Not for Profit Testimonials

“The first time I attended a Michelle Bowden Masterclass I thought ‘where have I been for the last 20 years?!’ She gave me direction, clarity and inspiration in my speaking. What a blast! The second time around I found double the benefit! I loved the grounded, practical skills for great presenting all accomplished with joi de vivre and great charm! This course is a MUST DO for anyone serious about professional development in the speaking and training realm!”
Dr June Anderson
Consortium Coordinator, G9 DV-alert Northern NSW Lifeline Centres


The structure of learning makes sense and makes it easy to understand. It’s a welcoming and opening environment regardless of company or presentation topic. I gained so much confidence, and it made an instantaneous difference as I implemented her techniques on Friday in front of 30 people, and got great results! Michelle, you’re a star! Just awesome fun!”

Simon Jones, Advisor, CareerSeekers


“LOVED IT! I loved the clarity! All the concepts were clearly explained, meaning it could be applied immediately. Can’t wait for my next presentation!  It’s shown me that I can influence and persuade. Thanks Michelle for a great 2 days.” 

Jill Barber, Internship Advisor, Career Seekers


“Beautiful work. Thanks Michelle! I loved the workbook, lots of content, generosity, clever, fun, colour, music, laughter, respect, fun, love, engaged, caring, dynamic, clever, informed, challenging, stimulating, good resources, you modelled everything you taught. I will use the Q&A, 4Mat, POO, PACE, and now will build courses following these principles. You rock sista!

Liz Yazbek, Education Coordinator, Lifeline


“I loved that the masterclass was well-structured, dynamic, with encouraging feedback. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, and plan before creating slides.”

Carmel Reid, Community Advocate, Lifeline


“I loved everything – the music, how to answer questions, types of learners, avoiding chaos in a training room, tips and tricks, 4Mat and POO. I will use the POO, questions answering, icebreakers, and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Katie Allen, Community Training Facilitator, Lifeline


“Amazing group of people supporting our community. I loved how 4Mat works. I loved seeing “delivery” of other training and to see what works in real time – gives me confidence to trust and implement the process. I will use the PACE, PACE, PACE – NAIL the LEAD. Bring the peeps with me – the message is too important.”

Amie Weekes, Community Advocate, Lifeline


“I loved Michelle’s energy. Logical presentation of material. No nonsense approach to room management. Great visual aids on display as they were developed and available and visible throughout the course. I will use the 13 steps. Confirmation that the material being presented is what has to have priority.”

Josephine Kelly, Community Advocate, Lifeline


“Honestly, I loved how confronting it was at times as it forces you to reflect on what you do/habits/gestures/presentation styles that are not helpful or ultimately don’t send a clear message or bottomline to your audience. I’m glad to learn the structures for how to change it all around. I will hopefully use everything. I will need to work out how to apply this to structured trainings that have set slides and curriculum.”

Jordan Braver, Trainer, Lifeline


“Best training I have ever done! Honestly, I loved everything! I cannot fault this training. I was very apprehensive beforehand and before morning tea on day 1 that had disappeared and I couldn’t wait for more. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint, and hopefully with time, everything else.”

Ebanie Martin, Community Advocate, Lifeline


“I loved the structure and that the steps were backed by evidence/stories. I loved working together with my colleagues and learning from each other. I will use the 4Mat, gestures, POO, Q&A, and Storyboarding.”

Kristina Lawrence, Trainer and Moderator, Lifeline


“I loved the energy. Very useful frameworks to help structure training better and to deliver a powerful message. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, POO, WIIFM, PowerPoint management.”

Ilonka Hilhorst, Trainer and In Shift Supervisor, Lifeline


“I loved the structure, formatting, expertise, and learning. Michelle – you’re a bloody legend. Thank you for your passion, energy, skill and vision.”

Shanna Whan, Founder, CEO, Sober in the Country & Australian Local Hero of the Year 2022

“I got my million dollar sponsorship. Thank you Michelle!”

Neil McWhannell, CEO, HeartKids

“Thank-you Michelle for a fabulous 2 day workshop. Absolutely smashing and so much learning. Anyone looking to upskill their presentation skill, this is a must. I loved that the masterclass is interactive and gives you boost to present confidently. I loved the high energy, excellent techniques and models shared, and honest feedback. I loved Michelle’s generosity with resources and access post class and the catering – food fab! I will use the POO, Lead statement, Q&A, and body language/natural stance.”

