Retail Sector Testimonials

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These testimonials are from a selection of Michelle Bowden’s clients in the retail & fast moving consumer goods sectors spanning 1999 to today. Enjoy!


“I always get the best feedback from your course. As long as you have this business and offer this course, I will be a life long customer! Thank you!” 

Erin Carle, Senior HR Manager, Revlon


“Loved it 10/10! I loved the useful techniques that I can implement and the feedback. I loved that the masterclass was interactive and that we got to practice as we went through the materials. I will use everything! I will use the 4Mat, Think/Feel/Do, POO, Persuasion Blueprint, and too many to name.”

Melissa Flynn, Commercial Analyst, Revlon

“I loved that everything was so easy to understand – was never a dull moment! I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and Storyboarding.”

Laura Shepherdson, NSW/ACT Technical Educator, Revlon


“I loved that the structure we were taught will underpin excellence in external and internal presentations. I will use the 4Mat and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Liz Reilly, Sales Director New Zealand/Head of NZ Leadership Team, Revlon


“I loved learning the structure for preparing any type of presentation and thinking about 2nd position to really understand the audience’s perspective. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, POO, Do/Think/Feel, ‘Why, What, How, What if?/What else?.”

Chris Castorina National Account Manager – Grocery, Revlon


“I loved everything! Michelle was so engaging. I’m excited to go back and implement the skills we learnt and utilise the tools she provided us with. I will use 4Mat, Storyboarding, and POO.”

Margaux Baker, National Sales Manager, Revlon


“I loved the energy, the clear formulas to structure a presentation, and the overall engagement from Michelle. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and 4Mat.”

Clara David, Creative Manager, Revlon


“I loved the multitude of techniques that were taught – I can see many practical applications to use them. They were also taught in a considered manner that was easy to understand and connected with other parts of the course. I can see myself trying many of the techniques for different reasons. I particularly like the Do/Think/Feel, 4Mat and Storyboarding.”

Argyll Parkins, Commercial Controller – Professional and Regional, Revlon


“I loved the opportunity to have more skills for knowing my audience, using a better structure when presenting and becoming more confident with all of these amazing things. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, POO and mostly Storyboarding, 4Mat. This is not only to be used professionally but also in our everyday out of work lives.”

Mateo Aguilar Sepulveda, Creative Coordinator, Revlon


“This masterclass had so much more than how to present with persuasion. So much useful content that we can use everyday in the workplace. I will use the 4Mat structure – everything! I will also use eye contact and slides.”

Rhian Copeland, Trade Promotions, Revlon


“Michelle is very engaging and provides the information in a way that is very easy to understand. The examples helped me understand everything better. One of my favourite things was practicing everything we learnt in class – especially on day 2. Michelle’s energy is the best and makes me want to learn and practice the techniques I have learnt. I will use 4Mat to structure my speaking and presentations better. Putting myself in the 2nd position will help me be a better persuader and presenter.”

Sheila Chelashaw, Finance Analyst, Revlon

“What an amazing couple of days! Thank you! Excellent content, energy and humour. The feedback from the team was outstanding. All who attended only had positive comments to make.  I loved the framework, tips, practical sessions to practice and the training environment. I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and fun. I will use everything from this masterclass.”

Jane Frewen, Director – Facilities Management, Woolworths


“Michelle is a brilliant mastermind. She really cares and takes the time to understand the individual needs of all in the class. The content was engaging and kept me wanting to learn. I will use absolutely everything from the course.”

Matthew Hall, Service Team Leader, Woolworths


“I loved the team engagement, structure, and increased confidence. I will use the 4Mat, and Pacing and Leading.”

Andrew Howarth, QLD State FM Manager, Woolworths


“I loved everything (and yes day 2 is the best). I loved the science behind the why’s. The engagement pushed out of comfort zone. Learnt new skills. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, access to Michelle, eye contact, mousemat, video, reminders to use the skills.”

Lisa McNish, Services Specialist, Woolworths


“I loved everything – the techniques, the time to practice, doing the homework and applying it to real situation, the energy, and the confidence boost. I will use the 4Mat, 13 steps, POO, Storyboarding, and 5-Step Analysis.”

Julie Amen, Marketing Manager, Revlon


“I loved the structure of the mastrclass and how engaging the activities were. They really put you outside your comfort zone which was very beneficial. I thought it was very helpful to have done the preso and received feedback from Michelle and my peers. The comments were highly valuable. I will definitely use the 4Mat technique, as well as the WIIFM system. I loved being able to identify what pace & lead was and practice in real life.”

Amy Chen, Brand Manager, Revlon


“A great and high energy presentation providing hands on practical steps to mastering the power of persuasion! I will use the Persuasion Blueprint.”

Claudine West, Trade Marketing, Revlon


“I loved it was super interactive with both Michelle and colleagues. Taught in sections, in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming but instead makes sense. Michelle is kind, friendly and assesses everyone to encourage our strengths and improve our weaknesses. I will use everything, especially my change of mindset to 2nd position!”

Bree Edwards, National Account Manager, Revlon


“Michelle’s knowledge is absolutely mind blowing. She is extremely engaging (love the use of highlighters, music for getting us to interact). I was engaged the entire 2 days! She is really clever with how she teached and gets everyone to contribute. I will use the POO, Persuasion Blueprint, extending the self, and what words to use and not use. Love your guts Michelle!”

Julia Mares, HR Business Partner, Revlon


“What an amazing facilitator you are! You bring delight, passion and talent to sharing your expertise. Thank you for the energy you put in, and the methodology you bring to improve our skills. I loved the mix of learning styles, being reminded what great looks like, the modular learning –  practise and put it together.  And I loved Michelle’s laugh. I will use the 5-Step Analysis (especially the think/feel/do) and the Persuasion Blueprint.”

Melissa Thomson, Shopper Activation Manager, Revlon


“Michelle is a great person and very captivating. I loved how dynamic and powerful the training was. Until 5pm on the second day, I didn’t feel tired or bored at all. I will use everything. All tips and tools are so useful and easy to use in any areas of our life from a conversation with my husband to an important presentation at work.”

Paula Castles, Digital and Ecommerce Executive, Revlon

Sasa Ma, Supply Manager, Revlon


“Michelle is a must! What an amazing two days! Have been blown away with the skills you’ve blessed us with. I’m  excited to implement. Thank you 🙏 for your fabulous engagement and knowledge. I loved that the masterclass was engaging, fun, and very interactive. I really want to apply this structure. #onetrainingiwillcertainlytreasure”.

Karen Ostler, National Field Sales Manager, Revlon


“I would love to thank Michelle and Warwick for the really engaging subject matter and the obvious passion they have for helping others.  I absolutely loved the level of engagement and participation that Michelle was asking from the group.  I found myself having to hold back from interacting at times to let others have a go and was really drawn into the conversations. I will use my renewed confidence in both my personal brand and the work I do to lead and persuade others.  The 4Mat and the Persuasion Blueprint are simple and effective tools for allowing me to form a coherent and engaging message from my otherwise scattered thoughts.”

Jarrod Funslow, Senior Data Analyst, Personalisation Analytics, EDG


“I loved the proven structure that was logical and easy to understand, practicing what was learnt immediately, and instant feedback on how different tasks were performed. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint/ structure in creating PowerPoint presentations and the specific tips on what to do or not to do in various situations.”

Steven Swinfield, Product Manager, Mayo Hardware


“Michelle is very engaging. Really helpful content that is easy to apply to complex and simple situations. I loved the resources to take home and apply. I feel inspired, supported and capable now. When I started, I felt nervous and incapable. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint to guide presentation prep, language, pace, pace, pace, lead for more than work.”

Beth Lucas, Assistant Brand Manager, Revlon


“I loved the interactivity. It kept my attention throughout. The content was relevant and useful. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, tips and tricks to use in everyday language, structure and Storyboarding.”       

Jennifer Miyoshi, Category Analyst, Revlon


“Michelle is professional, incredible, and gets to the point. I will use the framing, structure, analytical skills, tips to present, and body language.”

Amy Hu, Cost Analyst, Revlon


“Michelle is so engaging and knowledgeable in this masterclass. I loved learning all the practical skills I can use in and out of work situations, not just when presenting. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, Persuasion Blueprint, body gestures and confidence skills!”

Megan Fowler, Brand Manager, Revlon

“I loved the great techniques and progressive learning. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint.”

Shaun Merry, State FM Manager – NSW/ACT, Woolworths 360

“I loved the real life examples, practice sessions, understanding the concepts, Michelle’s energy and easy language. I will use the tips and tricks to present better, notes and videos, 4Mat, POO, and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Neha Sharma, Product Manager, Mayo Hardware


“I loved the whole lot – 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, tips and tricks. I had an absolutely tremendous learning experience, 20/10 – unbelievable!”     

Steve Eaton, Senior Nominated Supervisor, Woolworths


“Thank you so much for your support the last two days Michelle. It was an honour to do your course. I loved the clear and direct delivery of material. The energy that the material is delivered in is captivating. I felt supported, safe and like I had been given all the tools I require to be an amazing presenter myself.”

Vanessa Gallagher, Service Team Leader, Woolworths


“I loved it!  Lifelong knowledge! On top of the incredible communication skills and techniques you’ve passed on to us Michelle, your energy and passion for us to succeed and to be better is one of the many lessons I’m taking away. The lesson of promoting individual success is essential to anyone leading people. The “master” in masterclass for me is about mastering your own skills and passing them on. Thank you for being a master of your craft, sharing your experience in a memorable way and demonstrating what passion for your work looks like. Looking forward to putting my new knowledge to use… everyday. I loved the 4Mat structure and the Persuasion Blueprint”

Will Berger, Service Team Leader, Woolworths


“Fun, engaging, and educational. I loved the tools and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Gary Lord, Service Team Leader, Woolworths        


“I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity.  I loved the structure, inclusion, POO, 4Mat and Pace, Pace, Lead. Amazing class, very blessed to have been here.”    

