Information Technology Testimonials

Top performing team members from Salesforce participating in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training

These testimonials are from a selection of Michelle Bowden’s clients in the information technology sector spanning 1999 to today. Enjoy!

“WOW! Completely life-changing! Michelle is a legend!”
Matt Bullock
Founder/CEO Spinify and Founder/ Former CEO, eWay
"Best course I've attended in my long career. Loved every minute of the workshop - it was magnificent.  This will leave a lasting impression for me professionally and in life. We were challenged to be great at engaging and persuading our customers. Michelle is a one in a million person – engaging, fun, prepared, motivating and inspirational. I will use the whole lot. I’ll plan better for every engagement, use eye contact, challenge myself to use and be great. I’ll take the opportunity to pass it on and influence internal stakeholders at Salesforce." 6/5!
Photo of Dean Puhalovich, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce
Dean Puhalovich
Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce
“I loved that it provides a logical framework that is practical and I can rinse and repeat across my engagements. I will use the framework, storyboarding, gestures, tips and tricks." 5/5
Aleksandar Chumkovski
Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce
"The facilitator has infectious energy! The topics she teaches are complex yet the style of presentation breaks them down into bite-sized pieces, making it easy to digest and ultimately immediately apply. The key message of thinking from your audiences’ perspective, how to do 5-Step Analysis prior to beginning a presentation and the Persuasion Blueprint are incredibly valuable. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint for every customer engagement I have, and the Pacing and Learning and POO methods in both my personal and professional life.”  5/5         
Tanu Singh
Solution Engineer, Alteryx
“10/10! I loved everything! Michelle, you are the best facilitator I’ve ever had. Very engaging content and practical, safe space to learn. Just the right amount of homework/crowd participation. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint – all of it."
Nicola Wiggins
Account Executive, Salesforce
“Michelle created a very safe space to try out new techniques and gave really useful feedback throughout. I will use pacing out objections, pace, pace, pace, lead and Storyboarding.”
Sarah Sambell
Principal Solutions Engineer, Salesforce
"Thank you Michelle for a glorious 2 days of training. You are such an amazing woman! Feeling so energised, thank you for sharing all the gems. I shall be recommending your course to all and sundry!I loved the continual practice without needing to role play. I loved your infectious, engaging, and effective facilitation. I will use the stage presence, better use of slides, and structure to prepare. I loved all of it!”
Jodie Koch
Account Executive, Salesforce
“Michelle's Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass has been one of the best enablements I have ever done. Real and practical takeaways that are really applicable to our roles. Loved it! I will use the planning techniques, objection handling, speaking and presenting tips.”
Patrick Henry
Account Executive, Salesforce 

“Very intense 2 days. The best course I’ve attended ever. I feel I’ve learned professional and life skills to succeed. I loved the structure, useful tools and it has made me self-aware”.

Katrina Doney, Marketing, EOS

Top performers from TCS participate in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training
“The program was delivered exceptionally. Practical and interactive sessions kept me fully engaged. I will use the focus areas and formulas that most resonated."    
Marcus Brooker
Business Development, Salesforce
“Good content. I loved that I got a chance to practice the content. I will use the Storyboarding technique and the 4Mat technique.”
Lokesh Taxali
Solution Engineer, Salesforce
Salesforce team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training 2023

“I loved the huge level of active participation and Michelle’s wonderful stories, white-boarding and facilitation. I will use this masterclass in preparing for my next SE leadership presentation.”  5/5

Robin Johnson, SE Enablement Lead, Salesforce


“I loved that the program gave me an opportunity to learn new things that I wasn’t aware of. The 4Mat, POO, Persuasion Blueprint technique are very useful. Michelle was very engaging and knew exactly how to help us improve. I will use the 4Mat, Persuasion Blueprint and POO, not just in presentations, everyday.”

Abhilash Enaganti, Customer Service Specialist, Philips


“I loved that it’s a complex area but it was done in a very interesting, simple and memorable way. I will use the 4Mat and Persuasion Blueprint.”

Suneel Pai, Program Director, Tata Consultancy Services

"I FEEL FANTASTIC! Michelle is one of a kind. Her delivery of the content is relevant, engaging, and practical. I have never been to a training session as engaging and actually useful. Michelle has an impactful way to deliver – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I will use the Storyboarding and 4Mat.”
Gabby Norton
Senior Business Development Rep, Salesforce
Salesforce team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training 2023

“I loved the practical exercises that had us applying what we learned, Michelle’s energy and humour and the size of the class. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, 5-Step Analysis, and POO.”

Linda Nguyen, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce


“Great content, great setup, great presenter, great energy… in no particular order. Michelle has managed to keep us engaged and challenged for the entire 2 days. Great pilot group, with everyone committed to learn and improve in confidence. I will use everything really. I came in admitting to being “rusty” (especially for “in-person” presentations). Well, what a pleasant surprise. I have learnt so much in so little time and not only the rust is off now, I have gained a lot more and will use all of it next week.” 5/5

Alexandre Rappoport, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce


“The sense of teamwork and team bonding was achieved whilst gaining fantastic insight into how we can reduce the time taken to prepare presentations, increase their impact and persuasive power, and grow in confidence and capability.  Highly recommended for all client-facing people leaders.”

Alasdair Smith, Client Partner, Westpac, Tata Consultancy Services

“Excellent training. The format of the masterclass is very effective. Full 2 days but worth it. Thank you!!! I will use the 4Mat, Storyboarding. I think eventually I will use everything."   
Alex Marquez
Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce

“I loved the gifts from Michelle, presentation skills, 4Mat, Storyboarding, 13 AWESOME steps, plus feedback and body language tips. AWESOME program to re-look at your presentation skills.”

Ambika Kumarasamy, Portfolio Delivery/Business Development Manager, TCS


“Awesome! Michelle is very capable – a brilliant communicator and teacher. Quite practical lessons – relevant and useful. There’s a lot of content to cover. Loved Michelle – a very genuine wonderful person. Looking forward to my personal feedback.”

Nick Priest, Development Team Manager, MessageMedia


“I recently attended one of Michelle’s advanced presentations skills courses and was so impressed by the different approach to the topic. It was lively and interactive, wasn’t scary and really gave me at the end, a plan and approach that I can use every day in my work and personal life. Michelle is a unique character and really puts all of her energy and honesty into providing a great experience for her clients.  I would highly recommend that you and your company engage Michelle where you can.”

