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Hope Health and Happiness Calendar

Heidi Denning is a resilience keynote speaker and author. She wakes up every morning with a powerful intention for the day. Heidi’s intention is to empower a new style of leader, to transform their overwhelmed and disengaged teams into a high-performing one. She does this by sharing practical resilience, mindset and perseverance strategies as a keynote speaker (online and on-stage), and via her signature virtual program called ‘Resilience Recharge’.

Seriously you need her to speak for you and your teams on International Women’s Day!

Heidi’s wish for you for 2023 is that the year is filled with Hope, Health and Happiness.

To help you achieve that, Heidi has created this calendar which has key awareness dates to promote optimism and wellbeing in your workplace…and in your life.

We hope you love it!

Joy to you! Mx

Download your own copy of Heidi’s Hope, health and happiness calendar for 2023;

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