Medical, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Testimonials

Executives from Device Technologies celebrating after their excellent business presenting in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training Sydney

These testimonials are from a selection of Michelle Bowden’s clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors spanning 1999 to today. Enjoy!

“I loved that I was introduced to new techniques that can be applied to all aspects of my life. I loved that we got to practise and apply these techniques. I loved the energy Michelle brings to the course and makes herself available to us afterwards. I will use everything! The Persuasive Blueprint will be used for all future presentations and public speaking events.”

Joanna Lin, GP and Practice Owner, Leichhardt GP


“I loved that the masterclass was empowering and thought-provoking. I loved the strategies, Persuasion Blueprint and Michelle’s energy. I will use everything. I will slowly digest it all, watch the videos, keep practicing, and build the love army with it.”

Katrina Loukas, Managing Director/Behaviour Specialist, Lifehackers Institute

Michelle’s masterclass has been one of the most impactful for me in all the years I have been in the Industry. Over 10 years ago now Michelle taught me a structure that I still use to convey a message, tell the story, and captivate. I still remember her lessons on how to deliver my message in a way that is meaningful and compelling for my intended audience. And I have never forgotten Michelle’s advice to always build in a ‘call to action’ – even if it is just for support and endorsement, or we will be wasting an opportunity! Michelle inspires and up-skills others to present with impact that does not involve death by PowerPoint!

Helen Millard, Senior Product Manager – Oncology, AbbVie

“We want more!  I loved everything.  It made me step out of my comfort zone and extend myself.  I gained so many tips and pointers that are practical to everyday activities/communication skills, not only presenting.  Thanks a million!”

Candice Fitzgerald, GM Medical Information, Roche

“When it comes to public speaking, Michelle is the absolute Blackbelt in Excellence.”

Craig Boyd, President, Xellia Pharmaceuticals


“I loved the pace, energy and content. I will use the structure and linguistics – everything!”

Sarah Chapman, GM, People & Culture, Device Technologies


“I loved the energy, knowledge, tools and facilities. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, 13-Point Persuasion Blueprint, and 4Mat technique.”

Craig Leak, Senior Business Manager, Technical Service, Device Technologies


“I loved Michelle’s genuine and generous approach as a facilitator – the best I’ve ever had! Love her SPARKLE! Sparkly dress and sparkly shoes – just fabulous! I also loved that the masterclass was practical, fun, and an engaging way to skyrocket my presentation skills. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, music at conferences, wear black when training.  I will use EVERYTHING!”

Amelia Tighe, Reverse Logistics Operations Manager, Device Technologies


“The masterclass was practical, engaging, and fun. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. I will use everything! The script is very practical and so is everything else.”

Yelitza Guerra, GM Distribution & Logistics ANZ, Asia of Operations, Device Technologies


“Thank you so much for WOW! WOW! Two excellent training days! I loved the engaging, practical examples that I will use at work and life! I was made to feel empowered and included. Great activities to practice what we learnt on day 1. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, rhetorical questions – all of it! Thank you! Joy to you!”

Lidia Najbar, Service Excellence Officer, Latrobe Community Health Service


“I love that I now have a structure I can relate to – to avoid losing  focus and being distracted. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and the body language.”    

Diego Intrieri, Head of Strategic Planning, Device Technologies     


“I loved the key learnings, bite sized learning, framework, application process, and the experiential learning. I will use in all types of interactions with the team and in coaching opportunities.”

Steve Symes, Chief Operating Officer, Device Technologies


“Michelle was amazing, hilarious but mostly warm, engaging, and deserves all the props for holding the attention of us all (especially me who has a short attention span!) The masterclass was paced so well and is just so valuable – even on a topic I so passionately dislike! Thank you for being so open! I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and techniques associated. Michelle you are the best! I really felt the love!”

Dani Salib, GM Customer Engagement, Operations & Supply Chain, Device Technologies 


“I loved the 13-Point framework. Amazing improvement in how I am thinking. Michelle’s energy is infectious. I will use all of it – this masterclass is life changing!”

Maha Rajagopalan, Manager, PMO, Device Technologies


“My training team and I attended Michelles presentation skills program and found it invaluable. It was engaging, enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Michelle ran the program, like she always does, brilliantly. My team and I left with a clear set of strategies on how to be more effective presenters. I highly recommend Michelle’s Presentation Skills programme to all!’