Cassandra Crothers, Sales Manager, Cisco

“I loved that there are repeatable tools and method to cut through complex topics. Making it simple to start catering for all diverse cognitive and verbal types. I will use all of it – 5 Step Analysis, POO, 4Mat with the Persuasion Blueprint the most.”
Andrew Verrall
Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

“I felt engaged 100% of the time and that has NEVER been my experience at any training. It was really good fun! I loved the very tangible approach/methodologies that are immediately applicable. Extremely useful and beneficial.”

Ian Gilroy, Technical Manager, Cisco


“I loved the structure, body language, and the effective linguistic statements. I will use the structure and body language.”

Vikas Chakranarayan, Business Development Manager, Allied Telesis  


“I loved learning so many things that I never knew, and putting this knowledge into practice. I will use the 4Mat, template and notes in the book.”

Dale Cole, Sales Engineer, Allied Telesis

"I loved that there was a strong emphasis on using skills in our careers.  Engaged presenter. Well framed days. Useful content to take home. Relevant.  I will use the templates to make presentations more compelling. I’ll be more focused to persuade, and work faster." 5/5
Adrian Chiew
Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

 “Michelle had great energy. I loved the framework – Persuasion Blueprint, tips for nervous presenters, and great feedback. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, tips on gestures and movement. It’s great that Michelle will check future speeches.”

Stephanie Easton, Inside Sales (Sales Admin), Allied Telesis  


“I loved Michelle, the structure, motivating content, great tips, and the book! I will use everything!”

Liesel  Bosman, Enterprise Sales Executive, Allied Telesis


“I loved the way of teaching. Michelle is amazing at explaining everything in a way I have never experienced before. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint and methodology.”      

Kelvin Zhao, Sales Engineer, Allied Telesis     

"I loved that the masterclass was very engaging. The Persuasion Blueprint gives a structure and you can use it practically. I loved the number of tips and notes in the handbook. I will start implementing the Persuasion Blueprint, gestures, and tips to handle nerves.”
Niranjan Shetty
Program Director, Tata Consultancy Services

“I loved that I learnt the structure to present persuasive messages. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint.” 

Kenneth Tan, Sales Engineer, Allied Telesis


“I loved real actions in real-time class environment – a learning and motivating process. I will definitely use the Persuasion Blueprint!

Lenny Brown, Business Development Manager, Allied Telesis


“I loved learning the Persuasion Blueprint for a presentation and using 4Mat to make it. I will use the 13-step Persuasion Blueprint.”  

Anesti Bubulya, Sales Engineering Manager, Allied Telesis

“Thanks Michelle for such an incredible workshop! Takeaways will remain with us forever! I loved that the workshop was interactive, engaging, and insightful. We learnt everything about persuasive presentations. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, and general soft skills."
Manmohan Mohanty
Engagement Manager, Tata Consultancy Services

“I loved the structure, flow and easy to follow guide for the future. So much info and useful! I loved the generous and valuable tools! I will use the templates, structure, and info.”  

Felicity Boulter, ANZ Marketing Manager, Allied Telesis


“I loved that the masterclass made me feel I can do it! I will use the Persuasion Blueprint.”   

Asma Kader, Business Development Manager, Allied Telesis


“I loved the templates but more importantly the safe space to practice, get feedback and have the tools to improve. This is a program every waking adult should do at least once.”

Pooven Bala, Founder, Auction Reports

"Learning technique was fantastic, The usable models make it easy. I will use what I’ve learnt in every presentation."  5/5
Graham Dix
Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

“Best program ever!! I loved the useful tips and how to be engaging.”

William Wong, Partner Manager, MYOB


“I have had the pleasure of engaging Michelle for Advanced Presentation Skills training for my team whilst at Compuware. Michelle has a clear knack for understanding what the challenges individuals face when delivering presentations and tailoring training and coaching courses to meet these needs. Much of what Michelle taught me as part of our training I still use heavily today. I now feel confident that I can deliver succinct and powerful presentations to my customers and have results that prove this. I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking to advance the skills of their team when it comes to 1-to-many presentations.”

Stephen Foster, Director, Global Partner Program, PagerDuty


“Michelle was awesome, very passionate and energetic. I loved the very useful tips, templates and models that can be used in real life. The masterclass looks at elements of presenting and stagecraft, not just content. The program was very encouraging and positive and I liked the positive and negative personal feedback from the whole group.”

Adriana Kalotheos, Finance Manager, VMware

"Best training I have ever done! I learnt so many new ways to present. I loved the practical framework that I can actually use. I can’t imagine presenting the way I used to. Michelle is an amazing trainer and facilitator. I will use the 5-Step Analysis, 4Mat and entire framework." 5/5
Matt Griessel
Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

“I loved applying learnings live on real examples. A lot of the tips will be useful for my role. Michelle is super engaging and constructive feedback was given on the spot. Michelle brings humour and ease to the material.”

Nadia Abrate, Project Manager, Google


“Brilliant course Michelle!  Very honest, very practical – excellent.  The best course I have ever attended.”

Seth Cleaver, Sales Engineer, Progress


“It was fantastic! I loved Michelle’s energy and how she engaged the audience the whole time, her content is amazing and so well thought out.”

Caitlin Green, CEO, KINSHIP Digital

“I loved that the masterclass challenged my way of presenting, the strong framework to apply. It broke bad presentation habits from familiar Salesforce structure. I will use Storyboarding to organise key themes and 5-Step Analysis to qualify my time. Everyone in the MC Specialist team SEs and AEs would love this.”
Ashika Kumar
Senior Solutions Engineer, Shopify

“Engaging, valuable tools to use in everyday life. I especially loved the language tips such as words to avoid in persuasion. It opened up my mind to a lot of aspects of persuasion that were hidden in plain sight or not considered before. Well explained!”

Sam Carrick, Enterprise Relationship Manager, KINSHIP Digital


“Fantastically presented and explained, and highly persuasive (surprise surprise!). All concepts are easy to understand and apply. Warm and enjoyable! Michelle was a fantastic trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would recommend to anyone.”

