How to test how ‘warmed up’ your voice is…

Are you a subject matter expert?  Do you know your area of expertise inside out?  When you communicate are you sure that you are showcasing your professional expertise in the most appropriate way?  Or is it possible a few simple body language and voice mishaps are undermining your credibility?

I’m sure you already know that body language plays a critical part in the communication we engage in each and every day.  All it takes is for you to tip your head a certain way, with a certain facial expression and you will convince your audience you are as daft as they come!  All it takes is for your mouth to make a pouting movement just once and your audience could instantly lower their opinion of you.  All it takes is for you to forget to warm up your lips, cheeks, jaw and tongue and if you ‘slip’ over a word then your audience could start thinking you’re not as credible or ‘expert’ as you claim to be.

Can people understand you when you speak?

When we are tired, over worked and time poor it’s often hard to make a commitment to warming up before we present.  One way to warm up your articulation – the clarity of your words is to practice some tongue twisters.  This is another way to both warm up your voice and brain and also it helps you test how warm you are already.  It’s a great idea to find some tongue twisters that have a mix of different consonants and vowel combinations so you are warming up a variety of different sound combinations.

Here is a sample of some of my favourite tongue twisters:

A proper cup of coffee in a proper copper coffee cup!

I need unique New York, but does unique New York need me?

Rush the washing Russell, Rush the washing Russell.

The bootblack brought the black boot back.

Lift the ladder later, lisped Lester, Lester lisped, lift the ladder later.

The big black bug bled black blood!

If you do these warm ups before a sales meeting, internal presentation or any other important event you’ll sound credible and authoritative and you may just get what you want.

Happy Presenting!