Influence – Are you too egocentric?

When a stakeholder is deciding whether to meet your deadline, email you that information, approve your request (or even buy your service, product or idea) they are thinking one thing: ‘me, me, me!’

If you fall into the trap (or old habit in most cases) of also thinking ‘me, me, me’ and you tell the other party they need to do what you are suggesting and the benefit is only received by you, you are in what is called first position. First position is when you are only ‘in your own shoes’, your are being egocentric and no wonder your stakeholder looks indifferent!

Few people are concerned with you and your deadlines and objectives or sales targets; they are concerned with the good old WIIFM or what’s in it for me?

Once you realise that you’ll be in a strong position to beat your stakeholders indifference to your needs and increase the chance that they will give you what you want or need. In other words you’re best to stay away from first position if your goal is to influence people.