Alex Harper, Head of New Business, KINSHIP Digital


“I feel empowered with structure and rules that can be universally applied to improve my writing. I loved the use of the 13-step process to reinforce each of the 13 steps…Genius! I loved the personalisation and feedback along the way. I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. Not only did I find the content compelling and your presenting engaging, this felt highly relevant. I am looking forward to experimenting with this not only at KINSHIP but through my remaining university years. I am fortunate to receive professional training so early into my career.”

Sam Prince, Account Manager, KINSHIP Digital

“The session has been super informative – I’m looking forward to implementing what I’ve learnt. Michelle has an infectious energy! I liked that it was practical and hands on, but didn’t make me or others uncomfortable with role play, etc. I feel like I have tools I can take away and implement into my day to day. The 13-point Persuasion Blueprint has steps and techniques I‘m looking forward to implementing. I think the why and 'what if? / 'what else?' will be particularly useful. Lots of tips on how to effectively present. Thanks so much Michelle!”
Maddison Deans
Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce

“There are a lot of patterns that are easy to remember. I loved the Persuasion Blueprint and objection handling. I will use the POO and WIIFM.”

Matt Peters, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce


“I loved the high energy – Michelle was a great role model – full on! Michelle taught with passion, love, and care. I will use the 4Mat, POO, Persuasion Blueprint and the icebreaker.”

Ron Shpilman, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce


“I loved the overload of information, structures, techniques, practical application, learning from others, and Michelle’s energy! I will use the 4Mat, POO, and Storyboarding.”

Matthew Nebbs, Strategic Account Executive, Salesforce

 “I absolutely love the feeling I got from this masterclass! The content is easy to use straight away. I loved the compelling Persuasion Blueprint, such amazing tools, and that I am leaving with great support. I will use everything! I’ll especially use the Persuasion Blueprint, POO, 4Mat, gestures, question format, and presentation slides.”

Katie Towers, Enterprise Account Manager, Salesforce


“I loved the reusable assets and the practical application of presentation to a real scenario. I will use the POO, 4Mat, and question technique.”     

Lee Gunns, Account Director, Salesforce



“I loved the formula, the repeatable techniques that I can apply to almost any situation. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, POO, Q&A.”

Lachlan Ross, Senior Manager – Solution Engineering, Salesforce


“I loved that the masterclass was super engaging, lots of materials/content to help with communication and presenting to executives. I will use the Persuasion Blueprint, 4Mat, Storyboarding, POO, and icebreaker.”

Jamie Ong, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce


“I loved being in person and away from distractions, working on non-technical skills, learning formulas and step-by-step process. I will use the 4Mat and say more with less.”   

Vladimir Bojchev, Solution Engineer, Salesforce

“I loved the engaging content, that it was clearly structured/scripted but was reactive to our learning styles and preferences and the little or no focus on role plays. It’s obvious why it’s an industry leadning course.”

Bradley Dewar, Customer Success Manager, KINSHIP Digital


“The program got me focused on the audience and the structure they want in order to receive the message. I loved the structure, the energy, and the interaction.”

Greg Phimister, Sales Team Leader, POMT


“I loved that it was very interactive. Michelle brings great energy. Great structure!”

Annerine Collyer, Account Manager, KINSHIP Digital


“I loved that the program is practical with relevant examples, structured and the textas! This masterlcass created opportunities to learn more about our team.”

Alet le Grange, Solutions Consultant, KINSHIP Digital


“An engaging proram that made the information easy to understand and fun. It was very informative, engaging, fun, and practical.”

Jack Bailey, Solutions Consultant, KINSHIP Digital


“I feel empowered to apply these to my everyday conversations as well as presentations. I felt like I knew what I’d done to improve my presenting.”

Dylan Cooper, Solutions Consultant, KINSHIP Digital


“I’ve learnt a lot and I think you’re just wonderful! I loved that it was really fun. I felt challenged presenting although I’m glad I was given the opportunity to do so. The program was engaging, content-rich and fun!”

Jacqui Whittaker, Account Manager, KINSHIP Digital


“Excellent content, delivery and an amazing experience . I loved the amount of techniques, tricks and tips is really fascinating. I hadn’t even heard of most of them. I also loved the hardwork we were “persuaded” to do as a part of training, which is extremely rewarding.”

Dinupa Hippola, Software Developer, Message Media


“I loved the structure and the formula with great examples of what to use and when. The timing was also so perfect and gave us all really great examples and content to work on and improve. I wish we had the full 2-day program. I think we could all benefit from more structure in our informal presentations amongst colleagues and in team meetings.”

Cara D-Apuzzo, APAC Statutory Compliance Regional Lead, Google


“I loved the engagement with Michelle and the other members in the course.  After being in sales all of my career, I learnt and re-learnt so many methods to improve my presentations.  Very informative and relevant.”

Rob Deane, Dematic

“Amazing program! Lots of activities, great content. Great presenter! I loved that the program has advanced techniques to control the audience, how to control your nerves, structure of presentation and right gestures to use. The rest of my team should attend.”

Ajit Pal Singh, Senior Manager – Analytics and Information Services, Westpac


“So much knowledge, learning and wisdom! I loved the 13 step program, continual practice, great feedback and tips. It was very creative and engaging. It made me rethink my gestures and phrasing. Michelle is excellent and clearly an expert in this field. I’m so happy to have been a part of this program So many of my colleagues should attend.”

Shrishti Sethi, Manager, Compliance Conduct Analytics, Westpac


“I loved the thoroughness. I’ve never been on training so well prepared, delivered with such detail, insight, and genuinely applicable tools, frameworks and skills. I loved that link to the late night vimeo video reminder – life saver! The ‘homework’ was introduced too early on and unnecessarily distracted me. Michelle is inspiring and passionately energetic. Awesome!”

Mark Powers, Senior Manager, Westpac


“The program was intense, engaging and will make you feel confident. I loved that Michelle provided an amazing structure called Persuasion Blueprint.”

Rajiv Khurana, Senior Manager, Westpac


“Amazing! The masterclass was relevant to my current position. I loved that it taught so many techniques and explained where I need to focus.”

Akshay Nanda, Senior Business Analyst, Westpac


“I loved learning how to calm my nerves. The Persuasion Blueprint will form a template for my future  presentations.  The program was well built and very engaging. Michelle has been hilarious in her conduct.”

Amey Komawar, Data Analyst, Westpac


“I loved the structured way of preparation using the 13 steps template, practical experience, and great feedback. It is a very good program plan. It’s organised and executed really well. It will definitely help me to perform my work effectively and efficiently.”

Damith Dharmasena, Senior Analyst (Product Analytics), Westpac


“I loved the new presentation technique, attentive teacher, hands on materials. The program is very useful. Time management could be better, maybe by slightly smaller attendances (8-9 instead of 10).”

Chris You, Manager, Data Intelligence and Analytics Group, Westpac


“The masterclass was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. I loved the confidence I gained, the Persuasion Blueprint – to structure the content, the information about gestures, body language, tone, the do’s and don’ts in a presentation, techniques to control nerves and the list goes on.”

Suvi Nair, Systems Specialist, Westpac


“I loved Michelle’s enthusiasm and her way of making this learning fun. These are great tools and I will be using them regularly. Feedback sessions – both giving and receiving were structured to not be confronting. So much fun, informative, also challenging at times which pushed me out of my comfort zone. My confidence has increased so much. It was jazzulous!”

Nikki Ness, Manager Business Intelligence, Westpac

“I loved practicing the techniques in a group environment. I will use 4MAT for all communications and the Persuasion Blueprint for all presentations.”

Timothy Heppell, Senior Technical Delivery Manager, Cubic

Sitecore team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training 2015

“Michelle was fantastic at engaging the group every second of the two-day workshop. She was extremely personable and attentive, so I felt compelled to give as much attention and participation as I could. It’s packed full of information, tools and strategies. I feel like I’ll be remembering useful nuggets for years. Great for speakers of all levels. Would highly recommend to anyone.”

David Tran, Customer Marketing Manager, Hipages


“Everything was actionable, not theory-based. The small group created comfort. Michelle made everyone feel safe and at ease. Would highly recommend. Extremely useful and beneficial to all. Practical skills for all levels of ability and seniority.”

Samantha Nemeny, Content Marketing Manager, Hipages


“Good practical skills on public speaking. Blueprint helps you remember your points without relying on script or slides. Michelle is a great teacher. Enjoyed the second day more than the first.”

Olivia Stuckey, Campaign Marketing Coordinator, Trade, Hipages


“A great framework for building a presentation or story and influencing those in the room. Especially loved 4Mat blueprint and the work around stagecraft. I think that the whole hipages leadership team should be doing this course, as our company-wide presentation skills are not those.”

Chris Hobbs, Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Hipages


“A lot of very useful templates which can be used ongoing throughout my career. Good environment – supportive. Fun and engaging – took me way out of my comfort zone.”

Stephen Flanagan, SEO Lead, Hipages


“A credible and clear blueprint to structure your point in any situation and to any audience. Very fun and practical use of my two days. Went out of comfort zone and enthusiastically got involved. Great way of overcoming the worst fear. Structured and clear. Fun!”

Caroline Huynh, Brand Manager, Hipages


“It was fun and engaging. Very easy to undestand how you can improve. Got some career learnings as a result. Michelle wa very personable and receptive. She listened intently to our questions and gave great answers.”

Tim Cox, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Trade, Hipages


“An engaging and thought-provoking introduction to a logical, value-adding framework for communicating. I loved Michelle’s techniques for helping messages stick with textas and dances. Michelle’s program addressed the learning areas highlighted by the team in the pre-course survey and packed a huge amount of content into one day.”

Claire Newey, Financial Controller AU & NZ, Google


“I loved that it was a high intensity and high value program. Michelle really helped everyone get better in the 2 days and become excellent at persuasive presentations. The masterclass was very well structured and delivered. It is awesome.”

Giri Raman, Advisory Services Consultant, VMware


“I loved the practical advice, tools and tips to give a structured framework to rely on. I also loved the practical exercises during the day and the audience engagement. Michelle was impressive in her presentation and knowledge. She engaged with all the participants evenly.”

David Lam, Revenue Systems and Reporting Manager, Google


“I loved the strong methodology that can easily be implemented and the good balance between theory and practice.  Michelle is very capable and professional.  The masterclass is very well structured and Michele ensures that you settle in, relax, and are comfortable to present from the outset.”

Koenraad Van Grimbergen, CEO-Asia Pacific, Sofico Services Australia


“I loved the solid, detailed, practical tips and that we constructed a presentation from start to finish. Other courses stick with just vocal techcniques or presence, or how to hook. Whereas the 13-Step framework is a real template that I will put into practice immediately with positive effect (I hope!) Thank you Michelle for your energy and your teachings – I loved it!”

Alice Yang, Analyst, Google


“Great program. The steps are really clear and easy to follow. I loved that we got to practice and rehearse the techniques many times to be perfect at it. If there are more reasons explained behind the technique, it will be clearer to remember. I’ve learnt so much over the last two days and could really see the change and the improvement through that final presentation!”

Jen Liu, Graduate Program Manager, Professional Services – APJ, VMware


“I loved the new ideas – I’ve been presenting for years and it’s great to re-think what I do and make changes. The interaction of the course, the music and the exercises were great! Michelle is full of energy, extremely likable and makes the material, which could be dry, fun and interesting to learn!” 

Julie-Anne Hazlett, Manager – WFO Strategy, Call Design


“Well! Where do I start? Michelle is the most outstanding and enthusiastic presentation coach I have ever worked with. Her energy is contagious and her approach is very effective. She does not teach a class, she immerses herself in the people and getting them a successful outcome. A great combination of humour, anecdotes, practical and theory result in a virtually guaranteed better presentation. She then stays in touch personally to assure you are practicing your new skills.”

Brenton Smith, Managing Director, Symantec Asia-Pacific & Japan


TCS team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training 2019


“A very concise program to refresh old habits of presentations. Importantly best practice in presentations to use NOW! Great to have a cross section of attendees to get other feedback.”

Glenn Batten, Business Development Manager, Dematic


“Really, really impressive. I loved the specific steps for a persuasive presenting. So valuable to us!”

