Make your presenting life easy

If you are going to be presenting at a conference soon it’s important you make it as easy as possible for yourself and the people organising the event.  Here are some tips to make your life easy:

Make a checklist of all the things that need to be done 1 month, 1 week and 1 day before the event.  Tick the boxes as you complete the tasks.  The sort of things that would be in your checklist are;

  1. Before you begin speaking…
  • SEND your information. Your photo, presentation title and blurb, AV Requirements etc. DON’T wait for them to chase you! Be pro-active and make it easy for the organiser.
  • WRITE an introduction. Email it to the organiser and also print it out and take it with you. Make it fun and focussed more on your message than on you.
  • TAKE your presentation slides. Take it on a USB, and name it with YOUR name. Not just the conference name. Make sure it is the ONLY file on the USB to avoid confusion.
  • ARRIVE in the conference room early.
  • FIND OUT what has happened before your presentation and what will be happening afterwards.

Things to remember when on the stage…

  • Don’t say, “I’ll get to that in a few minutes”, or “I’ll speak about that later in my talk”.
  • Don’t read your slides.
  • Don’t use someone else’s material without attribution to the original source.
  • Do make the organiser look good. If authentic, praise them from the stage.
  • Do acknowledge the time remaining signs held up at the back of the room (or elsewhere). A nod will do.

And finally,

Make sure you know the actual finish time and length of talk, so you finish then, no matter what!