Attend Michelle's VIRTUAL Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass via ZOOM! Experience the benefits of Michelle's live Masterclass without leaving your home or office.

Are you unable to attend live training in 2020 or do you prefer to learn virtually?

Are you looking for a COVID-19 safe, convenient way of developing your presentation skills from the security of your home or office?

Don’t let the restrictions prevent you from investing in your post-Covid future. 

Become a first-class business presenter.

Learn the essential formulas, techniques and tips that great speakers use to stand out for all the right reasons in virtual and live meetings, pitches, trainings  and conferences.

Michelle has run her LIVE Persuasive Presentation Masterclass more than 890 times for more than 10,000 people.
And her zoom feedback is just as awesome!

It couldn't be more convenient! Experience the benefits of Michelle's live Masterclass without leaving your home or office.

Michelle is skilled at using Zoom to engage!

Read what others have to say about Michelle's Zoom presentation skills training!

“Honestly I don’t think today’s training via zoom could have gone better! You were outstanding! I couldn’t be more pleased. The feedback from our network has been tremendous. We are already chatting about when we can have you back”
Gajan Sundaram
Gajan Sundaram
Manager, Network Partnerships, ProLoan
“Excellent content delivered crisply online via zoom. It was so exciting to participate thank you. Do yourself a favour and engage Michelle to improve your persuasion, presentation and communication effectiveness in business.”
David Duguid
Advisory Board Member, The Village Co
“Fabulous! The enthusiasm with which you delivered your zoom sessions was tremendous and impactful.It is essential to bear your teachings in mind at every meeting. Excellent and insightful and I used your methods to great advantage with a client last night. Excellent.”
Anthony Bongiorno
Director, Bongiorno Wealth Management
Michelle on Zoom

We know it will work! More than just a training course!

The Virtual Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass covers all 3 strategic phases of a persuasive presentation in business (analysis, design and delivery) and incorporates 100s of relevant examples throughout. You will achieve a guaranteed, observable change in your confidence, clarity and results.

This is a life-changing learning initiative that incorporates generative, experiential and accelerated learning to ensure you laugh, learn and remember. Just like in the ‘live’ training, there’s lots of fun, activity and importantly you work on your own presentation for the duration of the program to ensure the content is completely relevant to you.

How does Michelle's Virtual Masterclass work?

Connect via Michelle's Facebook Group

You'll be invited to join a Facebook group where you'll meet your fellow learners and start the process of connecting, supporting and growing.

The Days and Times for the Masterclass

The masterclass is run weekly on 4 x consecutive Wednesdays so that you can maintain continuity from 12.00pm - 3.00pm AEST.

You'll need to join us by computer

There are a lot of notes to take, activities to participate in, and conversations to be had. You'll need to log in via computer not your phone.

We promise no 'death by PowerPoint'!

You'll fill in your own PDF workbook as you go. To keep things interesting Michelle uses a 2nd camera for her flipcharts.

Your own Presentation Topic

You will work on your very own upcoming presentation throughout the Masterclass so you see how the models and formulas apply to your content.

Virtual Break-out Rooms

Michelle uses Zoom’s virtual break out rooms. This will allow you to practice key presentation design and delivery techniques throughout the Masterclass.

Michelle uses a 2nd Camera to enrich the learning experience

Michelle on Zoom with 2nd Camera

Overview of Presentation Skills Masterclass

Each Session is 3 hours

In our first session together you’ll learn the model for working out what you need to achieve from your presentation, and also what your audience needs to hear from you.

We will also delve into the best-practice formula for creating a presentation that sticks in your audience’s mind, and that compels them to take the action you desire. You’re going to LOVE this!

In session two we are going to write a captivating opening to your presentation that hooks your audience from the start. You’ll learn the best way to structure your message for clarity and infuence.

and you’ll also learn how to close your meeting for action.

You won’t believe how fantastic the formula is and how easy it is to apply in any communication scenario from emails, to pitches, to tender responses, to Board papers to one-on-ones, trainings, and of course your everyday meetings. Hold on to your hat!

“It doesn’t matter how good your message is if no one is listening!” This is our favourite Michelle Bowden quote and isn’t it so true?  

In session three you will present your prepared presentation to the group. You will receive personal feedback from the group and from Michelle about what you’re good at, and also what you need to fix

We will cover everything from voice, to stance, to gestures, to eye contact, to managing nerves, to visual aids, storytelling and audience engagement, plus much much more….

And the great news…..every time you learn something new, everyone practices so you know you can do it!

You are in for a treat! 

Sad face…… this is the final session where we tie up all the loose ends and you take your presentation skills ability to a whole new level! 

We will learn and practice advanced body positioning, stage anchoring, words you shouldn’t say, words you should always say, and while we are at it let us get rid of any final annoying habits you’ve picked up over the years so you own your meetings and workplace communication from now on.

More good news…’s not over unless you want it to be! Michelle will stay in touch with you via unlimited script-checks, regular email follow-ups, social media updates, newsletters and her awesome Michelle Bowden TV refresher series at no extra cost. These post-learning resources have all been designed to make sure that the learning sticks for you. Awesome right?