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Michelle Bowden’s Persuasive Presentation Skills Training Workshops

Michelle’s Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclasses have been attended by thousands of people from hundreds of companies. Widely accepted as the premier training option for becoming a confident, engaging, persuasive presenter in business.


Benefit from a complete Presentation Skills training solution because quick fixes don’t work

Confident, effective presenting in business is about a whole lot more than just stagecraft and slide design.  Attend Michelle’s 2-day Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclasses and you will transform your approach to presenting from the ground up.


Learn from the author of the best-selling Presentation Skills book, How To Present

Michelle has sold over 8,000 copies of her book, ‘How To Present; the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas using techniques that actually work’. If you want to be a more effective, confident presenter, choose to work with the expert.


Public Presentation Skills Workshops –
Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Here’s why more than 8,000 people have benefited from
Michelle’s Presentation Skills Masterclasses so far:

  • g_tickCorporate focus – Michelle’s 13 step model is tailored to professionals, managers and other corporate people who make business presentations.
  • g_tickIt’s a life-changing experience – for proof just read the dozens of testimonials.
  • g_tickGroup sizes are limited to only 10 people – the learning experience is interactive, personalised, and packed with personal coaching from Michelle.
  • g_tickYou’ll only work on your own company content during the program so it’s as relevant to you as possible.
  • g_tickTechniques are embedded so you remember them decades later – just ask anyone who has completed this program over the past 20 years.
  • g_tickYou’ll learn a logical system for designing your presentation so you dramatically improve your ability to connect with your audience.
  • g_tickTechniques are useful in everyday life, not just formal presenting in business.
  • g_tickMichelle has specialised in this subject area for over 2 decades – this is her passion.
  • g_tickPrograms are held in state of the art training rooms with delicious catering – an experience to remember.
  • g_tick…. and we promise no hand-holding, crying, fire-walking or even video-recording – there’s actually a better way.

You can be a Persuasive Presenter in business!


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michelle-img-1Michelle Bowden, author of the best-selling ‘How To Present’ (Wiley), is a qualified adult educator (MEd. Adult Ed.) and a successful conference keynote speaker.  In 2009, Michelle was designated a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

Michelle runs her 2-day public workshop every month in Sydney as well as in Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra. She’s facilitated her Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass more than 800 times for over 8,000 delighted participants….

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