engaging your audience

Should I use palm cards or notes?

If you are really keen to engage your audience it’s a good idea to at least ‘try’ and deliver your presentation without using any notes or slides as a crutch.

Just remember, your audience members are more likely to be convinced by what you say if they feel an affiliation for you and your message, and if you command credibility as the presenter.  If you have to keep referring to your notes (or worse, turning around to see what’s on your slides) you suggest to your audience that you don’t know your message well enough and/or that you do not respect your audience because you have not taken the required time to adequately prepare.

Regular reference to notes also causes you to break eye contact and rapport with your audience, giving them opportunities to lose focus.  This will have a direct impact on your credibility.  So give some rehearsal a go.  Then have a try presenting with your notes to the side.