Success Story Roelant Vos

After attending Michelle’s Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass in 2018, here’s what Roelant had to say:


“Lots of practical tips and feedback.  Clear and logical approach to structure content and delivery.  I loved the interaction.  Very well structured.  I would strongly recommend to others.” Roelant Vos, Allianz

Roelant Vos has observed and worked in a variety of interesting  data management roles where he’s been required to tackle challenges from a variety of points of view.  As a consultant, trainer, corporate manager and now with a data warehouse automation software vendor  with Varigence, the common theme has always been a passion for automation, code generation and design patterns for delivering great data solutions.

What kind of presenting do you do at work?

I deliver mainly technically oriented presentations for an IT and data audience at specialist conferences. I also deliver my own training in designing and developing data warehouse systems.

What prompted you to study with Michelle?

The training with Michelle was organised via my employer at the time, Allianz Partners Australia. The whole executive had been through Michelle’s Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass and they had determined that as many of their team members should also learn Michelle’s invaluable formulas. 

How did Michelle's teaching change your attitude to presenting in business?

Of course one always tries to do a good job presenting something, but Michelle’s material makes it clear you’re doing yourself and your audience a favour by providing a clear structure when making your key points. When you follow the right formulas that help you to analyse, design and then deliver your message clearly it’s much better for all involved.

How have improved presentation skills have impacted on your job and your career in general?

A lot of smaller details have been used to great effect in my personal classroom training on data warehousing. It’s a technical topic, and to keep it a bit light-hearted at times while still providing proper structure has been well received according to post-training surveys.

In what specific ways have your presentation skills improved since learning with Michelle? 

I am very clear on where I should stand at various points during my presentation. I am much better at positioning myself for effect in the room. I now know when to draw attention to the screen because there’s something important on a slide, and when to draw my audience’s attention back to me because I am saying something they really need to hear. 

What were your top three takeaways from Michelle's teachings?

My top three take-aways are:

1. There is a definite art and science when it comes to presenting. It really helps to plan out your objectives, structure your message with the audience in mind and understand you are the presenter so you need to be in control.
2. It is very helpful to pre-empt the most common counter arguments and objections, so that you make sure your audience is receptive and open to what you are saying.
3. As a presenter, you control the room and audience and actively work on this by correct positioning, drawing attention the right way and engaging with your audience.

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