Katerina Kouridakis, National Business Manager (Neurology), Seqirus


“Life changing! Inspiring!  My presentations have always missed something and your 13 steps, second position, 5-step analysis and linguistics  (everything!) will help me become the best presenter and communicator I can be!  Thank you, truly.  The strategies for managing nerves were incredibly helpful for me.  I came in wanting to learn how to manage nerves and build confidence in presenting and this course – and YOU – have done just that.  I appreciate you – you’re gorgeous!”

Stephanie Guerra, Seqirus


“I loved the 4Mat and structure and very positive learning environment. Good size group – no hiding. I will use everything!”

Rachael Hook, QA RA Manager/SLT Member, B Braun


“Michelle is larger than life – who wouldn’t want to be like her? I loved the stepwise process. It leaves nothing in the bag.  I will use everything – especially the Persuasion Blueprint.” 

Lesley Scott, Registered Nurse, Cryomed Aesthetics


“Fantastic! The structure of the course was excellent, with the right pace and energy. Thank you so much for the two days.  I have picked up many new skills, which I will need in my day-to-day role.”

Michael Scott, Technical Support Manager ANZ, Philips

“Amazing! Best course I have ever done. I want to do more! I loved Michelle, her expertise gives me great confidence. Her ability to embed the models and techniques during the interactive program is amazing. You want to work hard for her because she works hard for you for the entire two days.”

Libby Shillington, Sales, Stryker

“So practical!  Love the protocol and the amount of detailed explanation of the how and why of each step.  Amazing – a great investment of my time.”

Karen Budd, Senior Scientific Advisor, Seqirus

“I loved the energy, insights and environment that allowed me to truly engage.  This course should be mandatory for the leadership team at my company.  Michelle’s knowledge, skill and energy brings the best out of everyone on the program.”

John Keely, Customer Experience Manager, Philips

“This Masterclass has given me the confidence to do the thing I was most fearful of.  I now truly believe I can do it.  I loved that it made me shift my thinking, change my perspective and ‘unlearn’ bad habits.  Knowing how to deal with conflict with investigators was very helpful.  I also loved the supportive vibe that was created.  I felt like everyone had each other’s backs.  I think every single person who gives presentations as their job would benefit from this.”

Danni Hayne, Clinical Trial Site Manager, Janssen

“I really enjoyed Michelle and her delivery – it’s dynamic and engaging.  It’s a fantastic program.  I’d been recommended it and it didn’t disappoint!  Fantastic and exceptionally relevant!  There’s a lot to offer and to take in.  I can sometimes find it difficult to continue to stay engaged and I was mesmerised for the whole time!”

Lucy Walczak, AMSL

“Michelle brings the latest and most effective techniques to ensuring presentations are outstanding. I love her wicked sense of humour and her commitment to excellence.”

Roz Townsend, Conflict Coach, Conversation Facilitator and Mediator, i-MED Network Radiology

“Awesome 2 days! I loved learning about the structure I can use to format a great presentation. There is so much to learn in the 2 days which is invaluable. Just loved learning.”

Sue Muller, Director – Recruitment Consultant, LocumCo

“Very helpful and the whole marketing team got a lot out of it, regardless of their competency presenting. I loved Michelle’s high energy. It was never boring, with lots of interaction and practice, plus excellent practical techniques!”

Glen Godresse, Director of Sales & Marketing, Menarini

“Excellent!  I have been trying to write a proposal for about 3 weeks for one of my hospitals and have been getting very stuck.  Today I wrote the whole thing and have lots of ideas to add when I get home.  This was so relevant and valuable to me.  Looking forward to future courses!”

Michelle O’Flaherty, Stryker

“A great program, I will be ensuring every one of my team attends.  I will use it for my monthly meetings.  I loved that it was fast paced, relevant, pushed the audience and will improve everyone who attended.”

John Smyth, Stryker

“A memorable day and the content will be remembered and used.  I loved that it was dynamic, involving, and very relevant to my industry with examples and discussions.”

Tony Beasley, Stryker

“Fantastic day, and really exceeded my expectations.  I got out exactly what I needed.  I loved that it had relevant content, was well presented and easy to understand and apply.”

