About the book

“Everything you want and need is on the other side of persuasion. This book takes you through the latest thinking on influence and persuasion and gives you all the completely achievable step-by-step actions to make yourself more instantly persuasive.”

Alec Gardner, Managing Partner, Australia & New Zealand, AlphaZetta


Do you want to get to ‘yes’?

Every day we are faced with persuasion moments where we will either win or lose. The question is, How persuasive are you? Could you be ‘winning’ more of the time?

Whether your aim is to secure that next big deal, or convince your manager to approve your holiday leave, or even win an argument with your friends, in How to Persuade, best-selling author Michelle Bowden shows you the research-proven techniques to master the art of persuasion in any situation.

Featuring engaging, real-world examples, inside this book you’ll discover what works, you’ll transform your weaknesses into strengths, and you’ll build your personalised plan to move people from ‘no’ to ‘yes’—every time.

Learn how to:

      recognise and improve your persuasion strengths and weaknesses

      build your message credibility and fast-track your communication confidence

      build undeniable likability and trust to compel people to action

      arouse passion and enthusiasm for your ideas

      win that next big pitch

      persuade anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In How to Persuade, you’ll learn all the practical skills, tips and actions you need – to get exactly what you want.