Laser Pointers are like torture – colour code your slides

In an attempt to highlight the most important part of a diagram, graph or picture, many people use that annoying little red laser dot that jumps everywhere and makes even the most competent presenter look ‘shaky’ and nervous! Make no mistake the laser pointer is a slow and painful way to torture your audience!

The other torturous way people indicate what to look at on their slides, is they stand in-front of the projector light and they reach up on their toes to point to something on the screen. This is unsophisticated and distracts the audience from the message as they check out your shadow on the screen – I don’t know that many people whose nose looks fabulous in profile!

Instead of these methods, take my advice and try colour-coding your slide so you can refer to the different colours from the other side of the room and everyone still knows where you want them to look.

For example: “notice that in the last 12 months, the figures in blue indicate a significant rise in our share price”.

“You can see the area shaded yellow in NSW represents our top performing regions, whereas our poorer performers are coloured navy”. This way you make it clear that the audience should be listening to you, and looking at the screen.