Paul Murray, Stryker

“LOTS of information in a one day program!  A great blend of theory and practical examples.  Excellent!”

Chris Mathieson, Stryker

“Well run, great fast pace, good interaction and fantastic content.  I loved the structure provided and key triggers to present persuasively, as well as the confidence and enthusiasm to put it into practice.  I’m motivated to present further.”

John O’Hare, Stryker

“This program helped to identify key things to include in a concise presentation and look at what needs to be presented to customers.  I like the idea of a storyboard.”

Carl Sumner, Stryker

“Very well run, interesting and will hopefully improve my presentation skills, even on an everyday basis when interacting with surgeons.  I loved that this program was relevant to sales, can be used for long/short presentations, gives us skills we will actually use, we got to practice during the day and gave us materials to take home.”

Fiona James, Stryker

“I loved the tips and tricks (structure!) that will enable me to present better in the future.  The program was relevant, engaging, practical and quality.”

Richard Hosking, Stryker

“Highly recommended! Fast paced, engaging, relevant, with easy to follow information. Useful, meaningful information that I can tailor to many different aspects of work.”

Sophie Haseler, Stryker

“I have attended a few programs like this before but none as captivating as this.  Fantastic!  I loved the simple, easy way to remember how to plan presentations/calls.  Great acronyms.”

Jordan Kennedy, Stryker

“I loved Michelle’s energy, knowledge, delivery and the variety of strategies she shared with us. Very inspiring!  The content opened my eyes and I am incredibly excited to take what I have learnt in the past 24 hours to better prepare for and deliver more impactful presentations and to achieve better meeting outcomes.  Intense, but worth every step out of my comfort zone!  I look forward to flying like an eagle.  I’m grateful for the investment the management team has made in giving me this experience.”

Kellie Wilson, Syneron-Candela

“I loved that it was constructive, informative, with endless options to consider.  It’s like a degree in 2 days – full of tips and pearls.  It doesn’t end here – I am able to get help for future presentations.”

Kirsten Cachia, Syneron-Candela

“I loved the content, interaction, Michelle’s knowledge and that it was inspiring.  It was confronting – certainly got me out of my comfort zone!  I learnt so much about presenting.  Much love!”

Trina Lea, Syneron-Candela

“Upbeat, challenging, creative and constructive.  I loved the preparation, organisation and better steps to execute PowerPoint presentations in groups.  I also loved learning a better way to effectively communicate through email and presentations.  I look forward to reflecting back on these skills and working on my confidence for the future.  Thank you!”

Kristi Burns, Syneron-Candela

“I loved the tips and tricks for gaining rapport and attention.  No bullshit – Michelle tells it how it is, which I relate to.  I learnt how to present to different types of people (understanding my audience), and how to format and structure my presentations better – learning the importance of an intro and hook.”

Bronwyn Page, Syneron-Candela

“This Masterclass highlighted how many slides are too busy and how to be more concise.  It also gave me structures to work with.  A great program, with a very engaging teacher/leader.”

Thea Tserdanis, Syneron-Candela

“So interactive and thorough!  Michelle was brilliant – warm, passionate and inspiring.  Inspirational and confidence boosting.”

Penelope Berger, Syneron-Candela

“Once practiced, this will actually work for us.  It can become natural.  I will 100% be using this for my next meeting.  Great guidance – just enough, without overloading.”

Vera Kapalle, Syneron-Candela

“Interesting, informative and very useful for our future career.  Presented good tips and tricks for us to improve our communications and presentation skills.  Very good constructive feedback.”

Daniela Liga, Syneron-Candela

“This Masterclass was packed with tools to implement!  I’m looking forward to rehearsing this and implementing it into all opportunities to present.  Wonderful, fun and informative.”

Amanda Van Der Vlies, Syneron-Candela

“Loved it!  There was no part of the program that I didn’t think was relevant to me.  Every piece of information I can use in my day-to-day.  I loved everything!  Michelle was a completely engaging presenter and trainer who was truly practicing what she preached!  She was an absolute pleasure to learn from and has given me a real standard to aspire to.”

Sarah Rathmell, Roche

“Very positive, practical and a great use of my time!  Michelle is obviously an expert in this skill and her passion and energy comes across in spades.  I loved Michelle – her mix of humour, anecdotes and stories.  I loved her extremely practical tips and they can be used in so many different scenarios, not just presentation skills.  I loved being able to practice presenting (even though it was a little terrifying) and I also loved the long list of words that were generated about my post-presentation – this is very encouraging.”

Maureen Nicholls, Roche

“Interesting!  I will implement some of the tactics immediately and definitely use the 13 steps for my next presentation.  I loved the techniques, templates, tips and tricks and the varied agenda.  Michelle has a good presentation style that is engaging and personal.  I also loved the opportunity for presentation practice and critique.”

Sandra Easter, Roche

“Thank you very much.  I learnt heaps and had a great time!  I loved the variety of practical experience and theory which was nicely interwoven.”

Ingrid Los, Roche

“Everyone could benefit from doing this course. I loved the 13 step process – great technique when planning presentations.  I also loved the presenter!  I’ve never met a more realistic, down to earth and inspiring presenter – she makes it look so easy!  I loved the tools provided (books and DVDs) to ensure that we can continue to use the techniques.”

Katherine Juhasz, Roche

“Excellent program!  It’s worth the time and investment.  I loved that it was very engaging and easy to apply.  I also loved the numerous practical tips to be more effective in my presentations.  Michelle was very effective!  I learned a lot.”

Michelle Delena, Roche

“Michelle is inspirational!  I loved the hands on practice and the great learning environment – friendly, comfortable and good materials.”

Cheryl Stead, Roche

“Excellent – time flew, and time flies when you are having fun!  I loved Michelle!  The program was very hands on with the ability to practice what we learnt in a supportive environment.”

Janis Priest, Roche

“I would recommend this to others in same or similar roles.  CSMs should also do the course.  I loved that it was practical, useful, applicable to my role, well explained and fun.”

Jacquie Hawthorne, Roche

“Loved it!  It made me face some of my weaknesses and know that I can overcome them.  I loved that it used simple step-by-step successful recipe of what you need to do to ensure you are able to engage your audience in oral presentations.  A follow up session would be beneficial after we have had a period of time to implement our learning.”

Rosie Murray, Roche

“Fabulous!  It was great to practice in the course to give you confidence in what you can achieve.  I loved the amazing energy from Michelle!  Michelle keeps you engaged from the 1st minute to the last minute of the whole two days and makes you feel confident in what you can achieve and really shows you how to do it effectively.”

Jo Baty, Roche

“Superb trainer!  Michelle was very engaging and made sure everyone participated.  A very positive learning experience!  I loved everything – can’t recall when last I attended a two day training and got so much out of it!  Fabulous – I look forward to putting the learnings into practice.”

Susanne Meilenbrock, Roche

“All good.  I loved that it was over two days to give us time to learn the information and practice it.”

Kerry Boland, Roche

“I loved that the techniques taught are easy to understand and apply.  The opportunity to practice is really beneficial.  Michelle is an engaging presenter that holds your attention well and her facilitating techniques are non-threatening and inclusive of all participants.  Materials are well structured and useful.”

Gabriel Quinlan, Roche

“I feel inspired and confident to use these techniques in the future.  Confronting but also rewarding!  I loved the practical training and structured 13 step model; the body movement, voice projection techniques, focus into 2nd and 3rd position; and the template for designing future presentations.  I also loved the takeaways – fabulous books and DVDs.  I can’t wait to read and watch!”

Jane Cooney, Roche

“I will definitely take on board the learnings.  I loved challenging past behaviour in a positive way.  It provides a common-sense alternative to really make a difference to how we create presentations.  I also loved the very practical experiences and learning.”

Charles Kent, Roche

“Great – thank you!  I learned something new and I am convinced and confident that I can now give better presentations.  I loved the 13 steps and extending the self.”

Lynn Montgomery, Roche

“The program was very full but flowed well and Michelle is an expert at controlling the group.  She is clearly an expert presenter/influencer and a role model for us to learn from.  I want to be like you!  This has been the best training course I have done in many years as it is immediately useful in lots of different situations.  I have been doing it all wrong and now I have an easy to use step-by-step system to plan, prepare and deliver presentations that will actually get my message across and change behaviour.  I also can now handle difficult people in my workshops more effectively.”

