Break-down of keynote topics

TOPIC 1: Speak Up and Influence People (1-2 hours or 45 minutes if remote)

• If you’ve ever thought you’d like to improve the way you communicate with the people around you so your relationships become easier…

• And if you’ve ever thought there must be a way to get people on side…

• If you’ve ever wished you didn’t have to influence a stakeholder because you weren’t quite sure how to say it…

• Or you just want to hear the word “yes” more often in your life… you’ll love working with Michelle!

Speak Up and Influence People is a high energy session that shows you that anyone can have the confidence to speak up and the influence to get what you want. Simply learn the 3 x Ps of Persuasion and have the right attitude. This is a fun presentation that will have your delegates laughing, learning and pumped to try what they know – all at the same time.


1. Your delegates will be more focused on their stakeholders than on themselves.

2. Your delegates will know how to build deep, unconscious rapport with their teams, clients and stakeholders. This is the key to persuading people to change their thinking or behaviour.

3. Your delegates will know how to diffuse and resolve conflict and objections.

4. And in addition your delegates will better understand their current strengths and weakness when persuading others and the impact on long term relationships.

TOPIC 2: Persuasive Presenting: win your next pitch! (1-2 hours or can be 45 minutes when remote)

– 89% of executives admit to daydreaming during important meetings and conversations.

– 75% of people say they believe they would gain greater respect for their knowledge and expertise if they were better communicators.

– And sadly, when asked about the most recent meeting they had attended, only 28% of people did anything with the information presented – 72% went back to their desk and changed nothing….let’s make sure this doesn’t happen in your meetings ever again!

• Would you like your team members, colleagues and clients to say ‘yes’ to you more often?

• Are you sick of feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall in meetings or one-on-ones?

• Are you keen to better present your ideas and showcase your professional expertise so you get what you want and accelerate your career?

It’s entirely possible to learn how to create a message that sticks in your stakeholder’s mind so they are compelled to take the action you require. This is a best-practice, high energy, interactive session that will have your delegates laughing, learning and practicing so they can use what they learn right now!


– This keynote is best conducted between 12.30-4pm on a Friday because Michelle will wake up your delegates!

– This interactive keynote is best conducted with a short afternoon tea break.

To ensure the learning sticks:

– Michelle posts a blog summarising her key points for all delegates to access and read as a refresher on the valuable content covered. See an example here.

– Michelle offers your team: her complimentary on-line e-zine How to Present plus weekly social media updates full of free tips and techniques.

– PLUS, Michelle will be available to sign her internationally published, best-selling book: How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Wiley). You are welcome to purchase this in advance as a conference gift.


TOPIC 3: Let us tailor a bespoke keynote to address your current communication needs

Michelle is an authority on persuasive presenting in business with over 30 hours of awesome content that’s been proven to work for her clients over 2 decades. Call us today and let’s craft you something specific and relevant to your current needs so you see immediate results that positively impact your bottom line.

Some of Michelle's clients include.....