Ros Weadman

Ros Weadman Success Story

Ros Weadman is an award-winning authority on brand communication and reputation with 35+ years of experience. Her passion and strength is articulating what brands stand for, then transforming their brand story, value proposition and communications from dull and detached, to energised and engaging. Ros is passionate about helping brands to stand apart, resonate deeply with target audiences and enhance their reputation.

What kind of presenting do you do at work?

As Director of Marcomms Australia, I deliver masterclasses and keynote speeches on how to build a trusted brand and forge a great reputation.

What prompted you to study with Michelle?

I published my second book The Reputation Equation in late 2019 and wanted help to turn it into a keynote presentation. I “discovered” Michelle on LinkedIn and we worked together via Zoom through the COVID lockdowns of 2020 to turn my book into a keynote presentation.

How did Michelle's teaching change your attitude to presenting in business?

Michelle has given me the structure I needed to deliver my content with confidence and in a way that will resonate with my target audience.

How have improved presentation skills impacted your job and your career in general?

Having the right structure for my content has allowed me to focus on serving the audience rather than focusing on myself. The flow-on effect of this is a more relaxed, authentic and powerful delivery.  The feedback and engagement from my audiences has been great! 

In what specific ways have your presentation skills improved since learning with Michelle? 

– I now know what great speakers do and how easy it is to do these things myself.

– I have more confidence to deliver my content.

– I feel my content is cleverly structured and targeted so I’m more likely to achieve my objectives every time I speak.

What were your top three takeaways from Michelle's teachings?

1. How to craft stories to bring my content to life.
2. How to address potential objectors / naysayers in the audience.
3. How to close a presentation with a clear call to action so people are compelled to take the next steps in their business and life.

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