Chris O’Donnell, Roche

“Excellent!  Full of practical tips and structure to present effectively.  I loved Michelle’s energy!”

Denh Ung, Stryker

“Amazing!  I loved increasing the “second person” awareness, gaining credibility and the persuasive potential.  I was engaged the whole time!”

Roshan Karunaratne, Stryker

“This program was great because it was transferable to sales skills as well as presentation skills.  I loved that it provided a framework for compiling presentations quickly.  I really liked the storyboarding as it allowed for quick brainstorming.”

Alex McLachlan, Stryker

“Excellent! I loved the great presenter and content.  I will use this in the ‘real world’.”

Daniel Hill, Stryker

“I loved that it was highly relevant to sales – not just for presentations.  It was very good, even as a beginner and highly engaging.  Hard to implement well – tips on doing this could be good (I understand that is up to me to do though).”

Billy Angus, Stryker

“Very relevant, well based and presented.  Good facility.  I loved the presenter, content and delivery – really, the whole program!”

John Ivancic, Stryker

“I loved the practical applications throughout the day to my current role and current presentations in the next few months. I also loved that I felt confident to use the steps and could see the application.  Energetic, interesting and relevant!”

Robyn Gilchrist, Stryker

“I loved the presenter, who was engaging, expert and energetic, and the content which was relevant and useful.  An excellent program.”

JR Gonzalez, Stryker

“A good group and a great start to what I hope will be a follow up course.  I loved that it was practical with easy steps to implement right away.  Very timely too!” 

Matt Coughlin, Stryker

“I loved the easy 13-step structure, pacing and leading, and the storyboarding concept.”

Vaughan Bonny, Stryker

“I loved learning the techniques (13 steps), being more technical, the good energy, and that it was well presented.”

Craig Reeves, Stryker

“Engaging and rewarding.  I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and the systematic breakdown of steps to cover all aspects of preparation and presentation.”

Greg Palmer, Stryker

“I loved the clear flow that came together neatly at the end, Michelle’s very approachable teaching technique, the use of real presentation examples throughout, and the engaging, charismatic teacher.  The offer of extra email help is terrific and appreciated.  I can’t wait to take the second half of the course!”

Rob Wood, Stryker

“I loved that it simplified the persuasive process, giving us an effective and repeatable formula.  Also it was entertaining and the time flew by!  Thank you very much for your help and expertise!”

David Hermes, Stryker

“Valuable, valuable, valuable!  I learnt an amazing number of things.  I loved that it was fun and stimulating, had exceptional material and was structured and sequenced.  The delivery reminded me of learning a song – one section at a time.  The energy and level of participation was amazing.”

Lana Craig, BBraun

“Loved it!  The most worthwhile training course I’ve attended in a while.  I didn’t feel sleepy once, despite being tired.  Michelle had my attention from start to finish.  The techniques are clear, common sense, doable and repeatable.”

Cinone Kearns, BBraun

“Fantastic!  I loved the 4Mat.  It really helped, as well as learning to believe in my skills.”

Pamela Klingler, BBraun

“I loved the breadth and depth of knowledge, discussion, habit forming and breaking, varied attendees and Michelle’s experience sharing. I recommend attendance at NSM and follow-up assessment for a small nominal fee to “summarise” key potential areas – will complete intimate learning cycle and offer company value.”

Stuart Riley, BBraun

“It was an excellent presentation.  I loved the presentation structure, how to construct a presentation and techniques.”

Gene Farillas, BBraun

“Worthwhile attending if you lack confidence in presenting and even if you feel you are an advanced presenter.  I loved the clear and concise steps that were presented to help improve my presentation skills.“

Despina Tracey, BBraun

“Excellent content which was both informative and engaging.  I loved the content and flow of the program.  The program was both informative and empowering.  The skills can be used in other areas of everyday life and in communication.”

Kim Drury, BBraun

“Great program.  I loved everything!”

Allan Andrews, BBraun

“The program was flexible and moved/changed directions as the participants needed it to.  I loved the laid back style.  There was no pressure to get it 100% right.  The content, while detailed, was presented logically and simply.  It was all about having fun, while being taken out of your comfort zone.”