Nadine Smith, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“Michelle is very enthusiastic about presenting. The masterclass was very engaging. I loved how interactive it was. I will use the 4Mat and Persuasion Blueprint and the website resources.”

Jennifer Derksen, Assistant Brand Manager – Innovation, SouthTrade 


“I loved that the masterclass was easy to understand and that I was able to put the knowledge into practice straight away. Good breaks and timing in between. I will use the 4Mat and Persuasion Blueprint and the dance!”

Stephanie Hu, Business Manager, SouthTrade


“I loved the Persuasion Blueprint; Storyboarding; Michelle!; the intensity over the 2 days and what we achieved from/to! I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, Storyboarding, and 4Mat.”

Andrew Clarke, State Manager – QLD, SouthTrade


“Thank you, Michelle, for one of the best training sessions I have ever experienced in my career – content, delivery and atmosphere. I have learnt so many great skills, which I will be using, everyday. I loved everything! It’s not often you do a 2-day course and stay engaged the entire time. I have learnt a number of valuable tools and skills which I will use moving forward. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint for presos, POO, and rapport. Thank you for investing in my growth and development, Branka.”

Kamelia Tevanian, State Manaager – NSW/ACT, SouthTrade


“I loved the energy and seeing the full picture. The process will give me the ability to be a more effective communicator. I will use this for internal presentation, emails and influencing RAC presentations.”     

Blake Schill, Sales Operations Manager, SouthTrade       


“Simply loved it! Structure is key! Rehearse and stay on script. I will use all the key learnings. Thanks Michelle, lovely trainer and host!”   

Dean Mitchell, State Manager – WA/SA/NT, SouthTrade


“I loved Michelle – everything! Structure was amazing. The masterclass was fully engaging. I will use all if it!  POO in the house!”

Andy Wren, National Business Manager – On Prem, SouthTrade


“I loved the constant practical learning throughout the day, and how everything ties together. I will use all techniques included in the Persuasion Blueprint and specifically the WIIFM.”   

Julian Wilson, National Account Manager – Non-Alcoholic, SouthTrade


“I loved that the masterclass was motivating and inclusive for everyone. It was engaging – the time flew by!!! Plenty of amazing tools to take forwards. Opportunity to work with new people outside my day-to-day. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, structuring, 4Mat and Persuasion Blueprint.”   

Alice Huelin, Brand Manager – Agency Brands, SouthTrade


“I loved the clarity and structure for being effective and persuasive from the correct lens – not from slides! I will use the 4Mat, POO, and Persuasion Blueprint.”   

Sandy Christie, Senior National Account Manager – Independents, SouthTrade

“Michelle is an excellent teacher, able to convey complex concepts and skills in a manner that is simple to understand. The ideas taught were immediately valuable and quickly improved my confidence and effectiveness when presenting. I will use Michelle’s Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat and 5-Step Analysis.”

Matthew Sims, National Account Assistant, Mayo Hardware


“I loved Michelle’s energy. I loved the time to practice what was taught, ability to share answers and get feedback, and it improved my confidence in presenting. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, 5 Step Analysis, techniques and tips on how to stand and where to look.”   

Sarah Rossi, Assistant Product Manager, Mayo Hardware

“I loved the Persuasive Blueprint because it provides a simple, universal guide to follow when creating a presentation. I also loved Michelle’s energy and passion. It was clear from the beginning, Michelle only wants to see each one of us succeed. I will be using the 5-Step Analysis, Persuasive Blueprint and the different techniques such as gestures, props, etc. to improve any future presentations.”

Aarefa Ashad, Product Manager, Mayo Hardware  

“Michelle was fantastic in every way. She really made these last 2 days so easy to follow. I have learnt so much I can use every single day. She gave us all confidence in our ability with clear pointers on how to improve. Fantastic 2 days – that will make a huge impact for me. I will use everything, everything, everything!”

Stacey Muchmore, National Account Manager – Grocery, Revlon


“I loved that the masterclass was credibly compelling and engaging. Michelle is a groundbreaking trainer who really understands the psychology of how to train and how people learn. This was highly relevant, applicable and value-adding to my job and had lessons I will take with me and use for years to come! I will use the mindset shift, slides, prop, Persuasion Blueprint, POO and WIIFM.”

Sophia Ye, Brand Manager, Revlon


“Michelle is amazing! She was extremely engaging and friendly. She taught us in a very fun and inclusive way. I will definitely use the skills Michelle taught us in both my personal and work life. I will use the managing nerves techniques, 4Mat, Extending the Self, Persuasion Blueprint, and Storyboarding.”

Claire Mooney, Brand Manager (Prestige – Elizabeth Arden), Revlon


“Blew my mind how much was fit in. The repetitive use of the model using the model on day 2 was great. Such strong takeaways and loved the variation of content delivery for different learning styles. I will use the mode to approach my next presentation, and pace, pace, pace, lead.”

Jessica Sinclair, Senior Brand Manager, Revlon


“I loved the presenter, engagement, skills, templates. My nerves disappeared, could breathe when I presented. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and Storyboarding.”

Monica Wojnarowska, Digital Manager, Revlon


“I loved the way the program was set out.  Everything fell into place on day 2, when we all started breaking up into small groups. I will use everything that I have been taught. It has been easy to process and know how to facilitate for future meetings.”

Brook Eadie, National Sales Manager – Revlon Professional and American Crew, Revlon     


“I loved that the masterclass is relevant to our jobs and can be implemented straight away. Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable and very generous. I will use the whole process, especially the 4Mat planning and Persuasion Blueprint.”  

Monica Costello, Group Brand Manager – Revlon Professional, Revlon


“Michelle was so encouraging and supportive. The masterclass was very uplifting and motivating. All of the templates were incredibly helpful. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and techniques to calm my nerves.”   

Arabella Antico, Assistant Brand Manager, Revlon


“I loved everything! Something that I found very challenging was made easy by simple templates that will stick! Michelle was very engaging, made me feel comfortable, safe and like it was one on one. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint template, 4Mat, and Storyboarding plus vocal warm-ups.”   

Rachel Macumber, Trade Promotions Manager – Revlon Mass & Arden Prestige, Revlon     

“I loved the frameworks for presentation, 4Mat questions to structure our presentations and daily communication, and all the tips. I will use the pacing and leading, and 4Mat.”     

Maya Sari, Senior Data Analyst, EDG

“I loved every second of this masterclass. The agenda was jam packed and I now feel like I have all the tools to deliver a fantastic presentation, every time. I have lots to work on but I feel very motivated. Very inspiring and so practical, anyone can use the steps and tricks. I will use everything I have! Especially the structuring of the presentation, breathing and extending when I present.”

Laura Hallin, Marketing Manager, Woolworths

“I found the masterclass engaging from the first session. Michelle and Warwick were excellent at running the masterclass and kept me absorbed in the content throughout. I’ve learned techniques that I’m sure I will use for the rest of my career and I will be a more structured and confident presenter in the future. It’s really changed how I would approach any presentation. I learnt lots about how to use body language and interact with my audience. I will particularly use the Persuasion Blueprint to structure my conversations and presentations. Many thanks again Michelle. Although I felt out of my comfort zone at times, in fact I really enjoyed every aspect of the course. I can’t remember being on a more valuable course and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Alistair Wright, Data Analyst, EDG

“I enjoyed the mental shift on how I think about presenting and writing in general. I’ll apply the 4Mat model in emails and presentations.”

Fejiro Omuvwie, Senior Data Analyst, EDG

“I loved the great interaction with all participants. Brilliant knowledge sharing, skills, tips, and tricks for better presentations. I will use the 4Mat, WIIFM, and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Peter Sim, Service Team Leader, Woolworths


“I loved the 4Mat, Storyboarding, WIIFM, and the techniques for better presentation. I will use the mousepad, 4Mat, steps in my signature.”

Manish Mankala, Business Data and Insights Analyst, Woolworths


“The whole course was amazing! I will use all the information and learning materials I was given.”

Brendan Ratcliffe, Service Team Leader, Woolworths


“I loved the entire course and the way it was delivered and presented. I will use the POO and 4Mat.”

Fernando Moreira, Fire & Electrical Asset Specialist, Woolworths


“I loved everything about the masterclass! I will use everything.” 

Damien Tugwell, Technical Support Specialist, Woolworths      


“I loved the amazing tips to get rid of nerves,  how to build rapport and importance of learning types and the importance of catering for all your audience. I will use pacing and leading, POO, and WIIFM.”  

Eleni Cosa, Asset Planner Scheduler/Handover, Woolworths


“I loved that the masterclass provided the structure and accountability to put the learnings into practice. The Persuasion Blueprint and the videos to give guidance when I was drawing blanks. I will use the 4Mat in everything. Less words, lots of engaging pictures.” 

Ben Hughes, QLD Nominated Supervisor HVAC/R, Woolworths


“I loved learning how to use the Persuasion Blueprint to construct a presentation, Storyboarding to define the content and the POO to overcome objections.”  

Shane McBride, Nominated Supervisor, Woolworths

“I loved the process, the jumping around! Didn’t feel like a drawn-out path. Days were full but fast. Everyone can be involved no matter what they are here for. I think I will use the Persuasion Blueprint the most.” 

Bryan Chauvier, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“The class was awesome and gave me a clear, achievable model to become better at presenting. Michelle and Warwick were genuinely engaging, supportive and insightful, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint in my presentations going forward. I also intend to improve my gesturing, interactiveness during presentations, as was taught by Michelle.”

Pridhvi Chilukuri, Senior Marketing Analyst, EDG

“The way Michelle presents makes the course thoroughly enjoyable. The group participation was great. Thanks so much! I will use everything. The Persuasion Blueprint is an essential tool. Boom shackalacka!”

Jason Mackie, Service Team Leader – SA, Woolworths 

“I loved Michelle! Great style, very engaging, so quick. It’s nice to know how to use a system to prepare for work and life events. I will use the process, implementation for TBT for practice.”

Tim de Bruyn, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“I loved the structure of the learning, enthusiasm from Michelle, and the new techniques for effective communication. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and physical movement when presenting.”

Nick Pfitzner, Information Systems Manager, Woolworths

“I loved the structure and confidence it has given me to be able to present, understand my strengths and opportunities. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and 4Mat.” 

Shailesh Sharma, Business Insights and Reporting Manager, Woolworths  

“This was the best course I have ever attended. I loved how brilliantly the program has been set up and the continuous flow with checks and practice. Perfect pace of the course. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, and Storyboarding.”

Shiva Dharani Pasham, Data and Insights Analyst, Woolworths

“I loved everything! Michelle is an amazing presenter linking examples and theory cleverly to keep us engaged. I loved the theory and tools – such as 4Mat, I will use all of the concepts and resources supplied.”

Brendan Meller, Data and Insights Manager, Woolworths

“I loved the passion and friendliness of Michelle and her ability to explain clearly. Whole subject was challenging but manageable and very exciting. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and Storyboard. Looking forward to reading the book.”

Tom Whitehead, Asset Specialist, Woolworths

“I loved Michelle’s passion for what she teaches, that the formulas were made easy to use and he Persuasion Blueprint. 2 full days packed with info and was enjoyable. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, Storyboarding, Pacing out objections.”

Aaron Buckland, Facilities Manager, Woolworths 

“I loved how much work and learning we did but was never overwhelmed. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, gestures and position.”

Colin Kane, Proactive Services Support Manager – Format and Network Development, Woolworths

“I loved the interaction, honesty, structure. Michelle is  informative, strong, real, and funny. I will use everything! Each day I will take one idea and apply it confidently.”

Sheila Murray, Field Services Coordinator, Woolworths

“I loved the 4Mat and other tools used by top presentations. I loved Michelle’s style and methods. I will use everything from this masterclass.”   

Karl Svenoy, Asset Specialist, Woolworths


“I loved the energetic sessions, clear instructions and guidance, 13 step process to achieve and make presentations easy and influential. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and WIIFM.”

John Vinci, Field Services Coordinator, Woolworths

“The content was extremely appropriate for me. The “blow-banana” moments were the best! Michelle Bowden’s knowledge is incredible. I will use the structure, the resources, and the 4Mat technique.”

Ketan Lathia, State Installation Manager – Refrigeration WA, Woolworths

“I loved the good environment – well structured and well presented. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, Storyboarding, POO.” 

Graham Manning, Service Team Leader, Woolworths   

“Michelle is a great influencer! I loved learning about myself – opportunity via feedback. I loved doing this as a team. I also loved the presentation delivery strategies. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat,  the offer from Michelle for ongoing contact. I can use this at work and at home.”

Nathan Golley, State Facilities Manager, Woolworths

“I loved it! I especially loved the value that it created for me – humongous. I will use everything.”

Rajat Shah, Senior Compliance Auditor & Investigator, Woolworths

“Great info. Very useful tips, tools and techniques. Winning formula or structure to improve communication. I will use everything!”

James Cooke, Asset Manager, Woolworths

“I loved everything! Especially the content, learning techniques, the enthusiasm, motivation, concepts, stories. Great sessions for full the 2 days. I’ll definitely be reading the book and watching the video and everything Michelle sent us. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and POO. Huge thank you! I loved the feeling I got from this masterclass!”

Valerie Lagos, Field Services Coordinator SA & NT, Woolworths

“I loved the great detail, great plans and structure. I will use the 4Mat, 5 Step Analysis, WIIFM, and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Marcus Painter, Asset Specialist, Woolworths

“It was enjoyable. I loved how the information was provided professionally. I was captivated throughout the whole two days. I will use the process and structure to assist with my presentation from slide presentations through to emails.”

Michael Degioia, Facilities Manager, Woolworths

“I loved that I got to know what I did not know. I can be more confident in my presentations. I know how to adapt to my audience. I will be able to help my team/store manager to be more engaged and encouraged by what was taught.”

Gavin Barnard, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“The energy Michelle displayed was infectious. She is clearly very knowledgeable, passionate, and caring and this sets the tone and makes it easier to learn and relate. I will use hopefully all – definitely will use the various processes and linguistics day to day and especially in presentations.”

Andrew Crump, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“Fantastic, Wonderful! I loved the content and skills for presenting as well as the life skills that I will take away from Michelle. This program has re-energised me to LOVE presenting and improving. I also loved Michelle’s style.”

Trudy Devereux, Estee Lauder

“Where do I start? They say first impressions are everything…so being greeted on Monday morning by the warm and pretty smile of Michelle with her bright flowers and fun energy gives you an idea of what this was like for me.  A safe, respectful environment to grow, learn and receive honest feedback, rewarding praise and facilitated by the country’s best speaker/trainer/author – plus mother, charity support and shall I continue…?  The dynamic of the group was so cool!”

Jade Hardy, Digital Marketing Coordinator & TVSN Presenter, Caruso’s Natural Health

“I loved the content, structure, delivery and how engaging Michelle is.  I also loved the easy to follow steps and that I am not so nervous – I’ve removed this obstacle.  Thank you so much for my late addition.  I really appreciate what you have done for me and my future.”

Michelle Young, Managing Director,  POP UP Cosmetics

“I loved soooo much!!  Structure and stagecraft.  It gave me hope that I can improve.  I would definitely recommend for all of our staff – hang on, we already have!”

Kelly Pumpa, Human Resources Director, Revlon

“I loved every second of this masterclass. The agenda was jam packed and I now feel like I have all the tools to deliver a fantastic presentation, every time. I have lots to work on but I feel very motivated. Very inspiring and so practical, anyone can use the steps and tricks. I will use everything I have! Especially the structuring of the presentation, breathing and extending when I present.”

Laura Hallin, Marketing Manager, Woolworths

“I loved EVERYTHING! WOW!  Thank you Michelle.  The program was run in an enthusiastic, fun, yet supportive and nurturing environment.  Your knowledge came off so easy and even though you are the expert, you never made us feel like you were “better” than us.  You only ever empowered us to do our best and realise not everything is about us.  Useful tips in good amounts of knowledge to ensure it is in our mind longer.  Fantastic, fabulous, sensational!  The take home booklet, USB and the program will be utilised in the future, not just the present.”

Simone Barrance, Caruso’s Natural Health

“I loved the tools, layout, that it all clicked on day two. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and Storyboard.” 

Scott McCarthy, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“I loved the structure. Having a Persuasion Blueprint, 5-Step Analysis, and 4Mat process will make it so much easier to put together and deliver a presentation. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 5-Step Analysis and 4Mat process will lead me back to digest the info.”     

Matt Steer, Assistant State Manager VIC/TAS, Woolworths

“I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and Storyboarding (Agile). The energy was awesome. The joy on my team’s face enjoying doing the Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass. A well- structured series of formulas to enable our storytelling and persuasive skills.”

Jason Kavanagh, State Manager VIC/TAS, Woolworths

“Delivery was excellent. Content was amazing. Environment was fun, safe, and I felt comfortable to be open to myself. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat, POO, and icebreakers.”

Dave Stott, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“I loved that the masterclass is building my knowledge and confidence with the amazing course structure. I will use the mouse pad!! The 13-step process in all facets of my work. Very challenging but very rewarding.”

Scott Milburn, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“I loved that the masterclass is informative and useful in all aspects of life. I will use the masterclass as much as I can.”

Anthony Rogers, Technical Support Specialist, Woolworths

“Never done a PowerPoint presentation before and now I have been given the tools to use effectively. I loved the Persuasion Blueprint. I will use the 4Mat, 5-Step Analysis, and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Glen Strudwick, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“I will be able to apply practical learnings from this course in my everyday work as well do the detailed work on prepping for better outcomes. I will use all from this masterclass – the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, rapport, and POO.”

Danny Crofts, National Services Manager, Woolworths

“Great content! I will use all from this masterclass.”   

Jason King, Senior Asset Manager, Woolworths

“The energy across the two days was exciting!  I was blown away after day 1.  Michelle is inspiring, positive and reassuring.  I felt so positive after day one and I couldn’t wait for day two!  Hands down the best training I have ever done.  I vow to change the way I plan, present and connect with my colleagues, family and friends from this day forward.”

Mel Cunningham, QLD State Manager, Woolworths

“Michelle is amazing at delivering a course on a topic that can be so uncomfortable. I have been given the tools to build and present persuasively and I know I will use it after these 2 days. The abundance of support from Michelle is amazing. The tools provided will be used from emails to meetings and presentations. I will use the 4Mat, Storyboarding, 5-Step Analysis, and Persuasion Blueprint. Thank you! This is the most beneficial course I’ve done.”

Danielle Attard, Contracts Manager, Woolworths

“I have just learnt there are 13 easy steps I can follow to provide me with the skills to present to any audience. I would like to thank Jane and Jasmin for the opportunity to participate in the course and for believing this would benefit me. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat, Storyboarding, Pacing and Leading. Everything really.”

Warren Small, Facilities Management Specialist, Woolworths

“Very engaging presenter, Michelle was extremely high energy, great handouts and content to take away. Michelle was very approachable and willing to provide extra detail if needed. I will definitely use most of the info, 4Mat, icebreaker, and Persuasion Blueprint.”   

Deborah Trofa, Compliance Manager, Woolworths

“The in-depth engagement from Michelle is nothing but 1st class, also her willingness to bring the best out of myself and the class was amazing. I will use the Storyboarding and structure.”

Aaron Bennett, Service Team Leader/Refrigeration Tech, Woolworths

“I loved everything! The information was incredible. I’m looking forward to reading the books and implementing everything I’ve learned. I will implement hopefully everything but particularly icebreakers, 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, Storyboarding, Pacing & Leading, POO and thinking about my slides in a different way to make them more visually interesting.”

Renee Jonas, Licensing and Contracts Compliance Coordinator, Woolworths


“I loved the amount of interaction and how much information was shared with the team to be successful in the future. I will be using the Storyboarding. I now have the ability to feel more confident when presenting by having more structure.”

Jason Trofa, Field Services Coordinator, Woolworths

“Pushed me beyond my comfort zone and in to a place of confidence that I didn’t know I had. The content was easy to follow and the learning stylle was engaging. Extending the self, more direct “click”, eye contact, better eye contact during Google meetings online.”

Kylie Watson, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“I loved the ‘out of the box’ thinking that completely changed the way I think about structuring presentations. Michelle is a warm, authentic, dedicated presenter who brings the best out of each individual. Big thanks to Jane and Jasmine for organising. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and the offer from Michelle to vet future Blueprints.”

Brent Allum, State Facilities Management Manager, NSW/ACT, Woolworths

“WOW where do I start. Michelle is an outstanding facilitator and it was such an honour to attend and learn so many skills from her to use going forward to achieve greater results at work. I will use EVERYTHING!!! 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, icebreakers, and all the tools shared during the class.”

Sarah Tutty, Services Specialist, Woolworths

“The team LOVED the two days. Some finding it overwhelming but excellent, and others thriving every minute of the session. We are thrilled with the changes we are seeing in those that have attended, the language being used across the business, the energy being shared across the business. The confidence in our people presenting is such a joy to witness.  Thank you for being you and doing what you do! We are a better business for it.”


Branka Macura, HR Director, SouthTrade International

“I loved all of the different tools and strategies and how they each work together to create a better presentation. I loved that it challenged me. I will use the 4Mat, pacing-leading, Storyboarding, and extending myself.”

James Aslanis, NSW Service Team Leader, Woolworths


“I thoroughly enjoyed Michelle’s energy and her ability to keep us interested and motivated throughout the four days of the course. The handouts, reading material and other props made it easier to follow along – she’s also provided a lot of extra material, tips, and the means to contact her which is supportive. I will continue to use the Persuasion Blueprint and will refine each step with upcoming presentations. I will also make it a habit to use the 4Mat theory when engaging with my team, lead and other stakeholders. I will also practice on the technicalities of the delivery by making sure the transition between “sharing the screen” and “speaking to your audience” is smooth and by ensuring that the slides/visuals are the best way to reinforce the message. Thanks Michelle, we’ve covered a lot during this masterclass, and I know we’ll all do it justice in our upcoming presentations!”

Francois Filippi, Marketing Effectiveness (D&A) – Senior Ecomm Analyst, Endeavour Group


“I have had a decade-long career, and this is easily the best training course outside my core skills as a statistician/analyst.”

Alok Sharma, Senior Marketing Analyst, Personalisation Analytics, Endeavour Group


” I loved the clear, engaging, methodical manner in which Michelle taught the course. The useful tools that we will be able to apply to our future presentations. Great to have easy access to resources. I will use all of it! I will especially use the 4Mat method and the pacing out objections strategy.”

Michelle Cohn, Senior Analyst – Retail Analytics, Endeavour Group

“It was energetic and very informative! I will use everything I can if possible from this masterclass.”

Grant Condon, NSW Service Team Leader, Woolworths


“I will use everything I learnt from this course. I loved the learning content and that I now have the ability to present better.”

 David Buckland, Service Team Leader, Woolworths

“The masterclass was very engaging – not a moment of boredom. It was incredibly useful and entertaining. Learned more than I ever thought I would. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, POO, pace and lead, building rapport, and 5-Step Analysis. It made presenting something I now look forward to.”

Olivia McLeod, Marketing Executive, South Trade


“Nice mix of discussion, roleplay, activity and observation. Good structure of program across 2 days. Michelle is so lovely, inclusive, warm, and informative. I will use all resources, book – how to present, and Michelle’s Linkedin.”

Rebecca Choi, Brand Manager, South Trade

Michelle is fantastic!  A wonderful, insightful person with so much charisma.  I loved how all of the steps learnt on day 1 fitted together to create the 13 steps; the shift in knowledge that my presentation is about my audience; my new skill set; and how including 1-2 steps in everyday life is possible and that utilising all steps all the time isn’t necessary.”

Anneke Reynolds, Nursery Manager, Glenleigh Wholesale Nursery


“I was delighted to learn the 4Mat design (useful for almost every life situation), positioning/ moving around stage, cats/dogs (understand your audience), hotspot and PowerPoint rules/moving away from relying on slides, just know your content!! Michelle you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for your abundant energy and patience!!”

Philippa Curnow, National Education Manager, Revlon


“It was exciting while learning some breakthrough methods to become more persuasive.  The two days went quickly and I learnt heaps!”

Chris de Lorenzo, De Lorenzo Hair Care


“Probably one of the most informative, engaging and above all, useful, courses I’ve ever taken part in.  Michelle is an excellent presenter and teacher.  Full of insight and fun.  I’ve learnt real world tools I can use immediately in both my professional and personal life.  I could not be happier with the time invested in the course as I know it will make all the difference.  The program is an excellent addition to my bag of tricks.  I’m so glad I have attended and will recommend it to all.”

Nic Mesker, Woolworths


“I loved the practical skills it provided that can be very easily implemented. The helpful ‘reminder tools’ such as the mouse pad plus the opportunity to present and receive feedback/constructive criticism. This masterclass made me excited to prepare and present my next presentation, a feeling I have not experienced before, thank you SO much Michelle!”

Alyce Duggan, Assistant Brand Manager, Revlon


“Wonderful! Thank you for an amazing two days. I look forward to putting what we covered into practice. Michelle was full of energy, passion and commitment to bring the best out of every person in the class. Her knowledge was outstanding! The masterclass was truly fantastic information. Thank you.”

Sarah Smith, Learning Designer, Beacon Lighting


“I absolutely loved the entire program! Michelle was an enthusiastic, engaging and informative facilitator. The content was detailed, and I loved bring able to put it into practice. Was an amazing two days! Thank you Michelle!”

Laura Middleton, Senior Brand Manager, Revlon

“I loved the structure, the presenter, and the content. I will use everything. Lots of practice and rehearsal.”

Nick Harris, National Activation Manager, South Trade


“The level of detail made this masterclass the most comprehensive session I have been a part of. What initially felt like too much to fit into 2 days was very rewarding after putting the effort in. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, and 5-Step Analysis.”

Adam Moller, National E-commerce Manager, South Trade


“The masterclass was engaging and made sense.  I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and 5-Step Analysis. The content is easy to use outside the training room.”

Rachael Walker, National Account Manager, South Trade


“Such an engaging class. The days were jam packed and there is so much to absorb. Energy remains high throughout and overall a reworking process.  I will focus on the 5-Step Analysis.”

Oscar Barton, Senior Brand Manager, South Trade

Woolies FM team members participating in presentation skills training Brisbane with Michelle Bowden in 2022

“I loved the energy, engagement, patience, knowledge, new concepts, and great delivery. My head is over full. I will use all of it, but first prepare, set myself for success, and practice in noise. I really did love it!”

Tracy Nichols, State Manager Woolworths Facilities Management NSW/ACT, Woolworths


“I will use 4Mat. I want this to become an unconscious behaviour. I loved the amount of knowledge transfer, the information and techniques taught.”

Gavin Irving, Assistant State Manager, Woolworths


“The course was relevant and entertaining. Michelle is a facilitation genius! The team got a lot out of this and I will be reviewing notes and reading the book. I will practice all 13 steps! Thanks so much!”

Glenn Flavell, National Asset & Support Manager, Woolworths

Revlon team members participating in presentation skills training Sydney with Michelle Bowden in 2015

” Thank you for the wonderful masterclass, it’s been very insightful, and I look forward to being able to naturally incorporate it into everything. I loved going through and understanding 4MAT and the Persuasion Blueprint, reviewing/reiterating each point, especially in the “why”. I also loved the great examples, i.e., different ways to do an icebreaker and the presenting and giving/receiving feedback. I will use 4Mat, the Persuasion Blueprint in thinking/writing/speaking, the linguistics for opening and closing meetings/presentations, the tips on slide design and the resources on unsplash and your videos.”

Crystal Tran, Senior Data Analyst, Endeavour Group


“I love that I have a blueprint to structure my presentations around. It is very clear, logical, and easy to put into place. I have a really good understanding of how to and why to use it. I will use the 13-point Persuasion Blueprint when setting out a presentation and also the 5 point why step. I’ll stop using words like ‘but’, ‘however’ and ‘sorry’. Thanks Michelle!!”

Jeremy Corben, Endeavour Group


“I loved the engaging content, no roleplay, and the way that Michelle used the presentation principles to teach the very same principles. I will use 4Mat, (both professionally & personally), the Persuasion Blueprint (with new focus on the 5-step analysis) and the knowledge on presentation delivery.”

Alex Bables, Data Analyst, Endeavour Group

Endeavour Group team members participating in Michelle Bowden virtual presentation skills training

“The masterclass is interactive. It pushes boundaries. I loved the real world examples. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, Storyboarding, icebreaker, 5 Step Analysis, 4Mat and framing.”

Justin West, National Account Manager, South Trade


“I loved the amount of content and easy learning format. Pacing and leading is the most interesting thing I’ve learnt and will definitely use.”

Seb Ashton, National Account Manager, South Trade


“The masterclass built foundations and then framed a really coherent structure. It’s not too heavy and the content is rich. I will use the 4Mat and Storyboarding.”

Steve Leet, National Business Manager, South Trade


“I loved the genuine takeaway and visual learning. It pushed my comfort zone without being aggressive. I will use the persuasion blueprint and slide advice.”

Helen Tarkanyi, Marketing Manager, South Trade 

“Great 2 days! I have attended many courses including doing an elective in presentation during my MBA and MQ. This was more informative and gave me a structure that I have never had before. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, and how to make slides, and building a Storyboard. I would recommend to everyone who is presenting is WFM.”

Puneet Charnalia, National WFM Proactive & Operations Manager, Woolworths


“I loved learning more about myself – it surprised me. Michelle showed me the direction and how to dig out my strengths. It’s definitely new level of communcation. I am more confident, and more determined.”

Vini Anand, Service Team Leader, Woolworths


“I loved the format and how the framing was delivered. The interactive sessions with Michelle were amazing and will be memorable. I strongly recommend my Big W team to complete the training sessions. I will use all the information and format to improve. I 100% loved the feeling I got from this masterclass.”

Ross Messina, Head of Facilities Big W, Woolworths

“I loved the 2 way communication, ideas provided, structure/methodology of presenting, challenge to present, nice group of people, good presenter and the feedback received in the course.  Worthwhile investment of time, well organised and lots of ideas to take away.”

Paul Stern, General Manager Marketing, Online & International, Kathmandu


“I loved the techniques, presenter and how practical it is.  Great working with you again Michelle!”

Melissa Toa, HR Director, Campos Coffee


“I loved practicing and getting feedback for future improvement. It was a nice small group setting. It was nice to write a lot of notes to refer to later. I loved seeing it all come together on the second day. At the start I was worried the pace was too fast as I am a process learn but it all made sense and came together on the second day.”

Jessie Ross, Key Account Manager, Revlon


“Michelle gave so many helpful tips. She covered a lot of content though it didn’t feel like it dragged on. She provided so many useful tools. The program was energetic, boundary pushing, exciting, and well worth attending.”

Matt Martin, Livestock & Supply Chain Officer, Wingham Beef


“This is a great program that includes skills that expand beyond the workplace into personal life. The tools provided help with implimentation beyond the training days. The interaction and activities were actually helpful, the techniques were not too technical, more focused on application. I loved the honesty!”

Cara Locatelli, Assistant Brand Manager, Revlon


“I loved your tips on cleaning up my own presentation skills – looking at reducing the PowerPoint and having more interaction.  I also loved the time saving planning tips that I can implement in work and personal.  Love it – you’re amazing!”

Alycia Lucas, Regional Training Manager, Ultraceuticals

Photo of Estee Lauder legends after presentation skills training with Michelle Bowden in 2014

“I loved the interaction with other members, the way Michelle made others comfortable, and that I am now able to use what we learnt in the training in real presentations. I will use the 4Mat method in my day to day activities such as emails and discussion.”

Bharatwaj Kannan, Senior Data Modeller, Endeavour Group


“Everything really clicked into place for me on the first day of presenting. I loved to see all the points we had discussed come to life and how successful some of the techniques could be when delivered well. I will use the structure to help plan presentations with difficult stakeholders. Coupled with a complete redesign of my slide development style, this will help me to manage my nerves better and deliver key points more effectively.”

Joel Hattie, Endeavour Group


“I loved Michelle’s consistent energy and enthusiasm all throughout the four sessions. Her knowledge and honesty in providing feedback or making sure people are gettingand understanding the points is wonderful. Doing this virtually is not an easy thing to do but she managed to get the points across effectively. I initially had doubts how I can apply this after the training, but the learnings are something that you can actually do and practice (not just in work but in everyday life as well). It gives you a more structured approach on how you can effectively communicate to all types of audience. I will definitely use the Persuasion Blueprint (either in full or shortened version) when presenting, in emails, or in discussions in general. It’s a good way to communicate what you want to say in a way that is clear and understandable to the audience.”

Jana Terrado, Senior Analyst, Endeavour Group


“What did I love about this masterclass? Every single thing! I strongly feel that everyone should take this Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass by Michelle Bowden to be better and persuasive in their presentations. The 4Mat method is extremely useful. The training was interactive throughout the sessions with demos and exercises at every step as we learnt each of the steps in the Persuasion Blueprint, which immensely helped us present confidently in the end. Not only did we learn about presenting better with a good flow of content, we also learnt how to be better at making effective slides for the audience and using the right gestures and body language. There is a lot to implement from this training and it requires me to make conscious efforts to not go back to the old ways of presenting, hence I will start small by trying to follow the 4Mat as much as possible so that it starts coming naturally to me. I will also make sure to follow the Persuasion Blueprint for all my presentations going forward. Can’t be happier about attending this training course, not to mention the amazing material sent to us which is going to help us lifelong!”

Sachita Agrawal, Principal Implementation & Analytics Specialist, Endeavour Group


“I’m so delighted to learn about sequence and how to become and effective presenter. I need to unlearn some old habits and embrace the effective techniques. This program was enlightening, refreshing and challenging.”

Craig Scoble, State Manager and Key Account Manager, Caruso’s Health


“Excellent. I loved the techniques, Storyboarding, 13 steps and 5-Step Analysis to work out my leading statement. Totally enjoyed it.  Got what I wanted to get out of it.”

Narinder Singh, CEO, QE Foodstores


“The energy and passion Michelle had to help us be better presenters with more persuasion was incredible. Really great tools and learning that will be realistic to put into practice. This is certainly an exceptional course.”

Debbie Gladen, National Key Account Manager, Revlon


“I loved the structure of 13 Steps; working in a small group and how interactive this program was. It was different to anything I’ve done before. I learnt so much in two days, it was perfect.”

Alana MacMillan, State Sales Manager, Caruso’s Health


“I love the clear and useful tools to take away and actually use. Michelle is an inspiring educator. This program was fun, empowering and insightful.”

Maree Knapp, Brand Manager, Revlon


“Where do I start? Michelle’s presence and warming nature made me feel at ease considering the program is incredibly outside my comfort zone. The persuasive presentation skills were delivered in easy to execute steps and I promise I will be an eagle! Thank you so much for everything.”

Jessica Harding, Sales and Marketing Executive, Estee Lauder


“This program gave me tools to perfect a structure and message for a presentation.  It highlighted reasons why I haven’t been able to deliver in the past.  Great involvement!  I’m in awe of how Michelle can facilitate this course with ease.”

Thoren Hadley, Sign Manager


“This was time well spent and I am sure it will improve my presentation skills. I liked the approach, the techniques and the simplicity of the course.”

Ajay K. Dua, Estee Lauder


“I loved that it was comprehensive and concise, and the fabulous tools to take away.  A great group size and essay environment.  Very informative content in a relaxed environment.”

Charlotte Hill, Sign Manager


“I loved the engagement with Michelle and the other members in the course.  After Michelle gives which makes it much easier to apply to my own presentations. Michelle kept it fun and engaging while teaching us a massive amount of content and giving us her incredible knowledge.”

Hayley Fitzsimons, Retail Marketing Manager, Clinique


“Wonderful, thank you for the experience. I enjoyed the way we were made to feel relaxed and comfortable. The energy was great and the information very relevant.”

Deborah Tillier, Estee Lauder


“Michelle was fabulous. I enjoyed the whole day and I have learnt so many new and exciting concepts that I am hoping to use when I next present. All the skills and tools that I have learnt today will be invaluable in business and real life.”

Susanne Pearson, Estee Lauder


“I would strongly recommend this program. It was a great day and I loved the class. I loved how Michelle was just such a fun and clear presenter. I learnt heaps.”

Marisa Catanese, Estee Lauder


“I enjoyed the course! It gave me a good understanding of the different presentation skills techniques. I love the 13 steps that will assist me in creating and doing my presentation. I initially was scared but enjoyed it at the end.”

Marciel Pimentel, Estee Lauder


“Excellent. I am now able to give presentations with confidence and more effectively.”

Julieta Gallo, Estee Lauder


“Excellent. I loved the contents of the course and the presentation’s style”

Damodar Asalla, Estee Lauder


“I loved the 13 step process for structuring a presentation, as well as learning the different types of language used to try and influence people, including presentation etiquette, posture, gestures.”

Pedro Courtinho, Estee Lauder


“I liked having a clear outline of steps to create a better presentation and most of the workshops were good.”

David Lobry, Estee Lauder


“Excellent. I loved the structure, the examples of what to do and what not to do as well as the practical knowledge of the presenter.”

Damien Markey, Estee Lauder


“This is a very effective and useful course. I loved the structured way of prepared a presentation as well as preparing yourself.”

Ram Palakonda, Estee Lauder


“Good program. I enjoyed the interaction and the main points given to present effectively.”

Belinda Louie, Estee Lauder


“I loved Michelle’s way of presenting as well as the 13 steps and the pace, pace, dance move to remember the steps. This course helped to analyse my weaknesses in presentation.”

Shireen Jahan, Estee Lauder


“The course taught me some good tools to help in building relevant presentations and to improve my techniques at delivery. Michelle was very open to questions specific to us.”

Virginia Leung, Estee Lauder


“This course provided very valuable information to help with future presentations. I loved the way Michelle presented and her passion and energy.”

Karmela Rosillo, Estee Lauder


“The program was great fun. It was easy to interact and follow. I loved how it was open and engaging while providing good tips for presenting and a great framework to follow.”

Sally Jacobs, Estee Lauder


“I loved the breadth of knowledge we received. So many tips and tricks to make me overcome my fear of presenting – thank you Michelle!  I loved every minute – would recommend to anyone that’ll listen!”

Sarah Maher, Consumer Engagement Manager, Estee Lauder


“I loved that the message was explained in a simple everyday language and the post-it flipchart being up on the wall was a good reminder.”

Linna Nguyen, HR Business Partner, Estee Lauder


“This program has been extremely helpful in outlining clear, concise steps in presenting. I loved the amazing and thorough content, Michelle is an extremely engaging presenter. She gets the point across and ensures thorough understanding”.

Jasmine Marques, Sales & Education Executive


“Incredibly interactive, no chance to lose focus and become distracted. Michelle really cares. She is sincerely with you during every steps of the program. Just wonderful”.

Mae Hobbs, Event Coordinator, Estee Lauder


“Loved It! So much to learn and take away with me. Inspiring and informative, entertaining! I loved the practice, information and gets to the ‘guts’ of best practice”.

Suzie Lightfoot, Marketing Manager, Diamonds International


“I loved that this course is a sales and presentation skills training in one.  So many valuable tips and techniques for delivering a strong message and influencing for a positive outcome.  It was fabulous!  So much learnt and gained in one day.  I highly recommend this course for anyone and any organisation that wants to improve its key messages, increase sales and be truly memorable to their customers.”

Melinda Hills, Education Manager ANZ, Ultraceuticals


“It got my brain thinking about different ways to present and influence people.  I loved the new ideas and inspiration.  Thank you.”

Louise O’Connor, Accounts Development Manager, Ultraceuticals


“I loved the Storyboarding in 15 minutes.  Everything we learnt is for a better outcome.  I will look at the magazine and read the given books.  Thank you Michelle!”

Michelle Turner, Account Development Manager, Ultraceuticals


“My highlights were the key influencing strategies, the support for learning outcomes for all learning types and the drive, energy and influential skills of Michelle.  Thank you for showing us the way of the future!”

Olivier Duvillard, General Manager, Ultraceuticals


“Very enjoyable and I feel it will support my success.  I loved that the content was broken down into manageable and digestible chunks and that it was relevant to my position.”

Emelly Simons, Account Development Manager, Ultraceuticals


“I loved the content and how it applied to our roles and the benefits it will give.  I also loved the interaction and diversity of involvement.  Loved it – thank you!”

Danielle O’Dwyer, Accounts Development Manager, Ultraceuticals


“I loved the 13-step program.  I learnt lots of new techniques and skills that I can’t wait to implement and put to use!”

Kate Huwaidi, David Jones Account Executive & National Sales Manager, Ultraceuticals


“The program was very informative, especially as I did not really understand what was going to be covered.  I loved getting an awareness of my gaps and how complacent I have become.  You have given me steps to be more confident.”

Natasha Shalfoon, State Manager (VIC & Tasmania), Ultraceuticals


“Great, now I have so many ideas to take back to my role!  I loved that it was easy to understand and relevant to my role.”

Debra Agnew, Key Account Manager- Ella Rouge, Ultraceuticals


“Michelle was fabulous and I felt at ease straight away.  I loved that it was an intimate group and the course content was fantastic!  The course structure/schedule worked well and the environment was great.  Worth the investment.  I’m feeling so much more confident and ready.”

Lisa Welsh, General Manager, Spell & The Gypsy


“I loved the clear formats, templates and steps; the warm, inviting, unintimidating learning space; and the tools to take home, plus the additional tips we can use in everyday work or personal life.  Challenging, with lots of information in an engaging environment, which made it digestible and enjoyable.  Very rewarding and skills I will keep for life.”

Caitlan Wye, Sephora


“It wouldn’t be as great nor as inspirational without Michelle’s style and leadership in presenting – Michelle makes the content amazing!  I was challenged, expired and taken out of my comfort zone.  Very worthwhile – have been given tools for life and I hope I can execute them!”

Rebecca Edwards, General Manager Human Resources & Safety, Kathmandu


“Full of energy, motivating and an extremely effective program.  I loved getting the structure and the tools to use this in my everyday life.”

Alphie Sadsad, National Artistry Lead, Sephora


“I loved everything! Michelle made me feel it is going to be okay.  I need structure and she made this easy.  Fabulous!”

Rene Herald, Director, Temple Skin Care


“I loved that Michelle educates in a way that doesn’t say, “you need to”, she says “you can!”  I have learnt so much over the last two days and I am excited to get feedback from my managers on how I have improved.  Thank you Michelle for your energy and for being such an optimistic and encouraging trainer.”

Chantal Morrill, NSW Field Training Executive, Sephora


“Michelle was very engaging, extremely knowledgeable and made you feel comfortable.  I love that this program took the time to address real ways to deal with anxiety and public speaking.  I love how complex concepts were simplified to be useable.  Great program – so much is learnt in a very short amount of time.”

Jade Isaacs, Customer Experience Executive, Sephora


“Michelle is incredible!  She’s so knowledgeable and a great teacher.  This program didn’t feel rushed and allowed time to feel confident in the content.  The content is easy to understand and apply!  Would highly recommend to other team members within Scalzo!  I feel so much more confident in my ability to present.”

Ebony Arabella, Vendor Assurance Manager, Scalzo Foods


“I love that it has made everything clear!  It gave structure and ways to overcome hurdles/barriers.  I also loved Michelle!  She brings it to life!  I love how every part of it is relevant far more than just presenting.  I will apply it to all areas!  Full content/great tools to continue learning.  All so useful!  Want to do it again!”

Kerry Stenzler, Clinique


“Michelle is amazing = pocket rocket!! I loved the content (4Mat, POO, WIIFM), energy and in 2 days we learnt so much where time just melted away.”

Kelly Taylor,  State Education Manader WA & SA, Clinique 


“I loved the structure of preparing a presentation; storyboarding; and the 5-step analysis.  Lots of information behind the reasons and the practical tools for successful presentations.”

Krista Watkins, Company Director, Natural Evolution Foods


“I loved Michelle Presentation Skills Course she is so respectful, helpful, excellent skill level! I loved the program design tools/pace, and the challenges, building rapport, and learning with other attendees from different industries. The work book is an ongoing tool that will continue to offer value for future reference.”

Danni Wade, State Education Manager, Clinique


“I loved the structure.  I can see the relevance to my job (application).  I also loved the helpful hints I can apply in my everyday work/personal life, not just in presentations, and the role plays.  Intensive – by day 2 fatigue kicked in.  The support from Michelle post-course is fantastic.  Tools of the trade are invaluable.”

Anna Dinioti, Revlon


“This program completely challenged me in terms of changing the way I prepare and deliver effective presentations in terms of the audience, and not focusing on myself as the presenter.  Always review the 13 steps!  Challenging, energetic, informative, engaging and interesting.”

Jennelle Meyer, Brand Manager, Revlon


“Loved it! I loved that it was engaging, informative, useful with great use of real life case studies (our own examples and presentations) to facilitate learning and real improvement.  It made me feel like I have gained invaluable skills to apply to work.”

Radina Blanus, Revlon


“I loved everything!  Lots of things to take away from this course which I know I will use in both work and personal life.  Most importantly, how to overcome nerves and be the best version of yourself.  Michelle, you are a fantastic presenter.  Very inspiring and extremely likeable!!  Thank you!”

Nicole Moi, Revlon


“I loved 13 steps and 4Mat.  Engaging and interactive but not too confronting.  The course was very informative, engaging and I feel I have learnt a lot of techniques that i could use daily and to help prepare presentations to overcome nerves.”

Lyndall Cortis, Frostbland


“I loved the small group – interactive.  Michelle’s training has changed my way of presenting moving forward.  Has made me think out of the square.  Such a wonderful trainer!  Enjoyable, informative and everlasting.”

Sheryl Osborn, Revlon


“Was fun and engaging.  Built confidence.  Felt 2 days was not quite enough in terms of amount of material covered.  I loved building up confidence and learning to structure a presentation.”

Paul Yoo, Revlon


“Really helped me to organise ideas and present them in a proper way.  Also outstanding techniques and personalised suggestions.  Great value for employees and of course for Revlon.”

Maria Ponelli


“I love that it gave me a model for future presentations and gave me an idea of my strengths and where I can improve.  Great training course.  I am happy I got a change to attend.  I am leaving knowing how I can become a more persuasive presenter.”

Divya Chatterje, Revlon


“I loved the clear, concise, structured flow and the real life tips that helped me identify what I have been doing and not doing.  I enjoyed the interactive workshop style – it made learning so much fun.  Fantastic awesome program, every personnel should be doing it.”

Annie Duong, Revlon


“I feel this course has helped me to layout presentations and how to deliver to different audiences.  I loved the little tips and tricks and the 13 Step method to conduct a presentation.  Michelle was fantastic.”

Ed Falls, Revlon


“I loved Michelle’s energy: so honest and happy to answer all questions.  The 13 steps are amazing: best thing I learnt.  Amazing tips, i.e. flip chart use, passive concert and BFO’s.”

Olga Paraskevas, Revlon


“Michelle is a great, engaging trainer.  Loved the textas, very memorable!  The program taught me the real purpose of a presentation – it’s more than a PowerPoint!  It gave me a framework for presentations that will help me have clear direction.  It’s given me real confidence going forward.”

Sonia Gouveia, Revlon


“I loved everything – Michelle was amazing and the techniques were really helpful.  Amazing, very engaging.  Michelle was really amazing.  The best corporate training I’ve ever been to.”

Tamara Mitchel, Brand Manager, Revlon


“I’m so glad I was asked to do this course.  I am happy to have seen my room for improvement.  I loved Michelle, the steps, the feedback and the energy.”

Simone Cunico, Revlon


“Michelle was engaging and motivating.  I loved the clear steps for a presentation, language during presentations, stance, PowerPoint, storyboard, icebreakers and the 5-step analysis.”