Feifei Gao, Administrative Business Partner, Google


“I loved the easy methods that are practical, that it reinforced new concepts throughout and that we practiced with real examples. A bit rushed because we only had one day, but a very good framework that I can take away and use. Michelle is very friendly and had a lot of examples and stories to demonstrate.”

Rosaline Yu, Finance Transformation Business Lead, Google


“Great! I loved the specific tools and steps that we can apply to almost any type of presentation.”

Varun Singh, APAC Fixed Assets Accountant, Google


“I loved the 13 step formula for presentation preparation and the tips on posture.”

Alex Zhang, Accountant, Google


“I loved the positive and good vibes! Michelle is great, energetic and informative. Great structure and steps. Clear answers to my doubts.”

Murtaza Papar, Accountant, Google


“Great program! Michelle was extremely engaging. It was useful to use a live example that is current for us in our work. The content was digestible and practical and Michelle pulled it all together nicely. It was also good to do as a team! ”

Amanda, Regonal Lead – Statutory Compliance, Google


“I loved the framework and steps that were easy to follow, and that it was applicable, useful and interactive. Thanks Michelle – it has been useful to learn these tips!”

Athena Tam, Finance Controllership Lead, Google


“I loved the concrete advise with actionable steps and a plan.”

Cecilia, Accounting Manager Australia, Google


“Good contribution to day to day work. I loved the practicality and that it was applicable to job very easily, good presenter, very engaging.”

Nico Weiss, APAC Accounting Policy Implementation, Google


“I loved the clear framework and the interaction with the audience to get people to engage. The masterclass was very organised and contained very useful tips.”

Lei Dong, Accountant, Google


“I loved that it was easily digestible the practical examples, and a good balance of practice without being too long or uncomfortable. Great rapport.”

Cara D’Apuzzo, APAC Statutory Compliance Regional Lead, Google


“I loved the use of the hook/icebreaker and building rapport through truisms.”

Ben Bana, Finance Transformation, Google


“Loved it! I loved the practical techniques, writing to remember, and the amazing trainer. A lot of energy and actionable content”

Fabien Punin, Business Finance Analyst, Google


“I loved the practical tips and that it enabled confident presenting without forcing people on stage. Good for enabling presentation skills.”

Jon Renfrey, APAC Controls and Reporting Manager, Google


“I loved the excellent presenter. I wish we could do it over 2 days to get the full program.”

Leanne Leow, Payroll Accountant, Google


“I loved the objective tips, that it was very practical and engaging.”

Ana Paula Stancati, Entity Accountant, Google


“Such an amazing and worthwhile course. It provided logical formats and structures to document and deliver presentations. The day was filled with examples and opportunities to draft real world examples.”

Mark Sewalt, Senior Accountant, Google


“I can now deliver great presentations using the skills and knowledge Michelle taught me.  The presentation style and content was energetic, fun, insightful and empowering. It was life and career changing. Fun. A great investment of my time and company funds.”

Maria Ricardo, Senior Business Development Manager, Teradata


“Although it has been several years since I engaged with Michelle, and attended one of her Presentation Courses – I can honestly and sincerely say that it was a life changing educational experience that has etched it’s learning into my memory. I recall very clearly at the time – that Michelle’s enthusiasm and energy was amazingly brilliant.  Her ability to articulate key concepts, demonstrate the value proposition, and then facilitate the learning process by coaching us to present in an enhanced and more effective manner within such a short period of time was empowering. Michelle manages to create a learning environment that is very supportive of her teaching style, and she has the unique ability to engage at a level, whereby her enthusiasm and energy becomes contagious which ultimately results in a more focused group of students who are fully engaged throughout the course and thereby ultimately learn much more.”

Arun Bajaj, Software Client Architect, IBM


“Fantastic. Well worth it!  I loved the strategies for success, challenging the “normal”. Plus I loved that is was FUN with humour.”

Brett Order, Dematic


“The techniques learned were practical and awesome.  Michelle is very knowledgeable.  Great size of trainees – perfect 10.”

Ryan Koh, Dematic


“I loved everything!  All practical, insightful and useful.  Exceptional – I was expecting a lot and got even more!”

Sharon Pedersen, Checkley


“Fantastic! Gives a great structure to prepare and to present. I learnt a lot of techniques I can use.”

Vivek Balasubramanian, Business Relationship Manager, Account Manager, TCS


“Great program that adds a lot of value. I loved learning effective techniques on presentation, and the very personable instructor.”

Ajith Pai, Engagement Manager, TCS


“It’s great to understand the basics and advanced skills, and to move ahead. I loved 4Mat and 13 steps.”

Muralish P N, Relationship Manager, TCS


“Wonderful and a great eye opener!! I loved the structure and planning of a presentation along with the 4Mat strategy.”

Ganesh Ramani, Business Relationship Manager, TCS


“Exceptional. Well structured presentation. Good personality and a game changer for anyone who attends. Great program.”

Sujin Sutha, Portfolio Manager – Traded Products Platform, TCS


Very good. Very informative, well structured course.”

Jimmy George, Business Relationship Manager, TCS


“I loved the high energy, Michelle’s deep knowledge on the subject, interactive, hands on session, and the format of the course. An amazing experience, thank you so much.”

Suruchi Chaturvedi, Business Relationship Manager, TCS


“I loved everything! The 13 steps are amazing. I also loved 4Mat, 5 Step Analysis, WIIFM, Framing, POO, especially Storyboarding. Best program I have attended in ages. Thank you so much! I feel I was missing so much before this program.”

Rakesh Kumar, Portfolio Manager, TCS


“The program was well organised and executed. It gave tips and notes on various aspects to persuade the audience. I loved that it was interactive, the insights about presentations, group activities, eye contact techniques and material given.”

Venkataraj Jayara,  TCS


“Very inclusive, informative and collaborative learning experience. The content was so rich and unique and very practical. After the course, now I feel I am so confident and I know what I don’t know, what and how to improve my presentation skills to be more persuasive. Excellent and the best course from the world’s best – Michelle.”

Karimulla Shaik, Delivery Manager, TCS


“I loved the creative ideas and techniques to improve your communication and presentation in your professional and personal life. I am excited to use them going forward. I am confident that these techniques will certainly help in advancing my career. The program was fantastic, fabulous, mind blowing. Thank you Michelle!”

Sameer Chauhan, Portfolio Manager, TCS

“Fantastic training! I loved the 13 step technique for persuasive presenting, the 5 Step Analysis, 4MAT, Storyboarding. Dance – pace, pace, lead, POO.”

Rajesh Sapra, Portfolio Manager, TCS


“I loved using the tools and techniques. Gives me the confidence to become a persuasive speaker. The course was full of energy, the right content – what to do/what not to do and how to do things. The best thing was the practical elements and the feedback.”

Hersh Ajay Gupta, Service Delivery Manager, TCS


“Loved the content and practical examples, the rehearsals of the learning. Michelle herself is a good speaker and demonstrated with examples. It is a very informative program; Michelle has really structured it well.”

Amit Kulkarni, Engagement Manager, TCS


“Loved a lot of things in this program, the rehearsal, 4MAT, Michelle’s high energy, 13 step technique and the feedback provided. It’s a wonderful program and can help the middle and senior management team.”

Bhavik Doshi, Portfolio Manager, TCS


“I’m so delighted to learn about 4Mat theory, Storyboarding, 13 linguistic patterns and also experience practically how those can be applied in our presentations. The most inspirational public speaking program that I’ve ever attended.”

Jyothi Monala, Portfolio Manager, TCS


“I loved the new techniques to structure the content and the nuances of body language and gestures while presenting. Was very educational and fun!”

Mohit Gulati, Business Relationship Manager, TCS


“This program was excellent, and I definitely recommend this program to my colleagues. The entire course was exciting, engaging, full of practical learning. Michelle was really food with her skills and to the point. I liked the content used in the program because it was just perfect for the program.”

Nilesh Sakarwala, Service Delivery Manager, TCS


“I loved that this was a presentation training program without a single slide of PowerPoint. Very practical, effective techniques and tools. Good learning resources for our ‘whole’ life.”

Radhakrishnan Subramanian, Business Relationship Manager, TCS


“Fantastic. I highly recommend it. The course was engaging and realistic. I have a lot to apply and learn. I have learnt a lot over the past few days which I appreciate. I loved it!”

Nathan Cafey, Dimension Data


“Michelle is an incredibly strong presenter. I loved the introduction to an advanced skill set for a topic I was not confident in previously. Michelle is an incredibly vibrant, energetic, knowledgeable presenter. The course put me outside of my comfort zone but kept me interested and invested for the duration. Massive content that was so valuable for 2 days.”

Trevor Page, Dimension Data


“Michelle is a fantastic presenter with extremely valuable points. She makes you look outside the box. I loved her energy.  The course was enjoyable and it helped increase my confidence. I liked understanding the view of more than the first person.”

Mark Mijas, Dimension Data


“Overall the course was great. I loved the practical nature of the program it put me out of my confident zone and I learnt a heap of new things. I found there was a bit too much information at times to grasp and implement especially on the afternoon of the first day and a bit on the second day.”

Treasa Branagan, Dimension Data


“Michelle is a superb host, coach and facilitator. She has great enthusiasm – loved ya work! I loved the flow. It was challenging, enjoyable, fun and enlightening. I learnt a lot.”

David Fargher, Dimension Data

“The course was very good, very enjoyable and very useful. I loved the story boarding and 5 step analysis is definitely useful. The course was very engaging and provided useful tips that can be done in short periods of time. A lot of information in 2 days but it was well disseminated with a great delivery.”

Brian Maya, Dimension Data


“Very well structured, well paced and excellently facilitated. I loved how it provided a framework for presenting both formally and informally. It also provided tools for planning and execution as well as feedback on capability and areas of improvement.”

Hayden Jacobs, Dimension Dat


“Excellent. I now have the information to improve myself and the confidence to commit to what I have learnt. Michelle did a fantastic job of delivering this program over the 2 days. The format whilst very challenging was very informative and leaves you with the commitment to use what you have learnt in the future.”

Warren Massih, Dimension Data


“All sales managers should do this course. Well done Michelle – great A++. I loved the presenter, the structure, the flow and the open feedback.”

Bill Martino, Dimension Data


“This is an excellent program to help improve our presentation and communication skills. We present everyday and the skills learnt will help us to be more confident in persuading our audience with our message. I loved the structure and key tips provided. Michelle is a great facilitator. It was quite heavy in terms of information but effective in making us pay attention.”

Peter Lew, Dimension Data


“Fantastic. I loved the hand on approach and positive feedback despite the nerves. I should have done it 15 years ago. I loved learning to extend and challenge myself as well as the formula approach (structured) and the way it was hands on!”

Greg Walker, Dimension Data


“This course was very relevant to where I am at in my sales career. I found it provided good practice, good structure and the focus was good as it is about client perception of the presentation rather than the technical skill in delivering a presentation.”

Gerard Kennedy, Dimension Data


“Great program. It should be done by all customer-facing Didata people. It puts structure around presentations and you look at presenting from another angle. It has provided a great tool for future presentations.”

Cameron MacLean, Dimension Data


“We need to get marketing and other people who do the slide decorations to do this. It forced me to change the habits of 12 years of presentation and challenged my pre-occupations.”

Richard Orford, Dimension Data


“I enjoyed the program. It was different as it asked you to look at things differently. I enjoyed the fact that we put ourselves out of our comfort zone. That we were challenged to prepare and then delivered a presentation.”

Zoran Vladicic, Dimension Data


“Great course. I learnt many things that challenged me and will help with my ability to communicate better. I loved the pace, the content, the facilitator and the team activities.”

Chris Land, Dimension Data


“It is now at least six years since I last attended one of Michelle’s workshops yet her personality and drive helped to deliver courses that I have not forgotten. I still use many of the exercises and strategies she shared with us and am always impressed when she finds new ways to stay in contact with me, something that in 26 years in IT sales no other presenter I have worked with has done. Michelle delivers the knowledge in an engaging and effective manner. If you are open to improving your skills Michelle will provide both a measurable benefit and solid platform to build on.”

Simon McCrostie, Account Executive – NSW & ACT, Software Services, Data#3 Limited


“I loved the structure and that it made sense.  Overall, I could use the content in life and work.  Very enjoyable.  Thank you.”