Jillian Nixon, BBraun

“Michelle has a lot of energy and engages the audience and drives home the message.  Everyone took home real skills to use in the real world. It gave structure to achieve a well-received presentation and the tools to engage the audience. I loved the practical content that gave emphasis to Michelle’s content.”

Bruce Cresswell, BBraun

“Michelle is passionate and energetic and knowledgeable.  This will improve my work performance in making me a more effective communicator.  I would like more chance to present and incorporate feedback into future presentation and assess progress.  I was not looking forward to the course but felt it was very useful and surprisingly enjoyable.”

Tim Pollitt, Novartis

“Michelle was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and constructive.   This course will make my presentations more structured.”

Jane Lawson, Novartis

“Michelle was extremely good at using all the techniques being taught – must be good at teaching them too because I can see them in you now!!  This program will improve my work performance with new ideas to use and try out, structures and influencing techniques. Program was great – really enjoyed the challenge and look forward to trying it out.”

Ruth Lucas, Novartis

“Michelle was great and very intuitive about each member. I feel that I would have liked more time spent on the flow of the 13 steps and maybe have these presented upfront early so that I could absorb the steps as the 1st day progresses.  Otherwise, I found the course great.  This will improve my work performance when applying the tools and models in all my presentations and interactions to become more confident.  The program was great and I look forward to applying what I’ve learnt.”

Sonya Akele, Novartis

“I loved the energy, information, structure and venue.  Fantastic – no fault found.”

Fiona Ross, Coffs Harbour Surgical Group

“I loved the structure, format, system of composition, engagement of participants, colleagues (we were part of a lovely group of people).  Thank you to my fellow course participants.  Timing, intensity, content and value were all great.  Thanks for your care and support Michelle.”

Stuart Newland, Surgeon

“I loved how the program took you on a journey.  At each part of the journey, there was time to reflect on what was done and how you can apply it.  It isn’t often that you can apply what you learn in such an open environment.  Well done!”

Renee Hodge, Head of Procurement – Pathology, SDS Pathology

“I am now more confident in presenting – definitely worth it!  I loved everything – the topics, activities, interaction and Michelle’s expertise and guidance.”

Menche Galarosa, Janssen Australia

“Michelle’s presentation courses are like no other I’ve ever attended. Anyone can be a brilliant presenter … you can do so by being yourself and developing your own style. Michelle reveals the secrets of great presentation skills through practical, memorable and effective coaching – stuff that you can really use afterwards.”

Kate Lynch, Senior Manager, Economics & Industry Policy, Merck Sharp & Dohme

“A great program with constructive feedback that gave a clear outline of how to structure effective presentations. I loved the variety in the delivery of the different concepts and techniques, despite it following a set ruberic.”

Andrew Tsang, Stryker

“Well thought out and very knowledgeable presenter.  I loved the structure of 4Mat and the 13 steps, and the opportunity to review and practice each action of the course.”

Lee Stylianou, Product Manager, Stryker

“I now have a structured approach to my presentations.  I loved extending the self (calming nerves).  I can use this on my wife!  Great program; great location; great presenter.”

Alex Bond, DPM

“Loved all of it.  I loved the feedback on my presentation, the interaction with attendees and the energy.  I feel privileged that I could attend. This has/will make an impact on the success I have influencing.”

Cassandra Sims, Stryker

“I loved the opportunity to practice techniques throughout and finally all together with the 5 minute presentation with group feedback.  Great energy and enthusiasm throughout.”

Michael Nasuta, Stryker

“I loved the structure, body language, starting, practice and feedback.  Great program.  I wish I had done it years ago.”

Ben Robins, Stryker

“I loved everything!  I loved the energy, positive attitude of presenter, interactive activities, tools and skills available to prepare effective presentations.  Michelle is a ‘living saint’!  The only person to have been able to get me to stand in front of a group and present.”

Maria Shields, Janssen – Cilag (Johnson & Johnson)

“I loved the excellent facilitator/trainer – wow you are good!  I also loved the 13 steps to a persuasive presentation or other communication.  So good!  Excellent content, examples and “take – home.”

Mara Morson, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Very engaging, interactive, interesting and informative. I loved that it taught us a whole lot of things required for persuasive presentations – from the 4Mat to the 13 steps.  It is something which could be used not just in PowerPoints, but also on a day to day basis including conversations in meetings, emails and one-on-ones etc.”

Chinnu George, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“The program gave me the tools to both prepare and present a meaningful presentation.  The techniques were presented in easy to understand steps.  The program also allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and present confidently.  Having the 13 steps to prepare a presentation is now going to be quick and effective.  Loved the PACE, PACE, DANCE – will not forget this!”

Nicolette Matthias,  Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“I loved the presenter.  Michelle was engaging and full of energy during the 2-day workshop.  The program was well structured.  Lots of techniques were discussed that can be used in personal and professional life.  Superbly presented.  The program was full of training material as a take-away and for a refresher course.”

Tanuja Shettigar, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“I loved that this program and provides a 13-step approach to presentations; provides tools to use over and over again.  Michelle is very engaging and encouraging – an expert in her area.  I liked that the first day was theory and the second day it was put into practice.  I also enjoyed the “live” feedback and tips after presenting.  I really enjoyed attending and felt like I got valuable tools to use in the future to approach my presentations.  The program structure provided a good way to learn useful techniques.”

Shaun Williams, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“A very well organised course.  I would recommend to others.  I loved the positive energy; the key practical tips to be able to put into practice; and the tools to use in practice. The interactive sessions were great.”

Sylvia Roins, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Makes students confident for future speeches. Very well structured.  I loved the passion; lots of useful techniques; logical and memorable; meeting new colleagues. Amazing body language and tips taught.”

Emma Zhang, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Michelle ran the program in a very engaging way.  I liked the practical aspect of the course – the model is really useful and I will use it.  Great program – a lot of content but also sufficient hands-on to keep it interesting.”

Anna Piekarska, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“I loved the energy created by the facilitator; the easy to follow 13-steps for future presentations; and the fantastic take-homes (booklet/book/USB/emails).  The clear feedback provided after the presentation was critical and useful but nice!”

Angela Hordicek, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“I loved the ease in which Michelle delivered the program resulting in us learning the material in a very enjoyable and informative way. A very insightful and useful program.”

Anthony Pannuzzo, Medical Information Specialist, Seqirus

“I loved the templates, practical guidance, the explanations of what to do it and WHAT to do. Overall great!”

Alex Kennedy, Scientific Advisor, Seqirus

“Michelle is highly engaging, practical and full of advice.  The course gave opportunities throughout to immediately put tools, templates and concepts into action.  I considered myself an advanced presenter – Michelle showed me how to be so much better.”

Andrew Stork, Senior Scientific Advisor, Seqirus

“I loved the tools for implementation; evidence-based; resources for the future; that it was tailored to individual needs and engaging.  One of the best courses I have attended.  Thank you very much!”

Harsha Shetty, Senior Scientific Advisor, Seqirus

“I loved the structure taught to improve presentations and the provision of resources that are useful. (e.g. template, reminder mousepad, book/videos and access to script review).  It was entertaining and not boring, and gave an ability to practice in a non-threatening environment.  A fantastic program with very useful tips, tricks and resources.  Michelle is a very engaging and knowledgeable presenter.”

Ann Nguyen, Senior Scientific Advisor, Seqirus

“I loved the trainer!  I also loved the structure of the training, materials and content and that everyone participated and was involved.”

Karolina Dinges, Senior Medical Science Liaison, Seqirus

“Michelle’s program is logical, evidence-based, implementable and real.  It’s also fun, inspiring and team-building.  Michelle herself is insightful, dynamic and one of a kind!  It was a privilege to take the course and it as given me plenty to think about and put into practice.”

Tara Satyanand, Head of Medical, Seqirus

“I loved that the masterclass was very informative with new techniques and that the energy was good and we had an opportunity to practice and get feedback in a safe environment.  I learnt a lot that can be applied straight away.”

Andrea McCracken, Senior Medical Manager, Seqirus

“Michelle’s energy was incredible, as was her support throughout the 2 days. I really liked the tools provided.  Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!”

James Micevski, Medical Science Liaison Manager, Seqirus

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program – the most inspiring facilitator I have ever worked with!  Fully engaging with never a dull moment, and a supportive environment in which to learn.”

Rosanda Buljubasic, Regional Medical Affairs Operations Manager, Seqirus

“Very useful and eye-opening.  The program was catered to all personalities and abilities, and I feel that everyone benefited from attending.  Michelle made the content enjoyable, entertaining and relatable.”

