Michelle Bowden works with organisations that want persuasive people who communicate clearly, smash their sales results, and generally achieve more.

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SUCCESSFUL companies are made up of PERSUASIVE people.

Based on thousands of hours of global research, Michelle can show you there is a gap in the way your people persuade your customers, prospects and decision makers.

Once you fill that gap, it will increase how often they hear the word ‘yes’!

An idea is just an idea until you persuade someone to support it, fund it or endorse it.

Welcome to the Birdcage! How Persuasion Smart are YOU?

Keynote Overview

As a business professional there is nothing more important than the art of persuasion. 

You rely on your persuasive abilities to win business, develop productive relationships and drive results. 

So, … How Persuasion Smart are you?  

Join Michelle Bowden, the creator of the Persuasion Smart Profile, to extend your persuasive reach and develop your Persuasion Toolkit in a practical, fun and interactive session.

Discover how being persuasive is a skill set that can be developed like any other skill.

Michelle's new book is available NOW!

Are you a Wise Owl, a Commanding Eagle, a Friendly Budgie or a Captivating Peacock?
Read Michelle's new book and discover your persuasive strengths and weaknesses.
Then make a plan so you are more persuasive, with more people, more of the time

Michelle is as accomplished online as she is live!

1-hour practical workshops delivered via Zoom

Michelle has designed 3 workshops that are ideal for lunch-and-learn sessions.

Your people will learn practical tips to dramatically improve their workplace communication, persuasiveness and results on the spot!

Michelle’s alternative keynote topics

Michelle tailors her keynotes to your brief. She will help you decide whether you should focus on pitching, confident communication or persuasion. Her regular topics include: