Professional Services Testimonials

Michelle has run her 2-day Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass over 950 times across industry for over 12,000 people. Everyone who attends leaves delighted! We hope you will join us and dramatically improve the way you present and influence in business.

Here’s what past participants have said: 

“Simply stunning! Michelle’s approach and delivery of Persuasive  Presentation Skills is a revelation in facilitated programs. Energetic, professional and highly engaging! People here are talking about it and using Michelle’s techniques from Day 1. No more death by PowerPoint – just relevant, engaging, powerful messages.”

Steve Elliott, Partner, Deloitte Consulting

 “I loved the experience Michelle shared, clear frameworks that can be practically applied, mix of attendees and experience, and the encouraging and supportive environment. I will use everything! I will focus on connecting with second position and building rapport. I’ll be sure to send some of the team along to future sessions!”

Alison Holloway, Chief Executive Officer, SGS Economics and Planning

“Michelle is an exceptional presenter and trainer. I still use the techniques taught in the course and WIIFMs to validate verbal and written communications. I highly recommend doing the presentation skills course with Michelle.”

Charu Agarwal, Manager, Deloitte

“Incredible program! I loved the 5 step analysis and 13 step plan. It removes the stress from writing presentations. Also 4Mat brainstorming is so powerful for life. Language modelling was amazing, truisms, building rapport – all AMAZING! I was not bored once. Michelle is very engaging and vivacious. She is very pragmatic but also provided more abstract advice.”

Tim Baker, Engineering Consultant, FG Advisory

“I loved the 13 steps – it was clear to follow and understand.  I also loved reinforcing the key learning, and the homework helped in further understanding the key concepts.  Scintillating!”

Chinmay Ananda, Finance Academy

“I really appreciated the energy and engagement with each participant, especially the little details such as remembering names and back stories.  Really enjoyed the workshop.  Very engaging.  I loved the practical strategies for preparing a presentation and the tangible framework I can implement.”

Joshua Dillon, KPMG

“Fantastic!  Will be important to continue to draw on over time.  I loved the structure of the concepts; energy of delivery by Michelle; that the concepts and examples are practical and there are also clear links to the theory.”

James McAtamney, KPMG

“A brilliant program! I loved the specific nature of the techniques, for example: to maintain eye contact until the next sentence in your presentation. I enjoyed learning the science behind the impact of different language patterns and learning why not to use the word “but”. I enjoyed mixing the presentations amongst the learning as well as not having to do role plays!”

Michelle Hone, Port Jackson Partners

“Great presenter – learned a lot.  I loved the process of creating an effective presentation; the insight into human behaviour and how to identify, plan and cater to a diverse audience; and the framework guiding an effective presentation.  Thank you!”

Mohammed Ali, KPMG

“It provides a structure to work on, so you can focus on the actual content. I thought it was very helpful and addressed some of my own questions.   I loved the hints and tips for your daily life.”

Renato Longo, KPMG

“A comprehensive class on analysis and design.  I loved the energy; that it gave realistic useable tools and methodologies to use at work; the practical examples; the great presenter and the great ‘add on’ material to refer to after the course.”

Alyse Sue, KPMG

“Very useful and helpful for delivering presentations.  I loved the structure for presentations.”

Andrew Wong, KPMG

“Well run – Michelle is passionate and entertaining.  I loved the structure, models and the practical application of these models.”

Stephen Law, KPMG

“Awesome, but annoyed I didn’t do this 1 or 2 years ago!  I loved the tools I can actually use, and the presenter’s passion.”

Adam Warhaft, KPMG

“A great course – very engaging, practical and very applicable to our roles.  I loved that there were lots of simple techniques to use to help create presentations.  I really liked the 4Mat, especially to work on pitches with some partners”.

Julia Rouse, KPMG

“I really enjoyed this program and felt engaged throughout.  I loved that it was relevant, with an expert facilitator, new material, use of textas, appropriate breaks, material in folder and activities.”

Emily Pham, KPMG

“A great learning experience.  I loved the excellent delivery of content and practical examples.”

Hamza Sayed, KPMG

“I loved the focus on linguistics techniques which are applicable outside of a presentation setting, and the speed of storyboarding techniques etc.  The enthusiasm was fantastic!”

Nathan Cortese, KPMG

“I loved the structure, relevance and applicability, and the safe learning environment for the shy/unconfident people.  A good/excellent program.”

Annie Nguyen, KPMG

“Good times!  I loved the structure and easy to follow steps.”

Sam Patten, KPMG

“1 day is too short.  I would love a follow up session to make sure I’m using it, or another way to follow up.  I loved 4Mat, pace and lead, the structuring of presentations in general and the examples of a non-corporate environment.”

Tom Vankerkom, KPMG

“I loved the constant engagement, the challenge to preconceived thinking and the model simplicity. It was great to do this with colleagues – gives a common language.”

Patrick Kirby, KPMG

“I loved that it was quick – interactive and every engaging; the movement around the room; very well structured; with lots of tools that can be used together or individually.  There were lots of new techniques for me that I will take away.”

Phil Thornley, KPMG

“Makes you think about new concepts, or concepts you know but haven’t consciously applied.  I loved that it was relevant to our industry, interactive, colourful, engaging with quick-to-learn concepts.”

Paul Mahoney, KPMG

“I loved that it can be applied to multiple situations, not just formal presentations.   It was a lot to cover in one day but all good material and practical/useable.”

Yu Tang Lee, KPMG

“I loved the excellent content – structured/insightful/innovative/memorable, and the inspiring delivery – energy/positive/made real and personal.”

Stephen Bowen, KPMG

“Really excellent! More precise and applicable than similar things I’ve done in the past.  I loved the focus on sharp messages and arriving at a message quickly (development time) – important for short deadlines and short meetings.  I also loved the total focus on audience needs/thoughts/contentions.”

Lachlan Fysh, KPMG

“Really interesting workshop with some very helpful suggestions and ideas. I loved the tailored individual feedback from Michelle and colleagues. It is really good “step” suggestion e.g. 4Steps to closing etc, which made it easy to remember. Michelle was a great instructor, very warm and engaging. Thank you. I would be interested to see what other programs are like.”

Melissa Chan, Port Jackson Partners

“Very useful program with lots of things to work on and we now just need to put it into practice. I enjoyed the interactive nature, constantly learning tips and gathering feedback. It was a good group learning session with practical and useful examples for improving presentation skills.”

Anthony Gray, Port Jackson Partners

“I loved the hands on actives which helped make the advice more practical. Suggestions were easily implemental and made sense. It was a good pace.”

Patricia Birtles, Port Jackson Partners

“Very good session that has left me with a lot to think about and work to improve. I like the structure of all having a go and learning from what each person did well and poorly. It was a very effective way to learn.”

David Eisman, Port Jackson Partners

“It was very valuable to learn about the subtleties of presenting in a very hands on way. The skills I learnt will be very useful in my work and life generally, particularly with regards to being in second person, breathing and what not to say.”

Rhiannon Pulford, Port Jackson Partners

“This program is tailored and relevant to the skills of the group and it extended both the competent and less competent presenters. I would recommend that PJPL does this again and I would also recommend that the partners are put through a similar program.”

Sally Aitken, Port Jackson Partners

“I really liked the approach of learning incrementally from each presentation as it was a much more practical way to learn. I am sure that you could learn the content from a book; however the value of this program is to actually understand the materials so I love the approach! I enjoyed Michelle’s energy – thank you!”

Ian Wang, Port Jackson Partners

“I found the program to be quite eye opening in terms of the content and the feedback. The day was well paced with presentations interspersed with feedback and the learning of new techniques.”

Ka Ho Kwok, Port Jackson Partners

“I loved learning the do’s and don’ts of presenting as well as learning how to get the ‘click’ in eye contact. It was great to see how others presented and I found the program involved everyone well.”

Amrita Singh, Port Jackson Partners

“I liked how Michelle explained the techniques to use and why instead of just telling us what to do, which fostered a good and relaxed environment. It made me think of presenting as an important part of what we do. Overall I found this program to be very helpful.”

Peter McMahon, Port Jackson Partners

“I found this program participative and with high energy. I do believe that it needs two days and found it good that the techniques were put forward in a flexible rather than absolute way.”

Jeff Duncan, Port Jackson Partners

“This program is fun, informative and practical. I enjoyed the great theory on structure, framing, attention, rapport and more. I found that the way the content was delivered through examples enabled us to build it into our presentations, which helped me to understand how to apply all the great theory. Michelle was very genuine and passionate – thanks for sharing!”

Simon Crawford-Ash, Port Jackson Partners

“This was a well executed program which has given me good practical skills. I found it very engaging and practical. Michelle made an effort to ensure it was as relevant as possible.”

Daria Svetchnikova, Port Jackson Partners

“An interesting day with insightful comments I hadn’t heard before. Interesting presentation that helped me to develop a very important skill set. It will be valuable to take learning on. Thanks for your help.”

John Robson, Port Jackson Partners

“I think all the subject material was well targeted and relevant, well presented and very useful.”

James Holgate, Port Jackson Partners

“I enjoyed the personalised feedback with lots of practical tips. It was good fun to do with colleagues with lessons that I can apply in my life.”

Nick Bailey, Port Jackson Partners