[clients_logo][page_title title=” Michelle’s Presentation Skills Public Programs OLD”]Michelle’s Public Programs have been specifically designed to help you to really speak up and influence people one-to-one, one-to-few, and even one-to-many!

Michelle’s 2 day Public Programs run every month in a first class training venue in North Sydney. Her Public Program also runs from time-to-time in Melbourne and Brisbane. Michelle offers two levels of training:

iStock_000003057407XSmallInfluential Presentation Skills (Advanced)

This 2 day program is ideal for professionals, managers, sales people and anyone else who is already a confident workplace presenter, and who would like to gain the skills to become a first class presenter. Come along and challenge yourself to develop the necessary skills to really speak up and influence the people around you every time. Learn more…


img_1246235937Influential Presentation Skills (Introduction)

This 2 day program will suit those who are newer to presenting and who lack confidence. You will be welcomed into a supportive environment where you will feel comfortable to take the steps to becoming a confident, engaging presenter. Learn Michelle’s foolproof 13 Steps to Influential Presentation Design for designing and delivering excellent presentations. Learn more…

Which program is best for you?

Are you keen to improve your presentation skills, but not sure which program is right for you, or indeed, whether one-to-one coaching may be more appropriate? We want to make sure that you are in a group with the right people for you to learn with and for this reason we recommend you contact us to ensure we match you to the best program for you.

You are welcome to call Michelle directly on 0412 391 170 in Australia.

Or please email us to arrange a time that Michelle can speak with you over the phone. You never know, Michelle may be able to answer some of your questions about presenting over the phone. If necessary, she can discuss with you which of her programs will best meet your needs at this time.

Yes, I’d like to arrange a time for Michelle to call me in person and discuss my specific presentation needs!