• How To Present reveals how you can be a confident, clear and influential presenter every time.Presentation Skills expert, Michelle Bowden shares her internationally-proven 13-step system to exceptional presenting starting with analysis (plan what you’d like to achieve), then design (put your presentation together) and delivery (compellingly communicate your message).How To Present will help you:

    • Maximise your impact in meetings, conferences and general conversations.
    • Manage your nerves so you feel calm and self-confident.
    • Engage your audience and master the art of persuasion.
    • Deliver your message clearly, with authority.
    • Accelerate your career through persausive job interview performance.
    • Command attention and achieve your outcomes.

    It’s an essential guide…

    Whether you’re presenting or speaking to one person or thousands, this is the essential guide to becoming an outstanding presenter.


    How to Present is available on line and in all good book stores. Learn once and for all that anyone can be an influential presenter who imparts their ideas with confidence, clarity and influence. Simply follow a proven system and have the right attitude.

    Michelle is famous for helping people achieve more than they ever thought possible through confident, clear, influential communication. For orders outside of Australia please contact Michelle directly to arrange postage. michelle@michellebowden.com.au


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  • In this comprehensive downloadable Audio series Michelle Bowden interviews 14 of Australia’s top presenters and professional public speakers in a way that is easy to listen to and understand. Michelle extracts the presentation tips, tricks and techniques that have made these successful presenters the Masters they are today so you can use them too! You will learn how to structure a message, how to tell great stories that engage and inspire your audience, and how to use the stage so your message makes even more sense to your audience PLUS much, much more! This series is the compilation of these Masters’ collective wisdom and a ‘must have’ business tool for anyone who communicates, sells or presents to others at work.


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  • Don’t have the time to attend Michelle’s 2-day world class training? In a hurry to put a winning presentation or pitch together? Guess what? You can become an Influential Presenter in JUST ONE DAY with Michelle’s Special Presentation Skills Pack. The Pack contains:

    • How to Present – The ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Best selling book)
    • How To Present – Presentation Skills Tips from the Masters (Downloadable audio series – note that this is a downloadable product only)


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  • A complete guide to designing and delivering beautiful slides that reinforce your message.

    As one of Australia’s top Advanced Presentation and Influencing Skills trainers and mentors, Michelle has seen the best and the worst of PowerPoint. In this e-manual Michelle outlines how to create beautiful slides that generate an emotional connection with your audience and reinforce your message.

    This is a must-read if you present using slides and want to influence your audience to listen to you and take action.


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  • Imagine how helpful if would be if, after the program, you could have your very own coach taking you through the design of an exceptional presentation. That’s what your DVD is for!

    If you have a presentation to design, simply play this DVD and I will coach you in the design of an exceptional presentation from beginning to end. It couldn’t be simpler! It’s time to be heard!



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  • An exceptional speaking voice lies within you. Many of us know someone who has a strong, confident, resonant voice. Maybe it’s an actor like Sean Connery or Cate Blanchett.At some point you may have found yourself wishing that you could enhance your vocal quality and projection so you were more compelling, influential and persuasive when selling to clients or persuading the boss. Well, you know it’s possible and it’s easy! Creating a rich, resonant, influential voice is a simple and exciting process. This 15-minute audio program takes you through the exercises that actors do before they present on a stage. Do the exercises in time with Michelle Bowden to improve your vocal delivery and feel more confident.  Enjoy!


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  • Have you ever wanted to know the secrets of some of Australia’s top business builders? This book takes you up-close with thirteen Australians who share their business building secrets, so now you too can become a top business builder!

    Featuring written material by: Michelle Bowden – Mike Reddy – John Vamos – Jack Fraenkel – Matthew Nolan – Helen MacDonald – Bakous Makari – Andrew May -Rowdy McLean – Jean Cannon – Julian Campbell – Ben Fewtrell – John Rawson.


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