Success Story – Justin Fleming

Justin Fleming is the National Manager of the Australian Trucking Association’s safety accreditation system TruckSafe. Justin has always worked with and around trucks throughout his career. He joined the ATA more than 11 years ago. A self-proclaimed ‘farmer in truckie’s clothes’, Justin is passionate about trucking industry issues including animal welfare, promoting his industries image, and creating equal opportunities.

What did Justin say after attending Michelle’s Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass?

“What did I love about this program? Can I say EVERYTHING?! It was fantastic! I feel empowered over my nerves, which have always held me back! Thank you from my heart Michelle! I loved the excellent content and flow. I would really encourage others to participate in Michelle’s training because I am living proof that her formulas work. Michelle, I will ring you when I make CEO!!”

What kind of presenting do you do at work?

The majority of presenting I do at work is with trucking operators and transport customers in group sizes ranging from small to large. I deliver presentations about various transport issues and explain the benefits of the TruckSafe accreditation system.

What prompted you to study with Michelle?

My colleagues knew about Michelle and recommended I attend her Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass at the first opportunity. Michelle is Australia’s leading lady when it comes to presenter training and I was absolutely thrilled to take part in the course.  In particular, I wanted to take part to improve my confidence, engage my audience better, and articulate my message.

How did Michelle’s teaching change your attitude to presenting in business?

Michelle told me to practice, practice, practice! This has transformed my thinking. It encourages me to be sure I am properly prepared regardless of the audience size, or whoever is seated in front of me. No matter what is on the other side of that door, when I get up to present I know I’m ready for whatever is thrown at me. And something else that’s been great is that the ongoing support after you leave the masterclass has been really amazing. I honestly know I can always turn to Michelle when I need some extra help.

In general, what positive outcomes have you achieved from improving your presentation skills?

  1. We all know that having a good connection between the presenter and audience is so important.  Since improving my presentation skills, our business has grown. We have an excellent product and now excellent presentations. There is no stopping us!
  2. I would really encourage others to participate in Michelle’s training because I am living proof that her formulas work.
  3. These days, so many people will approach me after my presentation with positive feedback, whereas before I heard nothing.
  4. My improved confidence and audience engagement has been so amazing.

In what specific ways have your presentation skills improved since learning with Michelle?

  1. My skills have improved so much! In the past when I had low confidence, I would avoid eye contact with my audience or only look at a couple of people who were nodding and smiling at me! Now I can effectively engage and connect with my whole audience.
  2. My improved confidence has allowed me to take a leap of faith in how I present and has eliminated my reliance on notes and cue cards.
  3. I’ve also been able to develop concise and effective presentations without getting bogged down with too many details.
  4. My new skills have also given me the ability to improvise and handle myself better when something unexpected is thrown my way – which is not uncommon!

The top three take aways from Michelle’s teachings were:

  1. Practice, practice, practice!
  2. Be confident in yourself.
  3. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s okay! It’s all about how you handle it. Have a recovery strategy, take a deep breath and move on.

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