Manufacturing Testimonials (Industrial & Agricultural)

“I did Michelle’s Presentation Skills training masterclass and I can say, hands down, that it is one of the best, if not THE BEST professional training course I have attended in my career. Highly recommend!”

Tamara Mitchell, Brand Manager – eCommerce, Kimberly Clark Australia & New Zealand


“I loved your outstanding teaching style Michelle!  You made me feel good about myself and you helped the whole team feel at ease from the get go.  Terrific!  Easy to follow, understand and implement.  BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER DONE!”

Shane McParland, Manufacturing Manager, Chamberlain


“This will give me confidence going forward. I loved the ability to learn the 13 steps to structuring all forms of a presentation. I also liked how it forced me to get comfortable quickly performing a speech to complete strangers on a number of random topics over the first day to give me greater confidence in my presentation on the 2nd day. It is challenging, but rewarding to learn so much. Even though I am young, I felt everyone accepted this and is a great program for young people to get a step ahead of the rest early.”

Jordan Harte, Assistant Analyst, ACC Higgins


“The best course I have been on – already recommended to my friends last night after first day!  A great, relaxed learning environment where it is okay to try different things.  Thank you Michelle.  Great timing on each subject.  Resources we can actually use afterwards too.”

Sara Tomlinson, Key Account Manager, Lion


“I loved every part of this program despite my fear of presenting.  I can’t believe how much I have learned and found out that I can do it.  I cannot wait to go to work tomorrow and tell everyone about this program.  I am going to implement and use this straight away. Michelle is just amazing, a breath of fresh air while ensuring we all understood what needs to be done to be a great presenter.  This program is suited to all levels and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Thanks so much Michelle!”

Grace Condon, Sunrice


“All I could think after the program was ‘WOW’! Michelle is not only an enthusiastic presenter, she actually delivers real presentation skills and knowledge in a way that makes transfer back to your daily role successful. Michelle’s program was not what I expected, it (oops nearly used ‘but’) delivered so much more, and I now use many of the skills learnt as a matter of practice in all facets of preparation and development of training presentations and business proposals. And it was a load of fun!”

Bill Van Nierop, Business Manager, AGnVET Services


“I learnt so much and for once I really want to apply the skills and techniques taught from the training into everyday life.  It was certainly challenging to re-think how you persuade and present and I see the benefits.  I feel less nervous about presenting – thank you Michelle for changing my mindset and for giving me complete permission to love my guts.”

Ben Gleeson, Brand Manager, Coprice


“An excellent program.  I learnt practical steps which are easily implemented at work.  I loved that we practiced the learning that helped reinforcement. I took some very valuable learning and skills away that will help in many aspects of my work.”

David Lockwood, Engineering Manager, Chamberlain


“An excellent program to take communications to the next level of improvement.  I loved the high level of content; loads of examples; practical application; and the challenging content with plenty of examples and tools to improve recall after the course.”

Scott Williams, Nutrition & Technical Services Manager, Coprice


“I loved understanding individual needs and the positive vibe.  Loved everything and more!”

Sonny Ridge, Assistant Sales Manager, Hyqual Australia


“Very lucky to have this opportunity to participate in this leading course.  I loved the amazing presenter, very challenging, advanced content. There were no dull moments.”

Kathy Hill, Product Manager – Marketing Department, Avery Labelling Solutions


“Very intense 2 days. The best course I’ve attended ever. I feel I’ve learned professional and life skills to succeed. I loved the structure, useful tools and it has made me self-aware”.

Katrina Doney, Marketing, EOS


“I loved the energy and professionalism.  Extremely valuable tips and hints.  I liked that we got pushed and worked on our real presentations.  Enjoyable – full on and Michelle was knowledgeable.”

Ellie Martin, Website Manager, Avery Labelling Solutions


“I loved learning the structure in a fun and stress free environment. Well paced and contains the information needed to become a great speaker.”

Sean Els, IT Administrator, SunRice


“It was a challenging two days but I have learnt so much.  It was confronting in some bits, but having a structure for my future presentations is invaluable.  The additional resources are so fantastic and I will definitely use it.”

Stephanie Lee, Marketing Communications Specialist, Avery Labelling Solutions


“I loved that the structure was very clear and succinct, the knowledge of the presenter and the practice and application.  Enthusiastic presenter; great content and great techniques.”

Geoffrey Ong, Product Manager, Avery Labelling Solutions


“Great content, great connection to real life situations.  I loved the structure and no pressure to perform, all the helpful and logical learnings that I can apply to become a better presenter and channel manager for Avery.”

Michelle Samson, Channel Account Manager, Avery Labelling Solutions


“I loved the interaction, and the knowledge and experience of the presenter. Thank you for being patient with me.  I will practice some of the techniques that were demonstrated over the last two days.”

Karen Fleming, Consumer & Customer Sales Specialist, Avery Labelling Solutions


“The passion, knowledge and enthusiasm from Michelle is phenomenal.  So inspiring that I can succeed.  The knowledge and feedback that I took away is priceless.”

Jo-Jo Burke, Product Manager, Avery Labelling Solutions


“I loved understanding the structure for successful presentations and understanding the power of pace, pace, lead.  Very motivating.”

Michelle Lynch, Channel Sales Manager, Avery Labelling Solutions


“I loved all the techniques and supporting materials to help when preparing and delivering presentations. The masterclass provides practical tips on how to prepare, deliver and control the message and environment to achieve the desired outcome.”

PG Ong, SAP IT Analyst, SunRice



“I loved the focus on the model and the way Michelle delivered the content.”

Justin Seabrook, Channel Manager – Wholesalers & Buying Groups, Avery Labelling Solutions


“I would love to do a follow up course in the future.  I loved the relaxed environment, great process – easy to follow and understand.”

Rebecca Smith, Product Manager, Avery Labelling Solutions


“I love that it answered all of my questions, challenged me and gave me a winning edge.  It has presented me with an exciting opportunity and I cannot see how it could get any better.”

Aaron Matheson, National Sales Manager, Advantage Feeders


“Very informative. I loved getting many tools to arrange and deliver a persuasive presentation, as well as getting feedback that was personalised and detailed. Great learning experience and great to get ongoing access to resources including having presentations reviewed in future to receive feedback.”

Monika Getner, Site Management Accountant, Consolidated Manufacturing Enterprise


“Very good participation levels at all times.  We weren’t just ‘trained to’ – there was a lot of inclusiveness.  I love that it set a framework for the future.”

Glenn McInnes, Finance Manager, ITW Polymers & Fluids


“The program was well presented and helped me understand the theory.  I loved the logical theory which makes sense and, more importantly, that I think I can use. Very engaging and opened up my eyes to things I would not have noticed without attending the training.  I believe this training will help me.  Great, fantastic, highly recommended.”

James Diab, Product Marketing Manager, Chamberlain


“I loved all of it – the presenter and the content.  A very valuable tool for my career.”

Melissa Turnbull, Project Manager/Engineer, Chamberlain


“Very engaging and informative, great structure and with useful/real-life tools.  Without a doubt the best presentation skills workshop I have attended.”

Robert Bergqvist , Product Marketing Manager, Chamberlain


“I loved the passion, energy, friendliness and skill.  Michelle is a great trainer, motivator, presenter and a lovely person.  Thank you!”

Stuart Bennion, State Sales Manager WA, Chamberlain


“I loved getting out of my comfort zone and learning all the great techniques regarding presentations.  It was a really big two days, but worth it 100%. I really enjoyed it!”

Tommy McNamara, Chamberlain Group


“Such a positive environment, moving out of one’s comfort zone.  I loved so, so many things – presentation skills with my voice; seeing others similar to myself (i.e. not alone); the structure to present and essential skills.”

Nerida Uljan, Chamberlain Group


“This program is all about how you break your nerves and how you can structure your presentation to control your audience without difficulties.  Excellent!”

Young Prasantha, Chamberlain Group


“I loved that it was very practical, had lots of support material and very good emotional support. POO was a light bulb moment!  The structure and 13 steps was very good.”

Tony Harlick, Chamberlain Group


“I loved the excellent content, great structure, good mix of theory and practice, great tools to take home, and the good feedback.  An excellent trainer and extremely engaging.  Fast paced and outcome-oriented.”

Max Voigt, Chamberlain Group


“Lots of light bulb moments – thank you for re-positioning the required effort for presenting to persuade.  It’s not just “delivering info”!!  I loved the practical learning, framework and the teaching to different learning styles.”

Alissa Booker, Chamberlain Group


“The content is very helpful and the delivery by Michelle is amazing.  So much to take in yet you don’t feel totally drained.  An excellent program – engaging and informative.  Awesome!”

Donna Johnson, Chamberlain Group


“Well paced, engaging and full of light bulb moments.  I learnt a lot of new concepts that can be applied in a practical way.”

Mike Melis, Chamberlain Group


“I loved that it was fun and interactive. I learnt a lot.  Awesome learning course.”

Dean Ogleby, Chamberlain Group


“All the content was incredibly informative and very practical.  I can already see at least 5 uses in the immediate future.  It was fast paced and kept me interested and wanting to perform. It was fantastic!”

Murray Rook, Chamberlain Group


“I loved the energy of it and discovering my ability to be a good presenter.  A very good course.”

Faicel Mohamadi, Production Supervisor, Chamberlain


“Michelle kept my attention throughout and provided loss of options for supporting materials.  Awesome teacher.  Great facility/venue.”

Simon Rayment, State Sales Manager, Chamberlain


“I loved the structure mixed with practical examples; the tips, tools and persuasion tips; and the very knowledgeable presenter.  Very useful and challenging to keep improving.”

Eduardo Estrada, Production & Quality Supervisor, Chamberlain


“I loved the great models and useful material.  Good advice to put in everyday life.  Wonderful facilitator and presenter.  Well-structured course – perhaps a little more on extending self.”

Leila Golchin, GrainCorp


“Well structured and presented.  Entertaining.  I loved the structure, 13 steps, viewing from the second person and storyboarding.”

Des Boutcher, Quality Improvement Coordinator, Murray Goulburn Cooperative


“The best course I have been on – already recommended to my friends!  A great, relaxed learning environment, where it is OK to try different things. Great timing on each subject.  I loved the resources we can actually use afterwards too. Thank you Michelle.”

Sara Tomlinson, Key Account Manager, Lion Co


“As a participant in one of Michelle’s courses I attended not quite knowing what she could do for me.  I was very impressed with her professional approach from the outset. Organised, technically sound and a pleasure to interact with Michelle’s approach was engaging and targeted my needs. I would recommend the training to anyone who needs to speak in public and any manager or executive who expects better performance from their team; we can all benefit from Michelle’s expertise.”

Micheal Martin, Health & Environment Manager, Sunrice


“I loved the excellent content, the people interaction, the great practicals to build on and that we learnt a structure that works.  I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel on how to put presentations together.  I want to change things at work and I’m excited to take it home.  A great learning environment.”

Mark Groat, SunRice


“Michelle’s Persuasive Speaking program has given me a powerful set of presentation tools. The structure she taught us over two days is amazing: from putting the audience first to carrying them along the journey with you. It includes some behavioural measures that will just blow your mind.  I loved how she creates a supportive environment to practice and embed her techniques. I’ve been a writer for 6 years and found plenty here to use in my content marketing work going forward. The entire experience has been thoughtfully prepared: an excellent program with tools I’m still using a month later.”

Tiffany Hoy, Writer & Editor, Street Furniture Australia


“I loved the structure and processes.  The information was amazing and empowering.  Michelle was great.  I will keep practicing and stay in touch.”

Josine Denning, Street Furniture Australia


“I loved the chance to sharpen my skills and learn new and interesting processes.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience even though I feel totally spent.”

Ian Buchanan – Sales Manager, Tamsi Industries


“Very relaxed atmosphere – I learnt a lot of useful tips.  It provides a complete overview of how to structure a presentation and how to actually present.”

Jonty Hemmingway, Livestock/ Production Assistant, Wingham Beef


“I loved the energy and how it was presented.  I thought the program was very well thought out and very engaging.  Michelle was so captivating and so entertaining – it was brilliant.  Thank you for making me think outside the box and making me want to improve in my presentation skills.”

Tracy Chan, HR Manager, Consolidate Pastoral Company


“It was a lot of content in 2 days. I loved the energetic presenter. Michelle listened and took a genuine interest in my development. Thank you You are the best!”

Dean Norris, WHS/ HR Manager/ Pastoral, CPC


“Energetic, fun, exciting.  I loved the content and material, template of 13 steeps, that it was well planned and very fun and empowering.”

Mohammad Hafiz, O-I New Zealand


“It has given me so many wonderful tips to help me make better presentations.  Michelle walks the talk!  Just watching Michelle during this program has taught me how to put into practice the tips she has taught us.  Great presenter Michelle!  Excellent program.”

Gillian Nairn, Range International  Limited


“I took so much from the two days. I loved that it was practical, easy to take back, super relevant and good fun.  Glad I did external vs internal!”

Rachel Westbrook, Sunrice


“I loved the new way of looking at/approaching the preparation for a presentation, considering the needs of the audience when creating the presentation and the constructive criticism – we are here to learn.  A great opportunity to improve – very different and challenging in a positive way.”

Marija Ojel, Sunrice


“I loved Michelle’s ability to cater for advance and beginner level skills and making you feel included in all aspects.  Very enjoyable and informative.”

Chris Gale, Sunrice


“I loved the interaction of facilitator and the group, very practical hands-on, great tips and real life examples and the diverse group of people.   A fairly intensive 2 day session.  Definitely no “junket”.  Some good strategies to apply back in the workplace.  13 steps is a great tool.”

Alex Glass, Riviana Foods


“The learnings were huge but important.  Thanks Michelle, couldn’t have hoped for, more.”

Daniel Hands, Sunrice


“I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and passion but also how clear the program was to understand (both what to do and the reason for it).  Would love to do some more training at some stage in the future.”

Nick Followes, Sunrice


“The program was engaging and practical.  It used to take me hours to arrange any form of presentation and communication.  Implementing what I have learnt here over the last two days has cut that down to 20 minutes planning.  Yay!  I believe this program will work.  It was fun and energetic.  You couldn’t help but fall under Michelle’s spell.”

Emily Ford, Sunrice


“Gave a terrific structure to move forward with.  Wonderful!”

Shane O’Brien, Sunrice


“I loved Michelle’s passion and delivery, and all the excellent tools that I can now put to use. Awesome and engaging.  Great takeaways that I can use every day.”

Kerry Esteban, Sunrice


“It made me realise that public speaking shouldn’t be something I fear but enjoy doing.  It has given me the tools to be a good public speaker.  Very much enjoyed both days and learnt a lot.”

Allison Nevill, Coprice


“I loved the enthusiasm and energy of the course!  The course showed me I could write and present effectively.  Thank you Michelle – you are a fabulous presenter and motivator.  Wonderful program that gives me conference that I can implement this in my everyday life.”

Julie Garrard, Sunrice


“I loved the content (especially the 4Mat model), the energy given from the facilitator and the level of support and guidance given from Michelle.”

Jackie Schramm, Sunrice


“Michelle was fantastic.  Great engagement.  Excellent!”

Peter McDonnell, SunRice


“Brilliant content, brilliantly presented.  Loved it!  I will certainly be adapting what I’ve learnt.”

Suzie Falls, SunRice


“I loved learning the structure and techniques that will both save me time and make me more influential.  The program was a breath of fresh air.  Michelle was able to keep me engaged for the duration.”

Chris Quirk, SunRice


“I loved learning the importance of language, planning and people tips.  Very upbeat – second day tied it all together.”

