It doesn’t matter how good your message is if no one is listening

An engineer in one of my recent training programs said to the group (and to me), “but I’m an engineer, I don’t have to be interesting!” Ahhh! Are you serious?  This is a classic misconception! This engineer is not the first person in a program of mine who thinks that his superior intelligence, his technically robust subject matter and his overloaded PowerPoint slides are enough to WOW an audience.

Surely the people who present the most technical and dry content need to try the hardest to be interesting don’t they? People often think that their expertise and information will sell itself. This is actually not true.

Actually, it doesn’t matter how smart you are, how robust your research is, or how conclusive your opinion is if no one is listening!

So make sure your delivery is engaging enough with lots of direct, connected eye contact, clear audience focused messages and excellent PowerPoint slides that help your audience to focus on your key messages. This way, people will want to listen to your message, no matter how technical or dry it is.