Fariha Chowdhury, CEO, Arise Foundation


“I loved that the masterclass has so many new implementable and effective skills and techniques. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and visual slides improvement.”     

Tasnia Hannan, COO, Arise Foundation        

“Fantastic! Very useful. I loved Michelle’s energy, the application to many areas of my work, the templates and tools and learning from and with others.”

Barbara Ryan, CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities

“Michelle absolutely practices what she preaches – delivering highly engaging, entertaining and informative workshops to help others improve their presentation skills. Her personal insights and experiences lighten the mood and are invaluable in getting her message across. I can’t recommend Michelle highly enough.”

Georgina Rogers, Project Worker, Salvation Army Australia

“I loved everything!! I loved the structure, the fun, the liveliness, the music, the interaction, and the expertise. It was really very good and effective. Eye opening, valuable, fun. BRILLIANT!! AMAZING!”

Allison Corkhill, International Volunteer Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity

“I loved the clear structure of the program, breaking up segments with movements, and resources to access at a later date. It was a really good course for anyone wanting to improve presentation skills and gain confidence.”

Tegan Brown, Media & Communications Manager, Cancer Council Australia

“I loved the belief that I could do it; that there is a formula and that there’s skin in the game.  Great energy.  Useful.  Time flew!”

Grace Forrest, Walk Free Foundation

“Excellent. I loved feeling there is a simple approach and it will improve speaking performance.”

Nicola Forrest, Minderoo

“I loved the real tools and advice that I can use when doing my presentations.  Different to what I expected.  Nothing like other presentation courses (which is a good thing!)”

Nerissa Richardson, Ronald McDonald House Charities

“Michelle runs a fantastic coaching business that helped me tremendously! She is skilled, funny, entertaining and before you know it you are out there convincing the world of whatever it is you need to convince them!!”

Ronni Kahn AO, CEO and Founder, OzHarvest

“Michelle creates a unique atmosphere of inclusion and safety. We are not afraid to make mistakes in the course as we know it’s for our betterment. A perfect mix of best global theory and practical aspects.”

Isaac Kuruvilla, Head of Investments, Sydney Anglican Diocese

“I loved how everything came together in 13 steps and learning where I need to improve in delivering a presentation.  Fantastic!  Very well delivered and informative.”

Michelle McCormack, Ronald McDonald House Charities Canberra

“The skills you taught me I have down pat and can now hand down to the kids in my programs! OMG if only you could see me now! Well time for you to make a trip to Armidale and see the power of what you did for me in a whole different scope!”

Bernie Shakeshaft, CEO, BackTrack Youth Works & Australia Local Hero of the Year 2020

“A must for anyone who presents or aspires to greater things.  I loved Michelle; the pace, practice and involvement of all participants; the structures and frameworks for presenting; and all the amazing tips.”

Tracey Webster, National Learning Program Manager, Ronald McDonald House Charities

“I loved the structure and experiential nature of the course, and the depth of useful advice.  Thank you for this opportunity to refresh, reflect and learn.  I know this will improve my training skills. I also can see the application of these skills elsewhere in my personal and professional life, more so than any other presentation skills course.  I leave today with a commitment to implement what I have learnt.” 

Kristen Carroll, Community Education Manager, Lifeline Tasmania

“Such a fabulous two days; and a kind, generous and inspiring teacher.  I loved the opportunities to put into action our learnings each step along the way and to recap!  And a great group of people to learn with and from.”

Jakki Travers, Relationships Coordinator, Caritas

“I loved learning the theory behind the practice, the ability to practice and learn in a safe group and the follow up resources and offers for help.  Thanks Michelle – so very much appreciate the chance to be involved in the program.  This will help the work we do enormously.”

Helen Black, CEO, Work Restart

“It was a real challenge.  Training is something I have done for a long time yet I have learnt a whole new skill set and found a whole lot of new passion and motivation.  I will be better at what I do as a result of this.  It means I will be able to prepare people better to save lives – that’s pretty cool!” 

Tracey McMahon, Training Manager, Lifeline

“This course was well coordinated and teaches excellent presentation techniques. I highly recommend Michelle and the courses she runs.”

Despina Tracey, Client Services Marketer, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

“I first met Michelle when I was working for Compuware Australia in North Ryde. I attended a course that she ran at our offices. I had a problem selecting from the Attributes listed here in Linkedin as I was only allowed to choose 3. Not enough to describe how I found her work. Michelle certainly knows her subjects and is one of the best communicators I’ve come across in my many years of attending various courses and workshops. She brings a down-to-earth and personable light to any room she presents to, as well as being able to deliver a very clear message on the subject at hand. One of the things I respect highly, is a presenter who is not so blinkered in their message and approach that they can’t hear the real questions that are being asked. Michelle has the knack to push aside the words of a question, when needed, to get to the real concern of query. Her intuitiveness when delivering her presentations as to the direction that the present needs are pushing to go, gives her an edge that has the learning be real and timely. I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle without reservations.”

Peter Gooley Alzheimer’s and Dementia Coach, Coach, Trainer and Educator, West by North West

“I loved Michelle! Fantastic and extremely valuable training.  Our whole Lifeline network needs this training to all be on the same page and to up-skill.  I liked the pre-workshop contact and the extra post-learning program resources that were gifted each day.  I also loved the teaching moments that Michelle created in so many different ways, 4Mat, 13 step process, advanced stagecraft and Michelle’s delivery is wonderful. She uses her humour and energy to maintain engagement and drive in her learners.”

Kellie Dunn, Learning & Development Manager, Lifeline

“I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and expertise. Michelle’s infectious presence and consistent, deliberate modelling of the content was quite mind-blowing and startling.  Very grateful for the opportunity to be here.  I have had the cobwebs cleared out.”

Matt Gray, Manager of Community Education, Lifeline

“I loved many things!  Michelle is an exceptional trainer and facilitator.  Best of all, I loved the huge new bag of tricks (i.e. resources).  I can now use to be a great presenter. It was so worth the training and investment to attend.  This will significantly improve my presentation skills and persuasiveness. Thank you Michelle!”

Michael Beres, Senior Manager Strategy Vic/Tas, Uniting

“Brilliant!  I loved the structure and use of humour.  Great to work with others.”

Colin Drew,  Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved Michelle’s presentation style – varied and engaging. I also loved the 13 steps and all the resources that I now have access to – thank you.  Best 2 days ever!” 

Di Bannister, Trainer, Lifeline Midcoast NSW

“I loved the presentation – all aspects of the two full days.  It was professional, throughout, well prepared and I loved the additional touches with the mouse pad, laminated sheet and the book, which I will enjoy and share.  Thank you so very much Michelle.” 

Kay Wood, Lifeline Midcoast NSW

“I loved learning how to pace.  Awesome – thanks!” 

Bob Ambler, Crisis Supporter, Lifeline Midcoast NSW

“I loved that there are so many tools to use to make our communications and presentations clear, concise and complete messages.  The program was amazing – loved every minute.” 

Catherine Clarke, Centre Supervisor, Lifeline Midcoast NSW

“I learnt so much!  It was out of my comfort zone, but Michelle leads the process so well it felt safe.  I learnt so much about myself and my audience, and I learnt the winning structure to presenting.  Big personal growth!” 

Kelly Saidey, Manager Suicide Prevention, Lifeline Midcoast NSW

“I learnt a lot in a very small period of time.  I love all the systems and the 13-step model.  My brain was exploding by the end of day one, but I loved it.” 

Lisa Willows, Marketing Coordinator, Lifeline Midcoast NSW

“I loved the 13 step structure/template to guide the preparation of presentations and the clarity of the presentation.  Many, many, many great ideas to make my presentations better.”

Leo Schultz, Chief Executive Officer, Lifeline Central Victoria & Mallee

“I loved Michelle, the fact we had to work hard and be energised for the whole 2 days and that it was very informative – thanks for sharing.  Thank you.  I’m hoping I can fly like the eagles.”

Susan Griffith, Service Coordinator Sunshine Coast, Lifeline

“Has given me new ideas to shift me from old habits.  Feel very inspired – particularly around creating PowerPoints.  I loved 4Mat, storyboarding, peer feedback and 5-step analysis.  Loved your presentation style and energy.”

Ceiny Maybury, Trainer/ Suicide Bereavement Consultant/ Therapist, Lifeline

“I loved the13 steps and the opportunity to practice and get feedback.  Hell! What’s not to like!  I feel privileged to have been able to attend – I am definitely going to keep this alive and develop further!”

Robyn Lawrence, Suicide Prevention Project Officer, Lifeline

“I loved its energy, its content, the supportive environment and the many, many new things I have learned and will continue to learn afterwards. Inspiring!  This was by far the most enjoyable, worthwhile, inspiring and educational program I have attended.”

Belinda Connell, Trainer & Assessor, Lifeline

“Michelle is dynamic and memorable.  The program is well structured, challenging and professional.  Amazing program.  I have grown over the past 2 days.”

Naomi Sirio, Psychotherapist, Lifeline

“I loved the 13 steps, Michelle’s clarity and enthusiasm, the use of flipcharts and the repetition.  A great program to give structure and purpose and confidence to presentations.”

Jo Paterson, Training Manager, Lifeline

“Energising, energetic, interesting, useful and valuable.  I loved formatting a structure for me to take what I know I can do, and want to do, and enabling me to do it.”

Liz Whyte, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Lifeline

“I loved that it was interactive and engaging, intense but very manageable.  I also loved the humour and Michelle!  Gained skills, learnt what to work on for myself, gained confidence, good pace, Michelle “walks the talk.  Great group!”

Rosanne Petters, Training Manager, Lifeline Harbour To Hawkesbury

“Michelle modeled an attitude that is vital for all presenters – positive and authentic.  Refreshing, innovative, applicable, inspiring, increased knowledge.  Great content – off to SOAR!”

Kirsty Reid, Domestic Violence Awareness Trainer, Lifeline

“Have done it twice and loved it both times – so much to learn and absorb!  Michelle is a superb communicator and manages to engage the participants for the full two days – not an easy task!”

Cutty Felton, Corporate & Community Training Manager, Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury

“I loved the energy, the enormous quantity of information (quality info), the way you maintained boundaries leaving everybody feeling great, very supportive environment, and the blending of learning approaches.  A must do for all presenters.”

Jo Grodzicki, Counsellor/Trainer, Lifeline North Coast (NSW)

“Best I’ve ever been to.  I loved everything – content, delivery, engagement with audience and encouragement.”

Di Bannister, Trainer & Crisis Support Manager, Lifeline Mid Coast NSW

“I loved the learning that required you to learn, think and do something different.  Great and wonderful – thanks!”

Tim Adams, Centre Supervisor, Lifeline

“I loved Michelle – I feel inspired and armed with amazing strategies to improve my presentation delivery.  I feel confident in most elements of the model and the other parts and areas to work on.  I especially liked the logistical things like where to stand, where to aim, when to fire.  I am excited to write more PD for our volunteers using my lovely template! I felt comfortable and safe at all times, opened up many amazing doors for training and presentation techniques. Michelle, I smiled the whole time.  Brilliant!”

Kat Wallace, Practice Coordinator, Lifeline Adelaide

“I loved the practical tips, Michelle’s enthusiasm, the great feedback and interaction.  Loved it and plan to use a lot of what I have learnt.”

Haley Hiscox, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved Michelle being herself and open to any form of feedback.  Wonderful – thank you.  Keep doing what you do so well!”

Shane Bill, Telephone Crisis Support Coordinator, Lifeline

“I loved the structure I now have to present.  I love how so many aspects of presentation was covered.  It was a lot of info but I now have resources that will support me in developing and presenting training.  Thank you!  I do feel more confident now!”

Joanne Adrelius, Service Coordinator/Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved the great practical tips on how to structure a presentation.  Makes it clearer.  Thanks, great workshop.  Easy to understand.  Engaging – using the tips that you are teaching in the workshop.”

Sally Richardson, Case Worker, Lifeline

“I loved the trainer (vivacious, passionate and compelling); the 13 step process (useful, thorough and so relevant!); the tips and advice (invaluable) and the growth process. Helpful to anyone working with people or communicating in any way.”

Hannah Hagstrom, Content Writer and Trainer, Lifeline

“So inspirational, very grateful to have learned so many new training tips and how to become a better presenter.  I look forward to staying in touch and moving forwards in my learning. Thank you very much, I will be an eagle and keep flying!”

Darlene Terry, Service Coordinator, Lifeline

“Absolutely useful – extremely relevant in my role.  Dynamic and engaging.  I loved the great techniques and structure.  Recommend highly to others.  Valuable.  Changes the way we deliver in a positive manner.”

Margaret Knight, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved everything – the structure of the 13 step model, and learning how to control nerves.  Great, honest feedback. I also loved your enthusiasm!  Fantastic – the best workshop I’ve ever been to.  Michelle, you are brilliant.  Thank you.  Loved every minute of the course.”

Debbie Howland, CSWT Program Coordinator, Lifeline

“I loved the structure, the building blocks of learning to overload, and the facilitator/trainer created such a comfortable environment to challenge and get the job done.  Totally loved every second.  Michelle is an effervescent, clear and professional trainer.  Felt well looked after and pushed out of comfort zone at the same time. ”

Jo Lockhart, Trainer/Supervisor, Lifeline

“I loved learning how to structure a presentation and how to make boring stuff exciting.  I also loved the energy, the enthusiasm and knowledge given to use by Michelle! I can’t wait to be an eagle!”

Edie Stubbs, RTO Coordinator, Lifeline

“I am leaving this workshop excited and enthused about improving my training. I loved the humour, the enthusiasm and rapport Michelle gave and created with the group.  I also loved the learning, and the stories helped us remember.”

Susie Biggin, Education Officer, Lifeline

“I loved all the added bits of information outside of the model (e.g. cat/dog, what different gestures mean, what standing in certain parts of the room/stage means).”

Fiona O’Donnell, Training Officer, Lifeline

“Enjoyed the structure. Thanks.”

Pete French, Counselling Supervisor, Lifeline

“So hands on and awesome to use in my every day working life.  Just great and valuable.  Cheers for sticking with me!”

Marisca Seinen, Corporate Training Officer, Lifeline

“I loved the 13 steps, clarity around what is important, extending myself, 4Mat for everyday use and PP tips.  I learnt so much that I recognise that I need to revise and go over it several times over the next 2 weeks to embed that knowledge.”

Rachel Richardson, Trainer Coordinator & Operations Manager, Lifeline

“I loved everything.  It’s very clear, informative.  Michelle is great – approachable kind, funny, amazing.  I love the gifts that Michelle gave us and the follow up – such as email, Facebook Alumni.  It was educative, entertaining, amazing.  This can easily be the best training course I have attended.”

Dinar Tyas, Case Worker, inTouch Multicultural Centre

“I loved the structure, the workbook, the constant activity kept me engaged, the energy of the presenter, the continuous improvement and refinement of the skills, realising I could do 4Mat on the spot on day 2 morning, it was never boring, the 13 steps (wow!) and the follow ups to come.  Amazing!  Michelle – it is so obvious why you are so successful and in the top 35!  I will use these 13 steps ALL THE TIME when presenting in various formats.  It has helped me as a trainer but also as a manager with multiple services, as a negotiator and as someone who often needs to be persuasive. PS: I’m usually picky but loved this course so much!”

Danielle Hanisch, Service Manager Crisis Intervention, Lifeline

“Michelle’s knowledge is amazing – felt we were in very competent hands over the 2 days.  Great examples.  Learning was reinforced over the workshop.  I loved learning!  I loved adding tools to my toolbox; receiving valuable, useful feedback; so many useful presenting tips – i.e. Q&A, handling challenging participants, 4Mat and storyboarding.”

Karen Richards, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved the punchiness – never a dull moment; learning was cemented; so much covered and yet no rush – no mention of “we need to move on”.  It would be the first training I’ve been to that I can really say I understand every step (all 13!)” 

Carol McInerney, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved doing the course with fellow presenters – same page – practice new skills learnt.  I also loved storyboarding.  It highlighted vulnerabilities (I also hated that), I have some things to work on (nerves/body language etc).  I learnt how to run a Q&A more effectively.  Definitely pushed my comfort zone.”

Jodie Williams, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved the wide variety of techniques and how to apply them in our presenting.  The content was comprehensive and transferable.  Loved it!  I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to attend.”

Michelle Bravenboer, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved everything!  This was awesome training – I learnt so much.  Plus it was enjoyable – great to be with likeminded people.  Michelle is an amazing presenter/facilitator/leader.  Great energy.  Now – I need to put it into practice!  An action and learning packed 2 days.  I feel my time was really well spent.”

Meredith Dalton, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved the energy – 2 days and I’m not that tired!  I loved the steps – clear and concise.  I have learnt so much and I am looking forward to putting it into practice.  Overall it was a great learning experience – I have been training a while and yet I gained so much. Michelle you are fantastic!”

Ros Fletcher, Training Coordinator, Lifeline

“I learnt a great deal – need to ditch some words, be more aware of how to use gestures/stance etc.  Was challenged way out of comfort zone and survived!  Taught me some extremely valuable strategies that I am confident will improve both how I deliver training and explore other options to further engage learners.  Michelle is vibrant, oozes personality, is intelligent and no nonsense in her approach – no fluffing about!”

Stephanie Robinson, Crisis Support Services Manager / Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved the amount of information, jam packed with valuable tips, techniques and tools. I really appreciated the extra gifts and Michelle’s offer of ongoing support.  It was a warm, fun and supportive learning space.”

Lili Smilevski, Crisis Support Workplace Trainer and Assessor, Lifeline

“I loved Michelle’s enthusiastic, engaging and stimulating presentation; the sensational resources; the safe and supportive environment to take risks; and the increasing challenge in the activities.  I feel re-energised to re-vamp my training presentations and resources I use.”

Helen Mays, Community & Corporate Trainer, Lifeline

“A great ‘recipe’ of how to be effective in getting our message across in a way that will have others be motivated to follow us.  Michelle’s energy is infectious.  Great use of resources both to present the training and for us as trainees.  A very good use of my time.  Gave me many tools I can use in the future.”

Rob Nielsen, Trainer,  Lifeline

“It was clear, interactive, and used various modes to teach.  Michelle was supportive and friendly. I felt safe that Michelle knew what she was teaching us including that there are limits to how much we can apply.  I loved storyboarding, 4Mat, and the 13 steps.  I also loved all the resources especially that Michelle is prepared to support us going forward.  Thank you so much Michelle for such a fabulous program.  Love ya guts!.”

Julie Christopher, Centre Operations Manager, Lifeline Geelong

“Michelle’s training skills have changed my own skills in a very positive way.  I am very excited about putting the new techniques into practice.  Well-paced and executed over the two days.”

Pat Consen, Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention Statewide Programs, Lifeline

“I loved Michelle’s boundless energy, enthusiasm and passion over the 2 day workshop.  The content activities and presentation skills covered invaluable learning.  The best workshop I have attended and would recommend to other trainers.”

Sonia Bout, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved the 13 steps.  Very supportive.  Exhausting – well worth the energy.  A great 2-days.  Lots of very useful information.  A very safe environment.  Great presenter – very encouraging.” Sandra Logan, Trainer, Lifeline

“Everything was awesome.  Thank you so much for everything.  I am going to become an eagle.”

Kerry Wall, Service Manager, Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast

“I loved everything – 13 steps, 4Mat, tips for nerves.  It challenged me.  The program has given me tools to practice to become a better trainer.”

Shelby Jones, Admin Support, Lifeline Broken Hill

“I loved everything really – the energy, the content, the tips and tricks.  It was all very valuable to me.  Really comfortable and safe which made it even easier to learn.  Couldn’t speak more highly about the program.  To describe the trainer, “Wow!”

Mark Richards, Domestic Violence Program Coordinator, Lifeline

“Thanks Michelle, you have given me the courage and inspiration to be more confident in public speaking.  Great presentation – lively and interesting.”

Carmel Williams, Training Coordinator, Lifeline

“I loved the simplicity and thoroughness of the content, and the chance to give our own presentation and get feedback.  It was sometimes difficult to concentrate knowing that I still had to present.”

Devika D’souza, Social Work Student, Lifeline

“This is the best training I have ever participated in.  I loved everything.  Very practical.  I loved the way Michelle broke up the 13 step and engaged with all of our senses.  So useful.  I love the way you showed us how we could apply the lessons in everyday life. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your knowledge and your genuine desire for us to improve.”

Ellen Scobie, Indigenous Project Worker, Lifeline

“I loved the content – the 13 step program is something that can be immediately implemented and have great effect throughout the business.  I loved the interactivity and practice sessions throughout.  They were tough and challenging – the course is demanding but it gets the best out of us and gives us confidence.  I really enjoyed the program.  I look forward to sharing this with others – this will reinforce my learning and help others with their presentations.  Thank you Michelle.  Very generous indeed – the presents, the feedback, the support, everything!”

Jill Voss, Finance Lead, Lifeline

“I loved that there was lots of practice utilising techniques with peers throughout.  I also loved the facts about body language, language; understanding of why we should apply these; good feedback method and the 13 steps technique.” 

Debbie Watson, DV-Alert Finance Officer, Lifeline

“Some great ideas and concepts presented.  I will be able to implement some of the suggestions soon.  The 5 Step Analysis and Storyboarding are great ideas that will help with brainstorming ideas quickly and getting order.  I will be able to do it in a team/supervision meeting to ensure correct direction of projects.” 

Karena Clarke, Continuous Improvement Project Manager, Lifeline

“I loved the variety of activities throughout to break up the two days.  I also loved the take away resources and the very kind offer to email you at any time for feedback on future presentations.” 

Erin Taubman, Practice Coordinator, Lifeline

“Captivating from the very beginning and at every step along the way.  Fantastic structure and framework – very useable and transferable.  Very safe space and very inclusive.  What could have been a very overwhelming course with so much content was inspiring with clear framework and techniques to using that content.  I would have liked to spend more time managing nerves and learning techniques to do this.” 

Karina Bryen, DV-alert Administration Officer, Lifeline

“I loved the practical tips, great framework and what will be long-lasting skills I will be able to take forward in my personal and professional life.  Michelle is clearly an expert presenter and it was a privilege to take part in the course.” 

Dominic Lavers, Public Affairs Manager, Lifeline

“I loved the techniques to structure presentations and to be more confident.  Worthwhile experience!” 

Elise Watson, L & D Administration Officer, Lifeline

“Very applicable stuff!  It was a great bunch of people.  A lot of fun.” 

Erin Purcell, DV-alert Administration Officer, Lifeline

“I loved everything!! Michelle, you have a wonderful, warm, engaging style of presenting. You literally ‘practise what you preach’! I got a lot out of the two days and feel motivated and skilled to present in a much more engaging and purposeful way. Keep up the good work!” 

Aileen Narayan, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved the value of the content and how excited it has made me feel about presenting. Every detail seems to have been carefully considered and planned. Both days were a blast! I’d love to do it again.” 

Kym Boemia, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved Michelle’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge. Each tool was presented, explained, worked through and placed in context. I never felt incompetent, and I was motivated to keep trying and improve. A very enjoyable and informative program that is totally inspiring. I am motivated to try out everything to which I was exposed.”

Cheryl Mascali, Training Coordinator, Lifeline

“Really solid teaching with encouragement and support. Great resources to take away, and methods to be practiced. Beautifully refined and developed. It’s obvious that the program has been continuously improved and continues to evolve. I really loved the feeling I got from this program. Thank you Michelle.” 

Peter Foster, Councellor and Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved 13 steps, stagecraft, lots of resources, practice and feedback plus Michelle’s experience and knowledge. Thanks Michelle!” 

Ann Evans, Client Services Lead, Lifeline

“I loved how through and detailed it was. It was presented in an honest and strength based way. Thanks for a strong holding space for some challenging learning.” 

Cathy Zervos, Contracting Trainer, Lifeline

“Well done Michelle. Your energy knowledge and skills will, and have, made such a difference to my life. You have given me a tool kit of emotional and physical resources. Content is amazing. It enables me to bring a great framework to presenting. Resources and quantity of information is invaluable. I loved the use of resources to clarify each of the 13 steps. It was a comfortable learning environment. The welcoming, supportive presenter’s manner made it work. I loved that the presenter created an environment that was non-threatening and affirming. Program helped me believe in myself, and my abilities.”

Jenny Willing, Trainer, Lifeline

“An absolute essential training for all trainers and presenters.  Thank you for all the support Michelle over two jam packed days – brilliant!”

Karen Prestidge, Lifeline

“I loved Michelle, and everything!  This has been the best 2-day workshop I have ever attended.  Informative, motivational and inspirational.”

Debbie Swibel, Trainer and Assessor, Wesley Suicide Prevention Services

“It was relevant to the nature of work with Lifeline, I learnt how to enhance my skills as a trainer and I was well supported.”

Di Gillespie, Service Coordinator: Telephone Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention, Lifeline

“Awesome!  I loved that I was comfortable to be out of my comfort zone.  I love that there are models to follow and that I have so much to take back and build on as I move forwards.  I loved the flipcharts. Thank you so much.”

Belinda Collihole, Trainer, Lifeline

“I loved the 13 steps of the persuasive presentation skills, Michelle’s energy, knowledge, skills, personality and wonderful 2 day workshop.  I’m left wanting MORE!  Thank you from my heart.”