Ashleigh Latto,  Revlon


“I loved Michelle, of course!  This Masterclass set up a great structure for me to follow in so many areas of my work and also my personal life.  I loved the small group, which made it easier and a more enjoyable learning experience.  Michelle is brilliant, motivating and most inspiring – love ya guts!”

Felicity Downes-Casipit, Naturopath, Caruso’s Health


“My nerves always set me back and I felt I was able to go through the course and then present without the nerves.  I loved learning 4Mat, storyboarding, pacing and leading and 13 steps.  Michelle makes you feel like you are capable of anything.”

Niki Horan, Kathmandu


“I loved everything!!! Simplified the how and where to start in presenting by introducing me to the systems. LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelle. Se is someone who I will always remember. I will aspire to be as motivating, clear and energetic as Michelle.”

Carly Ward, State Education Manager QLD, Clinique


“I loved the combination of theory and practice, small class size, and being given the template/framework that brought everything we learnt together and applicable to use for any presentation going forward.  Very comprehensive.  Michelle was an engaging facilitator.”

Phoebe White, Clinique


“I loved the great participation opportunities with high energy to keep us engaged and clearly explained steps to great presentation skills. It all feels easy now.  All the advice and documentation is very practical and feels easy to connect to my day to day role.”

Stephen Arnold, Woolworths


“I loved everything!  Very useful course and I got a lot out of it.  From 5 step analysis, 4Mat, 13 step process, extending the self, presenting and delivery skills.  Felt like I came out equipped with resources to be a better presenter.  Michelle is fantastic!  Such a fantastic course – definitely recommend!  Interactive, useful, got a chance to present, resources, and no role play.  Michelle is a fantastic facilitator and presenter.”

Evette Sanders, Woolworths


“This is hands down the most relatable and meaningful course I have done in my career.  I have practical and workable models to take back and make me a more valuable person for Woollies. I loved the tools and models – practical, useable examples of how we can take them back to our workplace.  It was engaging and meaningful – all content and honest discussions.  I also loved the practical presentation tips and advice – simple and meaningful.”

Sarah De La Mar, Woolworths


“Michelle is warm and welcoming.  I felt comfortable that I was in good, safe hands.  The content was logical, but delivered in a way that everyone could understand, recall and use.  The session was interactive but NOT filled with useless exercises and role-play.  Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend.”

Bianca Milne, Woolworths


“Michelle delivered the info in a fun and easy to digest format.  I loved that it was practical – we put what we were learning into actions straight away with live feedback.  The end of the program isn’t the end of the learning with lots of other resources available.  Great and engaging course.  I learnt a lot of things I can apply in both my professional and personal life.”

Vanessa Tin, Woolworths


“I loved that the engaging content, activities, practicing and the engaging presenter.  The first course I have been to where I did not feel I dozed off or lost interest. An exceptional course.  Fantastic catering.  Outstanding facilitator.”

Paula Carnevale, Woolworths


“Engaging, practical, interactive, relevant, not boring (great pace), informative.  A fantastic course, not just for persuasive presentations but being persuasive in all aspects of life.”

Paul Stibbard, Woolworths


“I loved that it took us out of our shell and we never felt embarrassed because we were all in the same boat and just supported each other.  There was always feedback and answers to questions.  A great program – intense but fulfilling.”

Angela Moscoso, Woolworths


“I loved everything!  I know I am a confident presenter, but learning tools to properly form my presentation through the use of 4Mat, Storyboarding and 13 steps – I honestly feel like a brand new woman and I am so proud of what I have achieved today.  I will definitely be teaching my team, showing them the modules and trying to influence how Woolworths marketing present in the future.  Bloody loved it!”

Aysha Down, Woolworths


“Amazing, useful content that we can all implement into our personal and professional lives.  I loved the great venue and great catering.  Michelle was amazing!  Great that it was a small group of 10.  Challenging but so rewarding. I would definitely recommend too others.”

Jessica Vertellini, Woolworths


“The program opened me up to a lot of techniques and processes to succeed in public speaking situations/presentations.  It’s inspired me to present in as many forms as possible and apply the theories and techniques where possible.”

Marlyn Awadalla, Woolworths


“I loved that the program made me comfortable; was easy to understand; was fun and simple; had so many examples so you can really understand; and was a really supportive culture.  Fantastic in every way.”

Josephine Hasrouny, Woolworths


“I loved the structured information in a clear and easy to follow 4Mat.  I also loved pacing and leading. Very full on, but not unbearably so. Very beneficial.”

Brent Richmond, Woolworths


“I loved just how much I learnt for life over a two day period.  I won’t ever forget what Michelle has taught us.  Most worthwhile two days.  Michelle is a breath of fresh air, so knowledgeable and life-changing.  Thank you so much!”

Jess Syam, Woolworths


“I loved the amazing content; Michelle’s energy; and that it was actionable and useable.  I would definitely recommend.”

James Pick, Woolworths


“Very structured, informative, good content, practical, task oriented and easy to learn.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program.  I have learnt a lot in the last 2 days when it comes to presentation skills.”

Ram Radhakrishnan, Woolworths


“Presented in a way to build confidence – the tools and concepts are easy to understand and link together.  The welcoming room creates a good vibe.  Great day structure.  Good catering too.”

Loretta Arrasha, Woolworths


“Worth it.  Engaging, clear, colourful and fun, great presenter, excellent learning process and subject matter. Highly recommended.”

Joe Mouawad, Woolworths


“I loved Michelle! And the extending yourself techniques are really something I’ll take with me forever.  I’ve always dreaded speaking and presenting and now with 13 steps I can finally feel prepared and confident.  Thank you!  Amazing.  Would definitely recommend.”

Morgan Fletcher, Woolworths


“Exceptionally powerful for formal presos at work, informal communications at work and in fact communications in life. I loved the takeaway tools; frameworks; Michelle’s style – dynamic and energetic; varied practice; safe/encouraging environment.”

Jo Rose, Woolworths


“I love that the program applied to my role.  It was structured and interactive.  Great delivery, super useful information.”

Melanie McPherson, Woolworths


“Michelle’s energy is infectious.  She delivers content in a highly engaging way that has left me wanting to take away these techniques and start using them immediately. I loved learning techniques and models to structure my key thoughts into a logical and persuasive format.  I also loved the fun, energy and confidence it gave me.”

Warwick Simpson, Woolworths


“Fantastic! Michelle was able to take us on a journey on a topic that is uncomfortable for most but managed to make it comfortable and rewarding I loved the practical advice and personal improvement plan, and the easy to follow and really good facilitator.”

Menreet Kaur, Woolworths


“I loved the structured and logical content of the course; the practical examples; and the practical hands-on.  Great, fun, worthwhile and engaging.”

Mark Logan, Woolworths


“I would highly recommend this program for people/team members on all levels.  Thank you!  The program allowed me to focus on myself.  It gave me tool which I can’t wait to use in my every day work and even personal life.  I stepped outside of my ‘everyday Liz’ to really extend myself, even with the nerves.”

Elizabeth Dewar, Woolworths


“The presenter was persuasive and convincing.  I feel more confident for future presentations if I apply the steps that I learnt from the two days.  I have learnt the amazing 13-step structure to follow.  A good program but probably I feel a bit too advanced for me.”

Ivy Yeo, Woolworths


“Thank you so much. I loved the content covered – gives structure to a presentation that covers all the bases.  I loved creating a presentation based on it and despite the nerves I was so glad to present and get feedback on it and on me. I’m excited to put it into practice!”

Rachel Sultana, Woolworths


“I loved the solid theory combined with practical tools.  Michelle made it engaging and it sped by!  I barely thought about work!  I loved seeing my team learn and I also loved challenging myself to change habits.  The offer for future support is really helpful so that it’s not just a one-off”.

Cassie Wheeler, Woolworths


“It was so insightful and fun at the same time.  The skills taught in the course are skills that are so beneficial not only for presentations but for everyday life.  I learnt so much in this short period of time without being overwhelmed.  It also helped me to bond with and appreciate my colleagues that I don’t otherwise work closely with.  Michelle was fantastic and engaging.”

Amber Hawke, Woolworths


“I loved that it was energetic; extremely educational; and personalised to the group (each individual presented).  Michelle is great!  I also loved the 13 Step process to follow and the support after the program.  Day one food could be better.  Life changing.  Location is great.  Very useful.”

Chris Cheung, Woolworths


“Amazing.  Super fun. I loved the interactivity; being able to present and get real time feedback; learning to calm the nerves; techniques to remember what we learnt; the fact that it is outside of the office; small group of colleagues; practical skills and lots of materials to remember and apply the skills.”

Daisy Smith, Woolworths


“I loved learning the valuable techniques that I’ll be able to use in my presenting, emails and everyday conversations.  Michelle was a captivating presenter, thorough teacher and extremely effective at getting her point across.  I loved how we got to receive individual feedback on our presentation.”

Efrosini Savidis, Woolworths


“I loved learning new ways to present ideas, storyboarding, learning new things about yourself and finding ways to improve.  Engaging, well-taught program and lots of experience from Michelle Bowden.  Thank you!”

Michelle Low, Woolworths


“Really good course.  Engaging and interesting.  Should be useful in upcoming presentations. A good process to use in the future.”

Iain Third, Woolworths


“Love, love, love this program.  I loved the clear framework; inclusive atmosphere; good location; engaging presenter (Michelle) and I liked the group I attended with. Thanks Michelle!”

Alison Dim, Woolworths


“I loved the interaction and the facilitator (very passionate).  It was very well structured and was easy to follow and understand the next steps (homework).  I also loved the small group of 9 – easier to learn.  Great content – can actually use it.”

