Michelle Bowden’s Persuasive Presenting Masterclass

Michelle’s Masterclass has been attended by thousands of people from hundreds of companies, and is widely accepted as the premier training option for becoming a confident, engaging, persuasive presenter in business.

What brings you to this website?

You can be a persuasive presenter in business – and it only takes two comprehensive days of training.

There’s an art and science to delivering effective business presentations.

Business presentations are different to the speeches we make at weddings, birthdays and sporting events. They require precision, intelligence and commitment. In the Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass Michelle Bowden teaches you everything you need to know to be a persuasive business presenter. And she teaches presentation skills in a unique and fascinating way. You’ll learn the theory behind why certain models and approaches are best practice, and despite the fact that we promise there are no role plays in the program you’ll practice the techniques over and over until you know them inside out and can use them successfully from the minute you get back to work.

Each Persuasive Presenting Masterclass has only 10 participants, ensuring you will learn how to:

A personal note from Michelle Bowden…

Presentation Skills training should be an uplifting experience!

The good news when you’re deciding which presentation skills
training you should attend is you don’t have to put yourself
through embarrassing role plays, humiliating impromptu
presenting or red-faced, cringe-worthy moments to become a
fantastic presenter. It’s not necessary to learn acting techniques
that take away your authenticity and make you look fake or over
the top. And you definitely don’t need a PowerPoint course.

If you want to be a better presenter you need an experienced adult
educator with the skills to both teach you and manage the group
dynamic. You need an expert in persuasive business presentation
skills: someone who understands the art and the science, the
theory and the practice that underpins excellent business
presenting. You need someone who can guarantee you the results
you are looking for no matter your stage or experience. You need
to learn, laugh, practice, then learn and laugh some more.

Please don’t put it off another day. Take the action you need to
present your ideas so people sit up and listen when you speak.
Come and work with me – I look forward to meeting you and
helping you soon…

Excellent! I was a sceptic, now a convert! This course had changed the way I think about structure and the build of presentations - especially the open and close. I loved the energy and pace as well as the swift progress and building blocks.

Awesome...Fantastic...challenging... inclusive...so much more than just prep for your next conference.

How is this presentation skills masterclass different from other presentation skills training?

Michelle Bowden is the expert in persuasive presenting in business. Persuasive presenting in business is her complete focus and passion.


Confident, engaging, persuasive presenting in business is about a whole lot more than just stagecraft and slide design.

Michelle takes a strategic approach to the teaching of presentation skills that is like no other in Australia. It’s no good just learning performance techniques if you’re lacking confidence. The secret to a confident presenting style is the application of all three phases of a presentation: analysis, design and delivery.

Hear the word YES more often when you apply Michelle’s unique approach to best practice.

Practice, practice, practice – these workshops are highly interactive to ensure all techniques are practiced and layered so will be confident to apply them whenever you need to.

Small group sizes – a maximum group size of 10 participants ensures lots of individual, personalised coaching and feedback.

Post-workshop report – this unique tool provides participants with individual feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement.

Michelle will ‘top-up’ your learning via regular updates and on-going, unlimited script checks.