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Present and pitch with confidence, clarity and influence… and WIN!

Michelle is engaging, enthusiastic and challenging. Her work with my sales team really opened their eyes to never accepting the answer "no" again.

Dan McArthur - General Manager, National Surgical

Sales Presentation Skills can make or break your career. Every time you pitch to a board or directors or try to sell your product or service, a sale is taking place. Either you are selling your prospect on what you want, or they are selling you on the idea that they don’t need it. And to make it big in whatever you’re doing, YOU need to be the one doing the selling… selling people on your ideas, selling your products and selling your services. Michelle Bowden, Australia’s premier sales trainer will show you how to sell… even when you thought you couldn’t…

I got my $971 million dollar approval using your formulas Michelle! Thank you!

Sarah Sytema, Recreation Strategy, Wyndham City Council

Not only can you learn to be an amazing sales presenter: you’ll also develop the confidence and skill to present authentically so it doesn’t seem like one big act!

Dear fellow selling sensation,

I’m Michelle Bowden, Australia’s premier sales presentation and influencing techniques trainer, and I know how tough it is to close a sale – whether it’s one-on-one, over the phone, or in a seminar with 1,000 people. And then, you need to manage the relationship so you can nurture more business and referrals – which means even more sales. I’ve been training people just like you in sales presentation skills for over two decades and have developed a proven system to give you the best chance of success. I’ve helped thousands of people close more deals and feel good about the process. I know what sells, I know what doesn’t, and I love sharing that knowledge with my awesome clients.

What will I learn in Michelle Bowden’s Sales Presentation Training ?

My Sales Presentations Training course is the best way to learn the most effective sales and influencing techniques so program you can close deals effectively and keep a fantastic relationship with your new customers.

You will learn how to influence your prospect and change their thinking and/or behaviour. You’ll do this by learning specifically how to:

 – Analyse your prospect so you COMPLETELY understand their needs – if you lack this skill, it’s no wonder you aren’t closing any sale…

 – Use advanced linguistic patterns to influence your customer and change their thinking and behaviour – knowing these secrets will make it so easy for you to connect and convert…

 – Get past objections quickly and easily – so you can solve their pain with the best solutions…

 – Use advanced, sensory-based language and techniques to add that extra layer of persuasion and engage your customer every time – do this right and you can sell anything while strengthening your relationships with your prospects

 – Body language techniques to capture and hold the attention of the customer so they stay completely engaged – when you move your body to reinforce your message you avoid distracting your client or even turning people off!

 – And MUCH more…

AMAZING RESULTS every time… and I can prove it!

What are people saying?

In the past 5 years I have been inspired and encouraged by Michelle and her Presentation Skills courses. She has given me the ability to communicate to audiences of 10 to 500 people all over the world. If ever you have a chance to be taught by Michelle, grab it with both hands.

Jeff Findlay, Microfocus

WOW! Completely life-changing!

Matt Bullock - Founder & Former CEO, eWay

Well! Where do I start? Michelle is the most outstanding and enthusiastic presentation coach I have ever worked with. Her energy is contagious and her approach is very effective. She does not teach a class, she immerses herself in the people and ensures a successful outcome. A great combination of humour, anecdotes, practical and theory result in a virtually guaranteed better presentation. She then stays in touch personally to assure you are practicing your new skills.

Brenton Smith, Managing Director, Symantec, Asia-Pacific & Japan

The best course I have been on – I’ve recommended! A great relaxed learning environment where it is okay to try different things. Great timing on each subject and never boring. Resources we can actually use afterwards are wonderful too. Thank you Michelle.

Sara Tomlinson, Key Account Manager, Lion

I loved learning a framework for success; and the tips and tricks on how to ‘act’ in a meeting/presentation. Well-paced with specific feedback. Michelle was fantastic with great energy. A true masterclass.

Tim Ward, Head of Sales, 1300 Australia

Amazing! Best course I have ever done. I want to do more! I loved Michelle, her expertise gives me great confidence. Her ability to embed the models and techniques during the interactive program is amazing. You want to work hard for her because she works hard for you for the entire two days.

Libby Shillington, Sales, Stryker

I loved the teaching style, interactive learning, tailored feedback, useful templates, steps and formats. Challenging, very educational, doesn’t just teach you steps – it teaches habits.

Kirsten Matthews, Sales Executive, Seven Network

Here are some of our clients over the last year…

I'd really love to help you smash your sales results! Please call me and let's talk about your specific needs.

I'd really love to help you smash your sales results! Please call me and let's talk about your specific needs.

I'd really love to help you smash your sales results! Please call me and lets talk about your specific needs.