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Success Story – Justin Thiang

Justin’s design experience ranges from startups to international organisations focusing on human-centred design, sustainability and economic growth. His work has delivered transformative experiences for a myriad of customer and user needs in a cross-section of industries including biomedical, healthcare, mining, lighting and electronics. Justin is passionate about user empathy, identifying cross-functional teams, and applying the design process from concept through to delivery. Justin is currently an Innovation Ecosystem Builder in the City of Logan. In this role he demonstrates how design leadership can empower and connect people resulting in effective collaboration. 

What did Justin say after attending Michelle's Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass?

“I loved the expert coaching with highly proven techniques. There was a lot of content and practical workshop learning in just 2 days! Thank you Michelle.”

What kind of presenting do you do at work?

I present in a wide variety of situations at work from standup meetings, to stakeholder engagement facilitations and I also deliver guest speaker presentations.

What prompted you to study with Michelle?

My supervisor attended Michelle’s masterclass about 10 years ago and she highly recommended our whole team attend. We have a huge mandate at the council that involves engaging a wide range of stakeholders. My supervisor was keen for all of us to really delve into the ‘advanced’ side of persuasive presenting in business. 

How did Michelle’s teaching change your attitude to presenting in business?

I realised that when you share your knowledge and experience, and provide value to your audience, it is actually going to help them. Therefore, presenting is not about you (Michelle calls this first position), it is importantly ALL about your audience (Michelle calls this second position). Michelle says, “It’s not about you, it’s all about your audience!”

In general, what positive outcomes have you achieved from improving your presentation skills?

I am now much more open and willing to accept guest speaking roles and invitations and I have had many opportunities where I’ve received very positive feedback.

Note from the editor: We often see Justin featured on LinkedIn at his various speaking engagements. He is really impressing people out there in business and we feel so proud of him!

In what specific ways have your presentation skills improved since learning with Michelle?

I now know how to control my breath, stand with presence in a comfortable way, and I have noticed that I now deliver the content with a far more engaging style. I structure my presentations using Michelle’s 13 step framework and my slides are always really captivating.

What were your top three take aways from Michelle’s teachings?

  • Plan. Use all of the formulas that are best practice so you know you’ll succeed.
  • Practise.Michelle taught us that exceptional presenters rehearse until they can’t get it wrong.
  • Extend yourself! Connect with the audience, really speak with them.

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