Nour Kamal, Woolworths


“Michelle is a great, engaging and uplifting presenter. I am super impressed by the additional things we received (content and support), and that we are able to ask for support in the future. I loved that the steps actually flowed and had purpose.  It was great that we actually got to present as this helped us to utilise what we had been taught and receive constructive criticism.”

Zoe Johnson, Woolworths


“10/10. I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and knowledge; that I learnt so much; it was fun; it wasn’t boring.”

Nicole Smith, Campos Coffee


“Engaging, funny and different to the many courses I’ve already attended.  A good balance of interaction and presentations in front of the group.”

Peter Hartnett, Campos Coffee


“I loved the enthusiasm, knowledge and practical implementation of tools.  It was informative and humorous.”

Duncan Purvis, Campos Coffee


“I loved Michelle’s energy, the way she communicates and everything that I learnt.  I’m so happy I can walk away with effective tools to communicate with the people around me.”

Lisa Dollimore, Campos Coffee


“Excellent!  I loved the trainer (A++) and awesome content.  I learnt so much.”

Mary-An Urquhart, Campos Coffee


“I loved not using “but” or “however”; the storyboarding; the closing statement.  Good to have eliminate presentation fears early.”

Elliot Hudson, Campos Coffee


“Fun! Educational! Inspiring!  I loved the very structured explanation and solution to communicational issues at workplaces as well as other aspects of one’s life.  A useful tool was given to handle different situations.”

Clara Cheng, Campos Coffee


“Michelle’s passion during the whole time was priceless.  Her energy was the biggest factor in ensuring this program was such a legend.  Thanks Michelle for the awesome tips.”

Da-Jeong Choi, Campos Coffee


“What I loved is the amount of information that I was given on how to communicate more efficient and better with customers and staff.   Loved learning how to pace and poo and use ‘because’ a lot more.  Amazing! Learnt a lot.  Thanks Michelle.”

Manny Nooroa, Campos Coffee


“I loved how things were presented in a simple and fun way to understand and implement in our personal and professional life.  I also loved the new tools and team bonding with Sydney and Melbourne staff because I had a great time with many.  Everything was awesome, thanks so much.”

Guillaume Orcel, Campos Coffee


“I loved that it was fun, interactive and informative.”

Jack Jian, Campos Coffee


“The program gave me time to think about how to handle conflicts with certain personalities that I find a major struggle.  I love that each of the strategies were able to be summarised with ease.  Remembering the strategies will make them easy to teach.  It was a good program to perform with teammates.  An excellent display of the taught techniques.”

Patrick Dann, Campos Coffee


“I loved the energy, content and clarity.  The clear messages were very well delivered.”

Jono Shingo, Campos Coffee


“Love it!  I loved that it was encouraging, structured and practical. I feel this makes me a better and more complete person.”

Dan Audy, Campos Coffee


“Really entertaining to followup.  Super fun and valuable lesson to implement!”

Daniel Park, Campos Coffee


“Fun and energetic.  I loved the enthusiasm and involvement.  I really valued the comfort and atmosphere created.”

Loren Pearma, Campos Coffee


“When I really need someone to do something I can now avoid argument and make it happen very efficiently.  It was nice and easy to learn this method.”

Jiyoon Son, Campos Coffee


“I loved the practical and effective tools to improve communication techniques.  Casual and great sense of humour.  Very enjoyable learning experiment.”

Ray Vella, Campos Coffee


“Informative and engaging.  Michelle is inspiring and funny.  I loved the well-structured content and the team experience.”

Min Zhang, Politix


“This program was very engaging and practical in developing skills for presenting and delivery.  Michelle was a fantastic coach who had paced the program in a very effective manner and ensured everyone was involved.  Feedback from both team and Michelle was very insightful and useful and I look forward to using the new skills to improve on my presentations and help further my career.  A fantastic program – I would definitely recommend to everyone.  The class was very engaged and inspired to improve and do better.”

Carmen Ly, Product Marketing Manager, Estee Lauder


I didn’t think a presentation skills training course could teach me anymore than I had already learnt in other courses. I merely thought it would remind and reinvigorate. Boy was I wrong!! Michelle’s technique is fun and memorable. The course provides real life tools you can put into practice the very next day to boost confidence and conviction when presenting.  Thank you Michelle!”

Marisa Laria, Senior Brand Manager, Revlon


“Fun, engaging content, lovely presenter (Michelle) and useful tips.  A really intuitive program – insightful and useful.”

Jennifer Lu – Product Marketing Manager, Estee Lauder


“I loved Michelle’s knowledge and insights, the depth/thorough explanations, engaging/motivating environment and that I actually came out with what I came here for!  Excellent! I loved getting out of my comfort zone and flying!”

Trent Samuels, Woolworths


“Inspiring, engaging and so informative.  I did not believe I would learn this much in 2 days.  I’m so excited to put what I have learnt into practice.  Highly recommend this course to anyone – I wish my English family and friends could attend.  I don’t feel as stressed about an upcoming presentation I have with EXCO.  Looking forward to putting it into practice, especially in front of my manager.  Thank you for the power!  You are eccentric and fabulous in every way.  I hope I meet you again.”

Lauren Barber, Woolworths


“I loved the great structure, fantastic concepts, and knowledgeable presenter. I feel better prepared to present in future.”

Jason McQuaid, Head of Business – dairy, deli and bakery, Woolworths


“I loved the structure, flow and order.  I was looking for a step-by-step guide to crafting a presentation and this delivered in spades!  I also loved the language, voice, stance and eye whites – a great bonus!”

Greg Fairey, Woolworths


“The structure will set me up for success!  Michelle’s energy and experience enabled me to learn her model in 2 days.  I feel empowered to grow.  I loved the group activities and examples.  I loved how Michelle kept me engaged and was so positive.”

Louise Taylor, Woolworths


“Michelle rocks!  I loved that it was engaging and taught practical skills.  It was fun and pushed me out of my comfort zone.  Michelle was very warm.  I look forward to using 4Mat.”

Jaime Brock, Woolworths


“I loved learning a whole lot of expert skills to significantly improve what I thought I was good at.  A very worthwhile and beneficial course – all team members should improve.”

Cameron Jenkins, Woolworths


“The energy, logical planning and the content was just so helpful.  I really enjoyed not only learning it all, actually practicing it and getting real feedback.”

Tiana Manticos, Woolworths


“A great program.  I loved the motivation, energy, Michelle and structure. Very intense but effective.”

Michelle Carfrae, Woolworths


“Engaging – a lot towards the end.  I learned practical things and focused on self.”

Lauren Kelly, Woolworths


“This program inspired confidence.  Whilst there is a lot, the structure is easy to follow.  The simple tips and tricks are fab and these are common mistakes that feed the “boring” perception that I want to change.  Michelle, you are great.  The content is amazing and both days were engaging and inspiring.  I cannot find a single fault!”

Kirsty Payne, HR Business Partner, Estee Lauder


“I loved the inspiring and engaging presentation – made the skills relevant and relatable to all scenarios of both work and life.  I also loved the good mix of theory and practice and the dynamic.  I feel motivated and undaunted by a skill I previously would always be the first to say I wasn’t confident in doing, or would shy away from.”

Louisa Penney, Estee Lauder


“I loved the interactive nature of the day, the multiple different topics and examples of how to use them.  Michelle is and amazing presenter and made me feel so comfortable.  Michelle is great at adapting the material for our working situations so we can apply it easily!”

Lauren Manuel, Woolworths


“I loved 4Mat and storyboarding – it really showed me where I was missing areas.  Also, the linguistics aspect and how to use words to be persuasive.  Informative, inclusive and it got everyone engaged.”

Stephanie Milne-Jones , Woolworths


“I loved the format of how to create a whole presentation, and the techniques to be more confident at presentations.”

Loriann Tapia, Woolworths


“Michelle is a great speaker and this course has been brilliant.  I loved everything!  The course has given me the confidence and skill set to use in my job.  Informative and empowering.  Michelle, you were amazing! Thank you.”

Philip Lowe, Woolworths


“I love the structure it creates for the pre-presentation process as well as the presentation.  I am really looking forward to using what I’ve learnt.  Michelle you are great!”

Natasha Arora, Woolworths


“Fabulous presenter!  I loved 4Mat, storyboarding, POO and the great energy. Loved all of it – thank you!”

Daniel Kyle, Woolworths


“I really enjoyed the training.  I think I will benefit a lot in not only work but all aspects of life.  Michelle was an amazing teacher/trainer.  I loved the interaction, practice sessions, structure and concepts.”

Tamara Pavlovic, Woolworths


“I loved learning 4Mat and the best way to get a persuasive presentation.  I also loved the key takeouts like making a storyboard and using ‘because’ and placing in second positon.  Very informative and easy to use.”

Jessica Mooney, Woolworths


“A great program that was full of energy.  Lots of learnings.  The presenter/trainer was amazing!  So much fun.  Loved the 13 steps.”

Jasleen Lamba, Woolworths


“The content and structure was amazing.  Michelle made the learning fun and engaging.  Great tips for presenting, engaging content. Michelle was amazing!”

Malavika Khanna, Woolworths


“Michelle, you are a wealth of knowledge.  Thank you for teaching us so much which not only can we apply at work but in our everyday lives.  The program has been very informative and engaging.  I loved learning how to frame a presentation, 4Mat, linguistics (what to say and not to say) and the 5-step analysis.”

Sherryann Utan, Woolworths


“I loved the speed, pace, examples and Michelle herself – very real, funny and a credible expert in her field.  Very practical with lots of tips and techniques.”

Caroline Crabtree, Woolworths


“I enjoyed a fresh take in presentation skills that had a lot of relevancy and content that I can use in my everyday.  A great program with great content, great presenter and energy.”

Jasleen Lamba, Woolworths

Woolworths team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training July 2022

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