Michelle van Rensburg, Scientific Advisor, Seqirus

“I loved that it was practical, entertaining, energetic and very relatable.  A fantastic program that actually focused on the real you in presenting – it’s tailored, even in a big group.”

Daniel Yu, Scientific Advisor, Seqirus

“Exhausting but so worth it!  So much information delivered but at no point did I feel overloaded.  I loved how clear the guidance was and the resources too!”

Jason Menche, Scientific Advisor, Seqirus

“The energy from Michelle was amazing.  I love how the presentation falls into place when using the 13 steps.  I need to practice the life-changing tips on posture, stance and use of space.  Great program!  Feedback is constructive and I didn’t feel awkward.  Thanks for making it such a safe place.”

Karen Phillipe, Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia

“An amazing course – a must for anyone.  I loved learning a strong/malleable structure and the techniques for gesturing, positioning and theory. These aren’t presentation skills; they are communication skills!”

Junior Taurail, Senior Marketing Associate – Communications, Stryker

“Michelle is real, and fun and just oozes what she teaches!  I loved the great tips and tricks that make sense and can be used. Thanks for the opportunity.  Michelle is my new sensei.”

Terri Vaccaro, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the tools to deliver relevant and concise presentations that are actionable.  I am also more confident with crafting a presentation in the future.  A great experience.  Way better than I expected.”

Vern  Hue, NPS Medicinewise

“A lot of learning and a lot of “aha” moments.  Very informative and lots of knowledge.”

Grace Coquia, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the framework, the engaging presenter and the really easy tips and tricks.  Really well put together, with useful info that was practical and hopefully easy to use.”

Judith Flaxman, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the useful tools and the framework.  An excellent program.  Very detailed and rewarding (and exhausting).”

Aine Cadden, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved learning a structure to follow when designing presentations and also to use every day.  I also loved learning 4Mat and how to pace and lead.  Great facilitation.  Loved the storyboarding activity.”

Deana Aroney, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved learning the structure and format; understanding where I was going wrong; and keeping the audience in my perspective.  Very engaging. The content was useful and can be applied in multiple scenarios day-to-day.”

Sidhu Murugathas, NPS Medicinewise

“I felt Michelle was an expert.  The tips were surprisingly practical.”

Bradley Gellert, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the energy, the template, that it was interacting and engaging, and using the practical/work-related examples.  A fun and interactive session.  A good size group to do the course.  I liked the texta work and moving around during the day. Useful take-aways to help in life.”

Kirsty Lembke, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the 4Mat and Storyboarding.  It brought the idea that there is so much more to an effective presentation than just the actual slides.  Good delivery and engaging.”

Fin O’Reilly, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the energy of the presenter; the structure to follow; tying it all together; responsiveness to questions; genuineness; relevancy; and the skills that can be applied easily.  Very good!”

Kerryn Young, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the skills learnt; 4Mat; pace, pace, pace lead; tips for stance; and the engaging presenter!”

Lutfun Hossain, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved that it was clear and to the point; had a structured approach; the energy – very positive, happy, radiant energy; was very practical – immediately applicable; and that I was engaged throughout.  Makes a huge difference to presentations – extremely valuable!”

Woroud Alzaher, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the brilliant presenter – engaging, entertaining and experienced; the easily digestible content; and the fun!  Thank you Michelle, what an inspiration!”

Yien Yien Soo, NPS Medicinewise

“I loved the presenter, the pace, the practicality and the framework.  Really enjoyed it and I’m motivated to use the framework!”

Carolyn Crowther, NPS Medicinewise

“Where to start? So, so intense, but at the same time the hours disappeared. Full credit to Michelle, she is an inspiration: so humorous, so informative, impressive follow up and supply of resources. Not surprisingly I was sceptical before coming. I never would have thought I would be such a convert. I am a little nervous about my ability to project on the audience but will give it my best.”

Lara Perryman, Research Biologist, Pharmaxis

“Insightful, engaging and life changing!  Practical and useful advice. An incredible program.”

Samantha Oxenham, AMSL

Michelle Bowden delivering corporate presentation skills training at the closing keynote speaker at the LGFP 2023 Annual Conference in the Gold Coast

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