Kellie Close, SunRice


“I loved the great facilitator – engaging and just draws you in.  Excellent but very demanding and draining.”

Martin Goodwin, SunRice


“Very good.  I loved the delivery, and the step-by-step process with the layering of the learning to build up the skills. Definitely helped me develop my skills.”

Pierre Franz, SunRice


“Great course – highly recommend for others to attend. I loved the great content, useful framework and amazing coach.”

Vittoria Desiati, SunRice


“It was a good experience and a good skill to have. I loved how the diagrams were used and also loved learning how to put structure around our communication to be clearer.”

Elise Wilson, SunRice


“It gave me the tools to be a more confident speaker and the template to improve my general communication skills.  A lot less scary than I thought it would be.  It felt easy to get out of my comfort zone.  Excellent two days.”

Paul Maher, SunRice


“A very worthwhile program.  Michelle is great and makes everyone feel comfortable.  This extends beyond presentations.  We learnt life skills. Lots of tips and ‘presents’.  More people at CSR should do this extremely polished course.”

Bruce Foxall, CSR


“I loved the tools, use of visual and audio and physical tools to learn techniques, the environment (good, non-confronting, and supportive), the logical flow of work for the 2 days and that it was non-convoluted and simple.  I would recommend to anyone looking to upskill and for all industries/roles/levels.”

Matthew Wilton, Sales and New Product Development, CSR


“I loved the tools and methodology.  It was a big help.  I can feel better and more confident if I work on the skills and methods.”

Stephen Nash, Development Engineer, CSR


“The content and learning was amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days – I got a lot out of it.  I learnt so many practical skills from this course that I will implement to improve my workplace interactions. Love, love, loved it!”

Vanessa Buhagiar, CSR


“I like that we had such a range of experience and personalities and still we all learnt.  We all progressed and we all walk away feeling like we have clear plans to improve.  Well-structured and timed.  A lot of content and the associated tools offer a mechanism for continued learning.”

Chris O’Brien, CSR


“Most enjoyable.  The content was very relevant and delivered extremely well. Fantastic trainer.  Great venue.”

Patrick Massad, CSR


“The content is great.  The facilitator is professional and lovely.  I’ve learnt a lot.  Overall, I’ve learned so much more than I thought.  It’s going to help me in my future career.  Thank you!”

Kent Zhang, CSR


“I loved everything!  Structure, engagement, empowerment, techniques, fun.  Great and very charismatic presenter.  Thank you Michelle for being an awesome facilitator.”

Tatjana Zec, CSR


“I loved pretty much everything.  I wish I had this training when I was younger.  Everyone can benefit from this.  Highly recommended.  It was fun!”

Patrick Edwards, CSR


“I loved learning the great technique; the great mentor and highly experienced trainer; that it was enthusiastic, honest and structures; the areas I can improve in and HOW.  Energised, practical course that everyone can benefit from in their everyday life and beyond work!”

Angeline Kable, CSR


“Taught me a huge number of techniques to make my presentations better which has ultimately improved my confidence. Great energy from Michelle.  Never felt bored or as if the content didn’t relate.”

Jordon Ruocco, CSR


“A fantastic course.  It was interactive and took me out of my comfort zone and taught me valuable skills which I can apply every day. Highly recommended for anyone in leadership or senior positions.”

Paul Scott, CSR


“I loved the process and steps that you can take away from the course to help you build your presentations.  I also loved the group learning, interaction, stimulation and feedback.  A great program and so helpful for future/life skills.”

Anna Jewell, Sunrice


“This masterclass is a perfect example of how effective this technique is for creating memorable, enjoyable and informative presentations.  Loved it.”

Adam Bunn, CSR


“I loved the practical content.  It teaches us techniques that can be applied in daily work life easily.  It was a great experience and I learnt a lot of skills.  The program is SO interactive and dynamic.”

Ramindu Tissera, CSR


“I learnt critical skills for delivering better presentations but also other communications.  A great training course.  I found it useful despite being far too busy at work to take time out.”

