Ron Shpilman's Success Story after Presentation Skills Training with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer

Ron Shpilman’s Success Story after Presentation Skills Training

This is Ron Shpilman’s Success Story after Presentation Skills Training with Michelle Bowden. The aim of this article is to give you some insight into what you could do differently to achieve inspiring results like Ron. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself Ron!

I am a passionate, solution and results oriented, technology expert with focus on building impactful digital transformation experiences. As a Solutions Specialist in Salesforce, I serve as the trusted advisor for customers and partners, empowering customer-centric organisations to optimise field productivity, transform service operations and connect customer engagements.

Here's what Ron said after attending Michelle's presentation skills training

“I loved the high energy – Michelle was a great role model – full on! Michelle taught with passion, love, and care. I will use the 4Mat, POO, Persuasion Blueprint and the icebreaker.”
Photo of Ron Shpilman presenting at a Salesforce event after he attended Presentation Skills Training Sydney with Michelle Bowden in August 2023
Ron Shpilman
Principal Solution Engineer
Photo of Ron Shpilman presenting at a Salesforce event after he attended Presentation Skills Training Sydney with Michelle Bowden in August 2023

What kind of presenting do you do at work? 

I present customer facing solution demonstrations, solution enablement for internal groups and partners, Product Training Workshops for partners and customers, and I also do some public speaking at events.

What prompted you to study with Michelle?

My manager offered this opportunity and I thought it would be relevant for my role and personal improvement.

How did Michelle’s teaching change your attitude to presenting in business? 

Michelle helped me to think again on how to structure and convey my messages and how to approach a mixed audience. For example, the importance of using visual, auditory and kinesthetic language to engage with different types of people.

In general, what positive outcomes have you achieved from improving your presentation skills? 

The structure and feedback Michelle provided immediately influenced my gestures, icebreakers and wording on my shorter speaking slot at a conference just a few days after the course.

The positive feedback I received would drive, I hope, more public speaking opportunities and present wider career options.

(note from editor: Ron is very humble – from all accounts he SMASHED his presentation after our training!)

In what specific ways have your presentation skills improved since learning with Michelle?

– Michelle has had an immediate influence on me using simpler graphics and images in my slides.

– Using 4Mat properly and ensuring there is at least a micro Why? and What if? as part of my slot in a larger presentation run by others.

– Use an appropriate icebreaker to hook the audience’s attention.

– Always think 2nd position when creating statements, observations, recommendations. It’s not about me! 

What were your top three take-aways from Michelle’s presentation skills training? 


– Using 4MAT even when delivering as part of a wider session. It was helpful to learn where the Sales Executive versus Solution Engineer fits into the overall 4Mat system


– How important it is to ensure engaging delivery for different audiences: direct connected eye contact, excellent clean and clear slides, confident posture: storing core, shoulders back.


– Small bits matter! Bit of colour and images, a bit of voicing and pitch, a bit of drama, bit of smiling, bit of interaction! It all adds together to convery confidene and credibility!

Photo of Ron Shpilman presenting at a Salesforce event after he attended Presentation Skills Training Sydney with Michelle Bowden in August 2023
Group photos from decades of Presentation Skills Training Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane with Michelle Bowden presentation skills trainer

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