Chris Bird,  Buildsoft


“Michelle Bowden is simply brilliant! She is knowledgeable, serious and passionate about her work. Her Masterclass is awesome. She’s helped me a great deal in both business and non-business dealings., I’d highly recommend Michelle and her work to anyone who wants to improve their presentation and communications skills.”

Van Giang, CEO, International IT Resources


“The quickest 16 hours of my life, filled with interactive insightful and interesting alliteration ideas which I will certainly be using in the future.  Everyone involved; interesting; enjoyable.”

Tom Glynn, Buildsoft


“It helped me know I cover all bases, and to understand my audience position and helped me run a successful presentation.  Enjoyable and educational!  Well planned and very interactive and enjoyable.”

Reannan McDonald, Buildsoft


“I loved that it taught all of us (at all different stages of selling) practical tools to use now in real world situations.  I really enjoyed it.  Easily the most engaging and informative training I’ve done and I’ve done plenty!”

Leon Ward, Buildsoft


“The content was very thorough and proven.  We were able to cover a lot of material in two days.  Michelle worked very hard and had great energy.  A great program to learn how to be a more persuasive presenter.”

Erik Ipson, Buildsoft


“Very well presented and great content and topics covered.  Michelle’s energy and presence is fantastic – I really enjoyed the whole process.  Well done Michelle!”

Dareth Flavell, Buildsoft


“Michelle provided a range of new skills that would make massive improvements in my communication and sales skills.  Her teaching style was memorable and engaging.  Fun, intense and well planned – it flowed well.”

Raf Caso, Buildsoft


“It set the structure of how to put together a presentation, be confident in telling the audience your needs from them, don’t be afraid to “call for action”, and don’t wait for the client to make the decision.  Fun, entertaining, pushing the boundaries and us outside our comfort zones.”

Haydon Carroll, Buildsoft


“Easy to follow.  A good program which not only can be used for presentations, it can be applied to my daily work and life.”

Lan Yan, Oracle


“I loved learning that PowerPoint is just one part of presentation skills and understanding how the other attributes, techniques are going to help me.”

Garish Kumar Garg, Tata Consultancy Services


“Very well structured.  A ‘must have’ for middle to senior management and for those who have to face clients.  I loved the practical approach, energy of the presenter and practice, practice, practice.”

Shantanu Khasnavis, Account Manager Westpac, Tata Consultancy Services


“I loved the 13 steps, 4Mat and the tips and tricks on presentations and delivery.  Excellent program.  Well worth the time.”

Costa Mikhael, Stibo Systems


“I loved the dual focus on the presentation itself and the delivery. I will leave with definite action items that will change the way I present.  The combination of ‘theory’ and practice was great and doing so many practical exercises.”

Jo O’Brien, Tramada


“I loved the structure, energy, detailing and coverage.  Amazing is the only word I can say about this program!”

Akashdeep Jain, Tata Consultancy Services


“I loved that it was succinct and to the point and the personal touch.  2 days is perfect.  Michelle is a pleasure as a trainer!  Superb!  I got to know facets of my personality that I wasn’t aware of.  Helps to understand and learn from my mistakes.”

Karan Kanchan, Tata Consultancy Services


“Fantastic two days – so much information.  I loved how you made us fill out the workbook ourselves…made the content really stick!  I am looking forward to using the techniques and models you taught me to become a more effective speaker.”

Phil Jones, General Manager of Professional Services, Wardy IT Group


“100% of what was covered I found useful.  I learnt a lot from Michelle and the other attendees.”

Michaela Murray, Marketing Manager, Wardy IT Group


“I have had the pleasure of engaging Michelle for Advanced Presentation Skills training for my team whilst at Compuware. Michelle has a clear knack for understanding what the challenges individuals face when delivering presentations and tailoring training and coaching courses to meet these needs. Much of what Michelle taught me as part of our training I still use heavily today. I now feel confident that I can deliver succinct and powerful presentations to my customers and have results that prove this.   I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking to advance the skills of their team when it comes to 1 to Many Presentations.”

Stephen Foster, Director, Compuware


“Michelle is passionate, likeable, knowledgeable and such an astute observer. Great value – thankyou.”

Steve Jobson, VP, Compuware Asia Pacific


“I attended Michelle Bowden’s Presentation Skills Workshop which was one of the best things I have done for myself personally & professionally. Although confronting and challenging at times, it was also one of the most innovative, fun and practical learning experiences. I have since been able to leverage the skills learnt in different facets of everyday personal and business life. Thank you Michelle for enabling & empowering me with the expertise!”

Varsha Kanwar, Senior Manager – Customer Experience Strategy & Operations, Cisco


“I recently attended one of Michelle’s advanced presentations skills courses and was so impressed by the different approach to the topic. It was lively and interactive, wasn’t scary and really gave me at the end, a plan and approach that I can use every day in my work and personal life. Michelle is a unique character and really puts all of her energy and honesty into providing a great experience for her clients. I would highly recommend that you and your company engage Michelle where you can.”

Cassandra Crothers, Sales Manager, Cisco


“I hired Michelle for presentation and influencing training and liked it so much I sent several colleagues as well as my husband! We’re all so pleased with the tools she’s provided us to be more impactful in influencing others and presenting to get the results we want. I highly recommend Michelle!”

Veronica Marriott, IT Services Leader, Cisco


“Michelle was awesome!  I loved learning how to structure an effective presentation, the tips to persuade, the stage craft (so good!).  Now I know the importance of movement.  I just need to do/practice it.  Best training I’ve ever done.  I felt engaged.  Having a real life example was really helpful.  I think this will change my life!!”

Dan Harper, MYOB


“I loved learning the 4Mat.  A very valuable experience.  A lot of homework but worth it.”

Paloma Kralic, Event and Experience Lead, Microsoft


“I loved the format. Michelle is a great instructor / presenter who made everyone feel inclusive. Lunch was great. Presentation was nerve racking but a very worthwhile exercise. I felt a bit pressed for time when trying to absorb everything. I will reflect and go back over material and use it”.

Danny Morthensen, Technical Trainer, Service Now


“All of our employees who attend Michelle’s courses come back energised, challenged and much better communicators. In such a short time, its amazing the results that Michelle’s courses drive.”

