How do I warm up my articulation before presenting?

Articulation is the crispness and clarity of your words.  It’s integral to influential presenting.  Clear, crisp articulation is possible when you warm up your jaw, tongue, lips and face. We do this with jaw relaxation, kiss/grin, orange/pea, horse neigh and tongue in cheek!

The jaw
Imagine you have some very sticky Fantales in your mouth and chew them well. They are sticking to your teeth. Work this great chunk of toffee out of your teeth. Notice what is happening. Then rest and drop your jaw. Let it relax, quite soft and loose. Notice the different feeling of complete release of the jaw muscles.

Kiss your lips in a pout. Stick the lips right out in front of you. Go on! Pucker up! Now grin. Stretch your lips into a cheesy grin, showing all your teeth, and feel your cheeks almost touch your eyes. Repeat this over and over again!

Make your lips into a green pea. You know the little green vegetable? Purse your lips together and make the opening at the tips of your lips into the shape of a pea. Then, with a surprised face, make the shape of an orange. Your lips are going from tensed together in a pout to a big, open, round shape. Do this five times and really exaggerate!

Horse neigh
Neigh like a horse! What more can I say?

Tongue in cheek
Place your tongue against the inside of your left cheek and say: ‘I am an amazing presenter with beautiful vocal quality and commanding stage presence’. Say this three times. Then, swap and do it three times with your tongue in the other cheek.

Warm ups create a rich resonant voice. If you do these warm ups before a sales meeting, internal presentation or any other important event, you’ll sound credible and authoritative. You could take my tip: I often find a private room, somewhere far from the conference room at the hotel where I’m presenting a keynote speech. And I do all these exercises. I urge you to do the same. How exciting! I wish you every success as you find the vocal influence within you!

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