Matt Wiles, CSR


“The course content was well presented and the attendee felt engaged throughout the two days.  Excellent.”

Ross Ollerenshaw, CSR


“I loved that it helped me open my eyes to a new world that I didn’t know existed.  I can use what I learnt from Michelle.  I really appreciate the effort for all this.”

Daniel Song, CSR


“Energetic and full of information to improve my presentation skills and my communication in general.  Very interesting and useful training.”

Patrick Baud, CSR


“I loved the activities.”

Ben Transfield, CSR


“I loved the good content, good structure and good presenter.  Very useful in all aspects with valuable business tools.”

Gillian Wilson, CSR


“I loved 4Mat and 13 steps.  Excellent presenter and excellent format (2 days).”

Ryan Sto Domingo, CSR


“I loved the content, delivery and knowledge.  Michelle made the whole experience so effortless and fun!  Great material.  So much covered in such a short period of time, yet it was so well planned that it was a breeze – couldn’t recommend it enough!”

Salesi Misinale, Consolidated Pastoral


“At the start of day 1 I felt so out of my depth, and by the end I felt like using the knowledge I gained will definitely help me in any future presentations and is certainly something that will help me conquer my nervousness when presenting.  Very informative, in depth, and I learnt so many little things you wouldn’t even think about that make you a persuasive presenter.”

Naree Bryce, Consolidated Pastoral


“Great! I loved the enthusiasm from Michelle and the support and openness from the attendees. I need a sleep, but cannot wait to put it into practice.”

Tammy Kruckow, Consolidated Pastoral


“I loved everything!  I learned so many useful tools over the two days.  I will find presenting so much easier now. Fantastic!”

Raquel Stre


“I loved that it was fun and relevant for me and had information that I will actually use.  Michelle is awesome!  I loved the support and professional service.  Amazing!”

Paddy Mulligan, SunRice


“I loved the pacing & leading; 4Mat, 5 step analysis and so much more.  A fantastic program – I’m going to use everything I learnt.”

Michael Banfield, Sunrice


“I loved getting an understanding of what it takes to become an above average presenter.  It was engaging and Michelle was A1.  Fantastic!”

Carl Greaves, Consolidated Pastoral Company


“I was never made to feel like I didn’t belong in an ‘advanced masterclass’ despite having no previous experience.  Michelle was patient, fun, humorous and personable.  Lots of good brochures, handouts and gifts!  There’s a whole lot of very valuable skills for everyday life – conversations and emails as well as presenting.  Thanks Michelle.”

Ali Cleverley, Consolidated Pastoral Company


“The program was well paced given the large amount of content covered.  The 13 steps are going to give me a good structure to work with.  Great program.  I would recommend it to any senior leader in business.”

Richard Meeking, Consolidated Pastoral Company


“I loved that it was inclusive – it didn’t matter what experience you had previously.  I also loved that there was no role-play but plenty of opportunity to practice.  Great techniques and structure.  Passionate, enthusiastic presenter. ”

Emma Williams, Consolidated Pastoral Company


“I loved the program – it challenged me, got me out of my comfort zone, used different parts of my brain, and gave me techniques and tools that surprised me with my presentation outcomes!  In a great way!  Very valuable and challenging.  Gave me tools for life.”

Natalie Boatwright, Consolidated Pastoral Company


“Michelle is truly engaging and an inspiration.  Intense – so much great content covered.”

Devin Watson, Consolidated Pastoral Company


“I loved the structure, feedback without judgment, the organised messages and energy.  Really worthwhile – will make an immediate difference.”

Jim Hunter, Consolidated Pastoral Company


“A very short 2 days – at no point did it drag on.  Gave me the confidence to create a structured and complete presentation.  I just need to work on the delivery.  I loved the structure it provides and the awareness of the small things that make a presentation or communication believable.”

Craig Bell, Consolidated Pastoral Company


“I loved the structure. It was well presented and flowed beautifully. You could see how important our success was to her. I loved Michelle’s energy and her confidence in me.”

Marie Delaitre, Sunrice