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Success Story – Jade Hardy

Jade Hardy, is the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Australian family owned Caruso’s Natural Health. Jade works as an ambassador for the brand, presenting National morning TV infomercials for the company. Jade is also a passionate personal development coach, so the ability to effectively communicate is paramount in her work.

What did Jade say after attending Michelle’s masterclass?

“Where do I start? They say first impressions are everything…so being greeted on Monday morning by the warm and pretty smile of Michelle with her bright flowers and fun energy gives you an idea of what this was like for me. A safe, respectful environment to grow, learn and receive honest feedback, rewarding praise and facilitated by the country’s best speaker/trainer/author – plus mother, charity support and shall I continue…? The dynamic of the group was so cool!”

What kind of presenting do you do at work?

I can find myself presenting to small and medium sized groups in my role at Caruso’s (in both informal and formal settings). I also present when dealing with external stakeholders, and I’m a regular presenter on television.

What prompted you to attend Michelle’s masterclass?

My CEO and Founder, Frank Caruso has worked with Michelle over the years and he suggested I would get great value from learning what she knows for both my TV appearances and my workplace conversations and presentations. As well, my colleagues at Carusos recommended I attend Michelle’s two day presenter’s course. They had participated in her training, had learnt a great deal from Michelle, and knew that I could benefit from Michelle’s coaching given all of the presenting I do.

In general what positive outcomes have you achieved from improving your presentation skills?

  1. I find myself applying the training I received from Michelle in day to day operations that are specific to presentations and also in general verbal and written communication.
  2. I have applied the preparation techniques to emails, scripts and training.
  3. I have also been able to improve my delivery of television presentations by applying the lessons from Michelle, with a notable difference.
  4. Understanding how your ‘stance’ and ‘position’ can impact communication and presentation has been very powerful for me.”

In what specific way have your presentation skills improved since learning with Michelle?

  1. Michelle’s training has helped me to be a more audience invested presenter. Now I understand how to clearly and effectively communicate the benefits of my products to the audience.
  2. Michelle not only offers extra value at every step of educating you on the presenting journey, she also provides evidence and insights into WHY it works.
  3. When you start applying the basic techniques, you wonder how you managed beforehand.

What are your top 3 take aways from Michelle’s training:

  1. The power of your position. Feet, hands, and movement.
  2. What shoes are you in? And make sure you are not in first position too much throughout the process.
  3. The power of your opening statement, hook your audience’s attention with an icebreaker.
  4. Things you should never say, and why.

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