Jaylene Moreau, Special Projects Officer, Lifeline Hunter Central Coast

“So, so, so valuable!  I loved the interaction, practice, tools, format, feedback, practical application and that it was challenging – put me out of my comfort zone. I cannot wait to put the techniques I learnt into practice!”

Michelle MacGillivray, Program Manager, Lifeline Ballarat

“All trainers within Lifeline would strategically benefit from this course. It would ensure Lifeline is represented across Australia by all trainers the same way! I loved the energy, interaction, content and delivery!”

Michelle Knop, Crisis Support Manager & Educator, Lifeline

“Michelle had great energy and a generous approach when encouraging learning. I loved the 13 Step structure which was very helpful to add extra polish and engagement to presentations.  I also loved the great tips on stagecraft.    Thank you – very valuable.”

Angelika Radeka, Counselling Supervisor, Lifeline

“Michelle, you are a fabulous teacher. Thank you for everything – it has been the best 2 days. I loved everything – it was informative, engaging, practical and most importantly increased my confidence to be the best trainer/presenter that I can be.”

Vicky Kyritsis, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Lifeline

“Fantastic! So interactive!  It got me to think and allowed me to process and made me do it.  Such amazing content backed up with passion and information. Confronting at times – I did grow!”

Alisha Tarrant, Training Coordinator, Lifeline

“Great!  I loved the content, delivery style, practice session, feedback and extra resources. The 2 days went fast and I loved every moment.  Fun! Inspiring!  Motivational, educational and practical.”

Roshan Bhandary, Program Manager, Lifeline

“I loved that there were lots of tools to use.  It was comprehensive but small enough to feel I got personal attention.  A great program – seemed to cover lots of ground in 2 days (comprehensive).”

Leesa Taylor, Wesley Mission QLD

“Thank you Michelle!  I loved Michelle!  The content, tips and strategies were excellent but having Michelle as the trainer made all the difference.  Her passion is infectious and I’ve never felt more motivated to present and become ace! It was such a useful, insightful and crucially practical course.  I have so much at my fingertips to go back and work with and start actioning.”

Lindsey Holme, Head of Mission and Brand Marketing, Cancer Council

“Excellent.  I loved the energy.  It was engaging and I know the format! Would highly recommend it.  Thanks Michelle.”

Selina Beauchamp, Wesley Mission

“Useful and challenging; long term tools.  I loved the practicalities and that it forced us to use own reality and now shut off.”

Hayley Panetta, Minderoo

“An entertaining and informative session with practical use of applications and to better myself.  I loved 4Mat, 13 steps, storyboarding and Michelle.  I think anyone in sales regardless of presentation needs should attend this course.”

Benita Gevorkian, Ronald McDonald House Charities

“Michelle absolutely practices what she preaches – delivering highly engaging, entertaining and informative workshops to help others improve their presentation skills. Her personal insights and experiences lighten the mood and are invaluable in getting her message across. I can’t recommend Michelle highly enough.”

Georgina Rogers, Project Specialist, The Salvation Army Australia

“I loved breaking down presenting into clear areas; the nice mix of teaching and practical activities; being able to put what I learned into practice on the second day; Michelle!; relaxed atmosphere; takeaway materials; offer of ongoing support; small group size.  Really enjoyed!”

Calista Holmes UNICEF

“Michelle made us all welcome and warm.  Very practical: I now know what I can do better.  Never dull!  Incredibly worthwhile.  I want you to come and do some follow-up in Vietnam!”

Michael Brosowski, Managing Director, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

“I loved the fun and varied classes; a load of material to make talks work for Restore One. Food was great. Location was good. Love Michelle’s teaching style and personality.”

Tanya Lawrence, Manager, Restore One

“I loved the formula and templates to enable recall of key strategies, ongoing reinforcement of learned content, AL & NLP teaching strategies, and 360 feedback.  Very valuable.  Well worth the investment.  I feel more prepared to launch the presenting component of my role in the organisation.”

Samantha Skinner, General Manager, Halogen Foundation

“Michelle was clear and to the point whilst being very insightful.  The 13 step process is a fantastic tool for presenting, but can also be used in many other real life situations.  Fantastic.  So glad I attended.  I was very nervous before attending and left flying high.”

Paul Dawson, Back Trac