DIY Package (Audio Series, CD and Book)

Buy all 4 presentation resources and save $200. This DIY Pack gives you all of the resources you need to be an influential presenter. What outstanding value!

With this DIY pack, you will learn to create and deliver influential presentations in just one day

  • Discover the Art of Influence.
  • Learn how to Command Attention,
  • Showcase your Skills and Abilities and
  • Easily Sell your Ideas to Anyone


“Since I moved to Australia from England I have switched from working as a Quality Assurance Engineer to a Workshop Facilitator and Corporate Trainer for a major oil and gas company. Hence, I needed to very quickly learn the best practices on how to improve on my  communication to make it effective, engaging and enjoyable.
I’ve always liked to learn from those who know it best, so I can avoid making the typical mistakes that we all do when we start doing something new. So I decided to work with Michelle Bowden and purchased her DIY pack.
I would recommend Michelle’s DIY pack to anyone who wants to rapidly make a great progress in influential speaking and still enjoy the experience! And as English is my second language, all the tips regarding making my voice rich and strong, including the tips on effective breathing are just priceless.

The DIY pack has been so helpful that I have bought it as a Christmas present for my whole team at work and they are loving it. Thanks Michelle”.

Iwona Polowy, OPREP Advisor (Facilitator, Trainer), Woodside Energy

Contained within:

  • The 3 Positions Most People Speak From And How To Modify Your Communication So You End Up 10 Times More Convincing
  • The Think, Feel, Do Model that Master Presenters use to transition the audience from ‘where they are’ to ‘where you want them to be’
  • The difference between matcher and mis-matcher personality types and how to use that to your advantage by using CLEVER LANGUAGE PATTERNS
  • The power of ‘Pacing Statements’ and ‘Leading’ to have the audience agree with everything you say!
  • The ‘Will My Slides Cause Death?’ Test. 5 simple checks to make sure you’re using PowerPoint in an influential way
  • The 3 Classic Mistakes Most Presenters Make When Presenting With Slides – Do You Do This?
  • Michelle Bowden’s 13 Rules For PowerPoint Effectiveness
  • …and much more…


Contained in the pack:

  • How To Present – Presentation Skills Tips from the Masters (Downloadable audio series – note that this is a downloadable product only)
  • Exceptional Presentration Design (DVD)
  • Exceptional Speaking Vocals (CD), and
  • Don’t Picture Me Naked (Book) – How to present your ideas and influence people using techniques that actually work


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