Managing Partner – Australia and New Zealand, AlphaZetta – The Analytics Revolution


“You know what it is like to work with the best? The person who is the Expert in their field? Someone who lives the topic ? – that is Michelle. I have trained people on delivering presentations and thought I did a pretty good job but then I did Michelle’s program and realised I still had lots to learn from the expert. If you want to be a persuasive speaker and are smart enough to want to work with the best – call Michelle.”

Brad Shaw, Managing Director, livepro®


“Michelle was involved with our Women in Research (WIRe- 2014 summer webinar series. She engaged in a fascinating Q&A on Habits of Highly Persuasive People. For an organisation catering to marketing researchers, the art of presenting persuasively is a very meaningful and relevant topic. Michelle was extraordinarily helpful in providing excellent strategic and tactical tips on presenting for a variety of audiences across a wide range of scenarios. Our members found her insightful, relevant and very fun to listen to! Working with Michelle was great!”

Tiama Hanson-Drury, EVP, Product Development, Dynata

Sitecore team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training 2022

“Michelle’s energy and commitment to the program is commendable.  Her teaching style was a mixture of theory and practical.  Michelle gave feedback throughout the program and was approachable.  Well organised.  Thanks for making us feel great Michelle.”

Ognjen Babic, MYOB


“Michelle was involved with our Women in Research summer webinar series. She engaged in a fascinating Q&A on Habits of Highly Persuasive People. For an organization catering to marketing researchers, the art of presenting persuasively is a very meaningful and relevant topic. Michelle was extraordinarily helpful in providing excellent strategic and tactical tips on presenting for a variety of audiences across a wide range of scenarios. Our members found her insightful, relevant and very fun to listen to! Working with Michelle was great!”

Tiama Fowler, EVP Strategic Products, ZappiStore


“I loved learning the structure and framework for effective development and delivery of a persuasive argument.  I enjoyed the community feel.  A fun and engaging program, great framework and resources.”

Jo Tozer, MYOB


“I loved seeing everyone engaged.  I saw improvement in one day.  I think it will make a big difference to internal presentations.  A clear structure to be able to replicate.  Lots of techniques to try.”

Tracey, MYOB


“Very helpful, practical and applicable to all parts of life.  I loved Michelle – very engaging way of presenting and mixed format to keep us interested.  Framework and techniques are very useful and it was great to have them demonstrated and put into practice in various settings.”

Shelley Magic, MYOB


“I loved the MYOB context throughout, the group composition and the supportive environment.  It would be great to have Michelle coach at rehearsal.”

Felicity Harding, MYOB


“In the past 5 years I have been inspired and encouraged by Michelle during 3 Presentation Skills training courses. What she teaches and demonstrates has given me the ability to communicate to audiences of 10 to 500 people all over the world. If ever you have a chance to be taught by Michelle, grab it with both hands… and yes Michelle, “They loved my guts…”

Jeff Findlay, e-arch


“Great to do in safe feeling/positive environment with women only.  Will see benefit in daily job, not just big presentations.  I still feel I could learn more on how to feel more confident presenting.  I loved the practical application to job, good mix of presenting and activities/interaction, the tools you can take away and use straight away and the lovely energy from Michelle.”

Lisa Baldacchino, MYOB


“It was so practical, I feel that I can so easily take what I’ve learnt back to my job and apply straight away.  Michelle was a fantastic teacher and made me feel really at ease, honest and gave us great tools to take away.  Awesome!  One of the best.”

Krissy Sadler-Bridge, MYOB


“A really well thought out and put together course, challenging but not overwhelming – I really loved it.  Michelle is very inspiring and gave us all great tools to give better presentations.”

Merrin Hughes, MYOB


“I loved the good tools to help me construct the message that I can reuse in different situations, and Michelle’s experience and enthusiasm.  I thought the program was well run and really engaging.  Thanks Michelle for helping me with this!”

Mereki Nieman, MYOB


“Gave really practical framework and techniques and used lots of different learning techniques (e.g. visual, kinaesthetic etc).  I loved the very enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer and that we were able to practice what we had learnt.  I also loved that future resources and help are made available!  Great program – really loved it and believe it will be very valuable to me going forward.”

Candice Nel, MYOB


“Awesome course!  One of the best courses I have been to. I loved the excellent engagement and the framework that we learnt really gave a great practical structure.  Michelle’s experience really showed, she gave great examples and how to put the material into practice.  No role plays! Thanks Michelle!”

Sally Higgs, Product Manager, MYOB


“I loved Michelle; practicing on something that is real; visual; interactive; easy to follow and have “light bulb moments”.  It was intense, mind challenging and educational. 2 days is perfect scope.”

Tanya Windscheffe, MYOB


“Awesome!  Best training ever! I learnt handy and useful strategies to structure my presentations, tips for language/gestures and valuable feedback about my own presentation.”

Alex Barreto, Platform Delivery Manager, MYOB


“I loved the pace, energy and content.  I like the practical nature and the relevance to me.  LOVED IT!”

Sohail Siddiqui, MYOB


“I loved the pacing, 4Mat, changes in teaching techniques and the practicals at the beginning of day 2.  Insightful and valuable.”

Martin Cronj, MYOB

Would you like to participate in our presentation skills training course?

We have a 25-year proven track record in developing people’s business presentation, public speaking and pitching skills. We will help YOU stand out for all the right reasons!

Master the art of public speaking and persuasive presenting in business with our life-changing public speaking training in Sydney LIVE and ONLINE via Zoom.

One presentation skills training course once is all you need. Become a more confident, engaging and persuasive business presenter & stay true to your natural style! We promise no hand holding, crying or videoing!

Salesforce team members in Michelle Bowden's Presentation Skills Training 2022
Michelle Bowden Presentation Skills Training

Would you like to participate in our presentation skills training course?

We have a 25-year proven track record in developing people’s business presentation, public speaking and pitching skills. We will help YOU stand out for all the right reasons!

Master the art of public speaking and persuasive presenting in business with our life-changing public speaking training in Sydney LIVE and ONLINE via Zoom.

One presentation skills training course once is all you need. Become a more confident, engaging and persuasive business presenter & stay true to your natural style! We promise no hand holding, crying or videoing!