt from the course could be applied to work and day to day life.  There was a lot of interacting between everyone and we could learn from each other.”

Sharon Lu, Optus


“One of the best training courses.  I loved the second day exercise.  You learn more when you actually do it and receive feedback on your performance.”  Ketan Deshpande, Optus

“Loved it!  There are so many techniques which you can learn and implement not only in business presentations, but also in your day to day activities.”

Ramesh Ramar, Optus


“Best course ever.”

Triet Tran, Optus


“Thank you very much Michelle for sharing your knowledge and skills!  I loved the very friendly atmosphere.  The course was very well structured, always informative and genuine.  It makes you be passionate about doing presentations.  You were very organised in terms of training.”

Olga Chizhova, Optus


“Michelle certainly shows her experience in this area. She delivers the material in an amazing format. The participants find themselves so engaged that you can’t but help learn from this. This course takes the world’s greatest fear and teaches us how if we apply these structured techniques we can all do this. We can do it confidently and we have so many tools now that we can repeat it.”

Tym Norman, Optus


“This program had good content and an interesting psychological underpinnings to the material. Michelle is a funny and warm presenter. I enjoyed learning simple to apply techniques that I can use in everyday situations or presentations.”

Anton Jukic, Optus


“I loved Michelle Bowden. She was a perfect fit to train and present the program as she used the course topics within her own course which allowed me to understand them and how to implement these learning’s into my own environment whether personal or work. The program was well paced.”

Marie Viray, Optus


“These were two very good days which will have a significant impact on my work. The program was very practical “how” while it also explained the “why”. The material supplied will help me apply the methods and tools and help me avoid forgetting them.”

Chris Harris, Optus


“There were many great learning’s over two solid days which stretched all of us. I loved learning that there is much, much more to presenting than speaking to a busy slide pack. It is all about structured preparation.”

Mark Reeves, Optus


“I highly recommend this program to GM’s and Directors. It cuts through all the BS not needed and makes presenting fun. I loved the introduction of the 13-step process to preparing presentations and the knowledge that it’s OK to use hands in public speaking. I also enjoyed pacing, truisms and 4Mat they are all great.”

Ezio Lattanzio, Optus


“Michelle was fantastic and has taught me a bucket load! I loved the content, structure and learning methods: from the music, to sitting in a semi circle, to the textas!”

Chris Liarakos, Optus


“Michelle is the most engaging and valuable coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Using the skillsets her course provides enabled me to handle difficult clients, present more effectively and obtain promotions. I would encourage anyone and everyone to seize any opportunity to work with Michelle. It is the best investment you can make in you!”

Ian Ward, Product Manager – Billing, Optus


“It is with great pleasure that I recommend you work with Michelle Bowden. She’s a presentation skills expert with a focus on creating clear and persuasive messages that influence an audience to your way of thinking. It’s years since I completed Michelle’s Influential Presentation Skills program yet I still have a scan of her key models as my desktop background on my computer because the models are applicable to every day of my life. It’s definitely worth the investment to attend her program as soon as possible.”

Suresh Naipal, Solutions Consultant, Optus


“Exceptional! I loved the content.  This was a very informative course and I will recommend it to anyone.”

Shrey Khanna, Optus


“I wish I had done this a long time ago.  I loved learning valuable skills that I can use in everyday life.”

Joey Sephora, Optus


“It was relaxing and fun.  I learnt a lot of valuable techniques for presenting and communicating with my audience.”

Victor Yu, Optus


“Really good!  I loved the great tools, techniques and practical exercises.”

Michael Ebeid, Optus


“Excellent!  I loved its structure and flow and the practical implementation of the theory being discussed.”

Sandeep Gadekar, Optus


“Very effective.  I loved the very organised course materials.”

Anish Choudhary, Optus


“I learnt how to prepare, design and present a presentation effectively.  Very good!”

Shane Ruthven, Optus


“Excellent!  I loved the presenter as well as the interactive and engaging material.”

Padmaja Bokil, Optus


“Fantastic!  Such a boost to my confidence.  I loved the techniques, the presenter the material and the energy.”

Harshen Parikh, Optus


“Good program and well organised.  It taught me the skills to construct the script of a presentation framework.  The powerful 13 steps were very useful.”

Kim Cheung, Optus


“Michelle was hired by Optus to offer coaching on Presentation Skills for the 2010/2011 Leaders Of Tomorrow class of which I was a part. She provided this in a knowledgeable and enthusiastic way and the course content was relevant to the group. I found it very helpful in my career in Management.”

Aaron Bailey, Quality Assurance Manager, Optus