[clients_logo][page_title title=”Keynote 3: “Help me! Why is everyone around me so dysfunctional?“”]img1Most of us know how important it is to nurture and develop our people, especially these new ‘gen Y’ers’. How many times have you heard the words ‘our people are our greatest asset’? Yet, what are you really supposed to do with yourself and the people around you so everyone is behaving like a great asset?

Productive people are not necessarily strong commanding types. Productive people know themselves, they understand how they operate under pressure and they focus on the needs of the people around them. Productive people are willing to challenge the established ways of behaving in the ‘pressure cooker’ world of corporate life and more actively contribute to quality outcomes for your organisation.

This session is a must for anyone who wants to create positive relationships at work so they can get on with achieving results!

This is a motivational key note that will inspire your people to be more aware, more positive, more engaged so you can all get on with your life and get things done.

In this presentation you will: