[clients_logo][page_title title=” Michelle’s INTRODUCTORY Presentation Skills Programs”]This 2 day program is perfect for you if you are new to presenting and find your nerves are getting the better of you!

The Influential Presentation Skills (Introductory) program is held over two days in professional training rooms in North Sydney on a monthly basis and is a great way to learn the tips, tools and techniques you need so you can conquer your nervousness and engage people with confidence.


Come and learn how to:

  • command attention
  • get your message across, and
  • develop the influence you deserve so you achieve results.


You can have the POWER to influence and the confidence to Speak Up!

Work with Michelle Bowden and learn how to:

  • Analyse your audience and ensure your preparation time is minimal
  • Design your presentation to it meets the intrinsic needs of all audience types
  • Script your presentation using advanced language patterns that influence your audience to change their thinking and behaviour
  • Never rely on notes again
  • Manage your nervousness
  • Ask and answer questions with finesse!
  • Manage audience objections
  • Design and deliver PowerPoint slides to enhance, not ‘take over’ your presentation
  • Project your voice confidently and charismatically
  • Handle challenging questions
  • Use visual aids that support your points rather than ‘take over’ your presentation
  • Move your body to hold the attention of the audience
  • Create the optimal audience environment
  • Generate energy through body movement and gestures
  • Influence your audience to change their thinking and/or behaviour using music, story, high-level rapport building and advanced language techniques.