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Are You Looking For Presentation Skills Training
So You Can Sell More, Get More Funding,
Win Over Staff or Influence Key Decision-Makers?

And do so with more confidence and effectiveness
than you ever thought possible…

Presentation Skills and Influential Strategies for achieving positive outcomes can make or break your business or career. Think how much simpler it would all be if everyone did what you wanted, when you wanted, how you wanted, without any irritating pushback or annoying politics. And if people seemed “automatically persuaded” by what you were saying… Think what that could mean for your business, your career and your life!

Not only can you learn how to influence others – you’ll also develop the confidence to do it naturally no matter who you’re talking to!



I’m Michelle Bowden, one of Australia’s foremost presentation skills and influencing skills trainers, and I know how daunting it can be to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people delivering a keynote presentation – I also know how equally terrifying it can be when you’re presenting to a small group (like a board of directors) – or even one-on-one with your boss.

I’ve been training people just like you in presentation skills for 15 years and have developed a proven system for giving your presentations the best chance of success. I’ve run my 2 day Influential Presentation Skills Workshop over 500 times for over 5,000 people. I know what works, I know what doesn’t, and I love sharing that knowledge with my participants.

I will show you how to:

  • Overcome your fear of public speaking – you will know how NEVER to feel nervous again! When you’re on stage you’ll be projecting confidence and charisma!
  • Command attention when in front of others – you will learn how simple it is to have your audience hanging on your every word, wanting more…
  • Unleash your true influential potential – you’ll find people naturally agreeing with you, without having to ‘hard sell’
  • Develop and deliver ‘KNOCKOUT’ presentations even with VERY little time to prepare (this is VITAL to know if you’re in a corporate or high-paced environment!)

And I personally deliver all of the training myself!


What Will I Learn In Michelle Bowden’s
Influential Presentation Skills Training?


My Influential Presentation Skills program is the best way to learn the most effective presentation techniques so you can master business presentation skills once and for all.

You will learn how to influence your audience and change their thinking and/or behaviour using music, story, high-level rapport building and advanced language techniques.

You’ll do this by learning specifically how to:

  • Analyse your audience so you COMPLETELY understand their needs – if you lack this skill, it’s no wonder your presentations aren’t aren’t giving you the results you need.
  • Design your presentation so it meets your audience’s needs head on!
  • Use advanced language patterns to influence your audience and change their thinking and behaviour – knowing these secrets will make it so easy for you to influence others
  • Become so familiar with your structure and message that you won’t even need notes! How impressive is that?
  • Develop several techniques to manage your nerves and actually turn them into an advantage. My training is transformational – that means there is long-lasting behavioural change that will allow you to present with confidence regardless of the audience or topic…
  • Ask and answer questions with finesse! You’ll be able to handle challenging questions with ease and manage any type of audience objection or arguments.
  • Use advanced, sensory-based language and techniques to add that pizazz and engage your audience every time
  • Design and deliver PowerPoint slides to enhance and add impact to your presentation
  • VOICE Projection Techniques – don’t worry if the back wall seems far away… they’ll hear your voice loud and clear
  • Body language techniques to capture and hold the attention of the audience – Barack Obama uses this phenomenally well!
  • Generate energy through body movement and gestures
  • And MUCH more…

The program was the best non-technical training I have ever participated in. I can use the skills learnt in all areas of my work eg: emails, 1:1 meetings, not just in presentations. Michelle has boundless energy and enthusiasm to share her expert knowledge and skill.

Mal Haynes, Data Analytics, Westpac


AMAZING RESULTS every time … and I can prove it!

Here’s what just some of our delighted customers have told us…

In the past 5 years I have been inspired and encouraged by Michelle and her Presentation Skills courses. She has given me the ability to communicate to audiences of 10 to 500 people all over the world. If ever you have a chance to be taught by Michelle, grab it with both hands.

Jeff Findlay, Microfocus

“Great job, Michelle. I have learnt new skills for influencing as well as re-learnt some skills I’d forgotten. I’ll have even more presence and confidence.”

Heather Miles, General Manager, Group People & Shared Services, Westpac Banking Corporation

“Excellent! I was a sceptic, now a convert! This course has changed the way I think about structure and build of presentations, especially the open and close. I loved the energy and pace as well as the progress and building blocks”.

Martyn Gilling, Chief Pricing Actuary, RGA Reinsurance of Australia Limited

“I loved it!! I would highly recommend this course. The knowledge that Michelle has is amazing. Michelle was fantastic and very reassuring. I loved having a step-by-step program to follow that is going to assist me with many future presentations.”

Deanne Byrne, AUSTAR Entertainment

Michelle was fantastic! What an inspiration. I can’t wait to use this info and practice, practise, practise!

Trudy Metcalf, HR Manager, Estee Lauder

Far and away the best AMP course I’ve ever attended.

Geoff Stewart, Manager, AMP Henderson


Look, every minute you delay is one more day of presenting without the phenomenal power of influence you can gain through my training. Contact me today to find out how I can help you develop your presentation skills so your audience says “YES!” to you more often.

Talk with you soon,

Michelle Bowden

Michelle Bowden